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I have seen many people complain about it but strangely not one post on the ideastation...


There really needs to be some method of disabling Autodesk 360 in Inventor for the user base that doesn't want to use it.

Personally I don't mind it, but I know many clients that do not want to have the Autodesk 360 drive in their "favourites" by default.

In Truth this should be the same for all products, If the client doesn't want to use the function don't force it on them.


Autodesk 360 option.png


It Could be an option in "Options" or a Right click "Remove from Favourites".


Currently if you accidentally Click on the grey area it Automagically (that's right its magical...) brings up the login dialog box. Now that wouldn't be an issue if the box popped up in front of everything... instead it appears behind other windows making it a pain for anyone not using Autodesk 360 to switch folders.

That's the main reason why I'm posting up here in the hopes that the issues gets looked at, I would like to see the option to remove the link altogether so its not an issue, but if they fix the random login pop up issues that would also work.





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changing view orientation

Status: New Idea
by Distinguished Contributor sps_cad_guy on ‎09-30-2014 07:19 AM

I do a lot of idw drawing creation by taking an existing idw drawing and saving it as a new part number, then using the "replace model reference" to change to the part file of the new idw drawing number.

Occasionally, when the new part file is changed, the features are on the far side.

I would like to be able to double click on the view in the idw drawing, and then select what view I want from the "orientation" list.

This would save a lot of time over switching to my part file, orienting it how I want it to show, then selecting the "change view orientation" button.

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Quite often there is a need to apply weld operation not to assemble two or more parts but to enforce single part (usually connect edges of sheet metal part but this is not the only application).

In order to have weld in 3D user need to create weldment assembly which consist of the only part which seems not the optimal workflow.

Please add option to convert IPT to weldment directly (keeping the part as IPT).


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search path for global forms in iLogic

Status: New Idea
by juandv30 on ‎09-29-2014 02:46 PM

I would like to sugest for future releases of Inventor that the path where the global forms are stored can be changed.  That way, the user can redirect the search path to a Vault location.  Then all the users in the workgroup will have the latest version of the global forms by cheching out the files without the need of bringing a copy to the default global forms location

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User would like to be able to control the color and style of shading that is used on the faces of a section view. Currently, a textured look is given to the face and the user has no ability to modify this visualization. See the attached image.

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User would like an additional Object Visibility option, ALL, that will toggle all items in the Object Visibility drop down. Currently, the most comprehensive option is All Workfeatures, however, this still leaves some items active. See the attached image.

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Sheet metal gauge table (Parker Hannifin)

Status: New Idea
by Employee ‎09-29-2014 11:11 AM - edited ‎09-29-2014 11:16 AM

User would like Inventor to include a sheet metal gauge table to accompany material data similar to Solidworks. 

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User would like to see the general robustness of the array command improved to support the following scenarios.

1. User would like to be able to array construction geometry (work points, axes, planes, 3D curves)

2.User would like to have additional array commands (pattern along a closed curve, fill area pattern)

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User would like the ability to control the length of a sweep along a curve. For example, if the user would like to stop the sweep short of the end of the path, the user is required to either shorten the path or perform an operation to cut off the unneeded geometry. Alternatively, the user would also like to be able to control the start point of the sweep. In general, once a path and a profile exists, the user would like to be able to control the start and end, regardless of the length of the path. 

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User would like the assembly view representations to be able to include modifications like section views and visual styles when used for drawing creation. Currently, a view representation can be used to create views in a drawing, however, the section views or visual styles are not included. 

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User would like the ability to select entities from a sketch and replace them with entities from another sketch. Today, the user does have the ability to edit a sketch, but they are required to create new geometry, rather than leverage it associatively from another sketch. This is something that users can do in ProEngineer today. 

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User would like to be able to CANCEL out of the sketch environment. Currently, if a user creates a sketch that they are not happy with, the have to first finish the sketch and then use the UNDO command to get back to the earlier state, or simply delete the newly created sketch. The CANCEL command would be a cleaner workflow option, requiring fewer clean up steps.

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User would like the ability to control the continuity of 3D sketch curves with respect to existing model geometry. Currently, a user is required to create additional construction geometry before they can control the endpoint definitions of the 3D sketch curve.

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User would like the ability to modify projected geometry without breaking the associative link. This is especially useful in the case where a projection must be modified to created a profile for a subsequent extrusion or cut. Ultimately, the users wants these features to be associated to the projected geomtry, so if updates are made, the new features are updated, as well. 

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User would like to see improved ability to chain or neighbor select features in a model. This should include faces and edges. An example scenario - When using the direct edit command, if a user wants to modify the size of the fillet, they must select all of the faces in the fillet individually. Inventor should give the user the ability to chain/neighbor select these faces, rather than require numerous single picks.

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User would like the ability to create a 3D sketch directly on a model surface or group of surfaces. Today, the user is required to create a 3D sketch in space, and then project to the desired surfaces.

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User would like the ability to be able to project edges as construction geometry as part of the initial command selection. Currently, a user must first project the edges, then select them and define them as construction lines. This is an extra step in the process that could be avoided if a Project Edges as Construction option existed. 

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User would like the ability to generate a fillet along a user defined curve. 

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User would like the ability to add draft to surface geometry. This would enhance the users ability to create solid geometry from complex surfaces that are stitched and sculpted together. Currently, surface geometry cannot be drafted, as the draft command requires volume.

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Shrink wrap idea

Status: New Idea
by Distinguished Contributor DWhiteley on ‎09-29-2014 08:51 AM

It would be nice if there was some form of indication as to the update progress when creating the like of shrink-wraps etc. because with large assemblies it is a job to know when the machine has frozen or whether it only needs leaving a few more minutes to complete before killing it and restarting.

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