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For the sanity of CNC Cut File producers, a fundamental change in the way the text is exported throughout Inventor is needed... or I suspect a lower overhead approach would be a ’convert text to sketch geometry’ tool would suffice. It would only need to support single line fonts.


That would then deal with the arc aligned text problem, which you can't currently export at all via the IDW > AutoCAD DWG method. Multi-outline font (Normal fonts) requirements can currently be achieved using the emboss tool, which is only appropriate for decorative font machining.


This could then be automated as part of the Flat Pattern Export idea @BLHDrafting has submitted here


Currently HSMWorks for SolidWorks can engrave single line text... the workflow to achieve a similar result in Inventor is far too convoluted. Having a decent solution for this in Inventor is long overdue and now blatantly obvious with the advent of Inventor HSM.

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Reorder Balloons by value.

Status: New Idea
by Mentor on ‎12-17-2014 02:22 PM

Back in the MDT days you could rearrange Balloons by their value.

Much like you can with the parts list.

Unless I am missing something the balloons are stuck in the order that you pick them.



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Add a pressure force to a model with fillets and rounds will be a time consuming and foul touchy action.


A button like used in the chamfer (edge chain buttons) or fillet (loop mode) command would make this job easier to select all faces.Pressure.png

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Creating an inverse fillet

Status: New Idea
by Delmeco on ‎12-17-2014 03:23 AM

Why ain't it possible to create a inverse fillet. Now we have to draw a sketch an make an extrusion.

It would be so easy if a button was add to the fillet command with the "inverse fillet" option.


Inverse Fillet.png

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Add text to dimensionlines

Status: New Idea
by Delmeco on ‎12-17-2014 03:09 AM

Regularly we need to add some text to dimensionlines.


Of course we wants everybody uses the same text (in the same project).


To make this easy possible it would be nice if the edit dimension text box will be expand by options below.


To jump with cursor (2) to home or end of line add buttons like 1.

To add your own standard custom text, add buttons like 3.


Even this options can be used in the standard text box!

ID-Station Edit Dimension 01.png

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Amplify hole command using 1 feature

Status: New Idea
by Delmeco on ‎12-17-2014 02:44 AM

Sometimes it's necessary to create a hole with a counterbore ore spotface at both sides.

Now I need to use hole command twice.


It would be great if it its possible to tick a button like below. 


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Failure mode: I spend time editing an iAssembly table in Excel and make a mistake.  I save and exit.  A constraint in my edited member fails.  IV forces me to cancel my edit without showing me what constraint it was or allowing me to just suppress/ignore it.


Please give me the option to suppress/ignore a bad constraint when would cause an iAssembly table modification to fail.  I've wasted HOURS repeating table modifications trying to identify which particular constraint— which the software will not tell you— is causing the failure.



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Status: New Idea
by Active Contributor NathanGMartin ‎12-16-2014 09:14 AM - edited ‎12-16-2014 09:24 AM


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Reorder Symbols in Quick access toolbox

Status: New Idea
by hans_hydrac on ‎12-15-2014 10:05 AM

Make it possible to change the order of the Symbols in the quick access toolbox.


Bildschirmfoto 2014-12-15 um 19.03.41.png

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Change lighting from default for a drawing

Status: New Idea
by mmiller on ‎12-15-2014 07:15 AM

When created shaded views of a model in a drawing, it would be benenficial to be able to select a lighting style for each view. Currently the shaded views always display as the default lighting style. When looking at a bottom or bottom isotropic view, the model looks very dark using the default lighting.

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MiniToolbar extend options saves mouse clicks.

Status: New Idea
by HenkdeB on ‎12-15-2014 06:22 AM

MiniToolbar extend options saves mouse clicks.

In stead of a click to open lookup table with options (directions, output, boolean action) always show the available options.

MiniToolbar extend options.jpg

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Create new part -> Create new Sketch: Part is rotated to xyz position.

But we have changed the original orientation in the View Cube Settings.

Change orientation acc View Cube settings on first New 2D Sketch?

Orientation acc View Cube settings on first New 2D Sketch.jpg

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Bolted Connection templates

Status: New Idea
by Distinguished Contributor jyager on ‎12-13-2014 05:44 AM

When you create a template from a bolted connection it does not retain accurate connection parts.


For instance if I select a bolt, washer narrow A, washer narrow A, nylon/insert locknut and save it as a bolt template in the bolted connection window...


On next insertion you get bolt, washer wide B, washer wide B, all metal lock nut


Ther's not a lot of point in having a template if it only retains partial information.

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Retrieve Hidden Lines in DWG

Status: New Idea
by bushj on ‎12-12-2014 10:17 AM

I think it would be great if it were possible to only retrieve selected hidden lines the very same way you can retrieve dimensions in your DWG. Currently, you can turn them on, but you get everything. In some cases, it is beneficial to see only "4" hidden edges instead of the entire hidden assembly, every hole, chamfer, fillet, etc

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Bolted connection generator - bolt length edits

Status: New Idea
by Distinguished Contributor jyager on ‎12-12-2014 08:56 AM

Once you create a bolted connection you may swap out the parts for other parts in the editor but can't change the length of the bolt.


If I have an assembly with hundreds of bolted connections...296 bolts at 2.75" long and 4 bolts at 2.5" long, I should be able to go in and edit the 4 bolts and make them 2.75" as well so we don't have to purchase 4 odd length bolts unless completely necessary.

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Simplify navigation in the model tree

Status: New Idea
by laurent.goy on ‎12-12-2014 08:26 AM

The idea is to make navigating the tree model easier when working with large assemblies



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I can hide the extension lines for linear dimensions, why not for diameter dimensions?


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Use Autodesk 360 for Profile Settings

Status: New Idea
by Distinguished Contributor Generic ‎12-10-2014 12:47 PM - edited ‎12-10-2014 12:56 PM

Update: Nevermind Co-Worker found this exact thing setting up a new profile. Apologies.


It'd be nice if our program settings could be remotely stored using our Autodesk 360 profiles like smart phone operating systems do.


Switching physical computers and version updates could be a lot less painless as a result.

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Compatibility - Save As Older Version

Status: New Idea
by Contributor steve.west on ‎12-10-2014 05:19 AM

I'm guessing this is nothing new, but here goes.


Not everyone can afford subscription or upgrades.


Our laser cutters are still on Inventor 2014 so I have now to submit STEP files for them to work from (for folded parts), where previously I could send them native IPT files. This is something of an inconvenience to me (a subscription customer) and also for them (even though they are only using last year's version).


I can send them DWGs for flat parts and do a 'save as' to convert right back to ACAD R12 if required. How difficult would it be to incorporate the same functionality into Inventor? Even if we could only do it for IPT files it would be a major advantage. I appreciate there would be some loss of data on occasion, but if I can save as formats to suit competitors software (CATIA, Pro-Engineer) and import from even more, why can't we have cross-compatibility with people using the same software as us?



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BUG: iProperties

Status: New Idea
by bofeldtj on ‎12-09-2014 06:29 PM

There are two problems with iProperties window.

1. The entire table is not used.  See below.

2. As a user defined option, on windows with Tabs like below, you should be able to set the Window to open with either:

  • The default Tab selected.
  • The last used Tab selected.
  • A specific Tab selected.

INVENTOR iProperty.png

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