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Block Libraries

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11-02-2009 02:39 PM
I have about 100 PNG files that imported individually into Impression and then exported them
out of impression as an IRF file, took me forever

So i now have a folder on my desktop with 100 IRF files that I want to use in impression as blocks but I cant. Everytime i try and use them it gives the X over the block and says file not found, please help

I understand that I can import them into impression on a layer as a png and then make them into a block, but I want all
the new blocks I have made in the library, i have tried going into the impression program files and saving them as both
pngs and irfs and nothing works, so frustrated, please help Edited by: kellyhoman on Nov 2, 2009 10:39 PM
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Re: Block Libraries

11-05-2009 07:26 AM in reply to: kellyhoman

It sound like Impression cannot find your original PNG files. You need to add the path to the folder containing your PNG's to Impression (Edit>Options>Paths).

What I do is to have a single Impression file (Trees.irf) which contains a single instance of each of my tree blocks. When working on a new file, you can open another IRF file as a Library (you can do this for fills as well). To do this open the Blocks Palette (F4), and click the FileOpen button top left in the palette. In my case I open my Trees.irf, which then appears in the list of block collections. Click on it and you see all the tree blocks it contains. Right click those you want in the current drawing and click 'Add to Saved'. You know have them available for use.

Hope this helps...

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