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Creating fill hatch with an island

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02-22-2010 12:51 PM

In AutoCAD you can hatch an area with an island in the middle (hole) by selecting both boundaries. In Impression I am creating my hatches by dragging the styles onto my layers set up in AutoCAD for speed and also so that when the CAD file changes I can simply update CAD geometry to quickly amend the Impression file.

At the moment if I have 2 polylines in CAD one inside the other to represent a hole in the outer boundary, when I drop a style onto this layer both boundaries are filled. Is there a way you can set Impression up so that the outer boundary will hatch until it reaches the inner boundary... thus leaving a hole in the middle? I know you can area fill but if there are a number of areas like this it can slow down creating the Impression render, plus will need re-doing if the CAD geometry changes.

Does anyone know if this is possible, i hope you understand what i mean

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Re: Creating fill hatch with an island

03-08-2010 06:02 PM in reply to: james120479
The way you are describing your filling the areas, I don't think there isn't a way for the hatch to recognize the inner island by merely dragging the style onto the layer. That really is why there is area fill. The added benefit is that you can adjust the location of the area fill anchor to adjust the fill as the cad geometry underneath changes and preserve the island effect. That being said I think there are some brute force methods:

1. you could physically trace the area out using the line tool, but that can get a little tedious depending on the complexity of the area.

2. you could do it as you were doing previously but then put the inner pline for the island on a different layer in which would have a blank, clear or some other style on it to give you a "fake island" effect. In that case you'd want to watch your stack order and also go to completely opaque styles so the underlying style doesn't show through.

3. Just thinking aloud - could you create the hatch in autocad and then change the hatch in autocad to another style?

Just a few thoughts.
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Re: Creating fill hatch with an island

05-26-2010 01:17 PM in reply to: james120479
Don't know if this will help you but:
Often when I make a hatch with complex geometries that have islands Acad
gives me unpredictable results.

My work around has been to create a temporary line or two crossing the
polylines etc. that define the hatch. Then I select the smaller, multiple
areas individually to hatch one at a time.

This way, I'm not really dealing with the islands.

Maybe this will work in impression for you or a way fropm Acad.
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