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full use of multicore processor

Status: Under Review
by cgusi on ‎01-02-2013 01:54 AM

full use of multicore processor......

Status: Under Review
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Status: Accepted
by Contributor stuarts ‎12-18-2012 01:52 AM - edited ‎12-18-2012 01:54 AM

The ability to create 3D PDF's from inventor. I don't want to bu publisher just to create a 3D PDF or any other 3rd party application. A lot of customers are requesting this now, and dwf isn't the answer, most people have adobe non-cad and cad users, where as they don't have dwf viewer and cant download it.

Status: Accepted

Accepted as ideas [US2028] [US2029]. Thanks!

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Support for Multiple Monitors

Status: Accepted
by Valued Contributor MattH_Work on ‎11-16-2012 04:44 AM

Full support for multiple monitors

Allow browser(s) to dock correctly on any edge of any screen, not just docking when inside 'parent' application

Allow browser(s) to be 'Always On Top' when used on different screen to 'parent' application



Status: Accepted
Accepted ideas [US16721] [US16734]. Thanks!
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Ever had a drawing where you wanted an aligned to edge orientation for a break view? I have!!!


 If yes, please vote to add this simple yet highly effective functionality I feel has always been missing.


Example. Bent piece of pipe that I wanted to put on a B size drawing and in full scale. Can't use the Break tool on the bent section and keep the break aligned how I want it due to limitation of only Vertical or Horizontal Break orientation....





Result of horizontal break. Not nice to look at in this case is it?




My proposed fancy new "Aligned" orientation button....





You would use Edge selection to select the edge you want your Break to be perpendicular to (or possibly ability to edit the Break properties at the sketch level?).....




The end result would be a MUCH nicer and desired result....



Status: Accepted

Accepted idea [US19754]. Thanks!


This idea is similar to

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ESC key stop operation

Status: Accepted
by Valued Contributor michael.marx on ‎12-12-2012 12:54 AM

the ability to stop all operations/calculations with ESC key instead of killing the inventor.exe process! 

Status: Accepted
Accepted idea [US20883]. Thanks!
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Update Inventor Drawing Text Editor

Status: Accepted
by Valued Contributor jberns on ‎11-02-2012 02:45 PM

The text editor of the Inventor drawing enviornment could use some updating.


I would like to see similar functionality as the AutoCAD editor.


  • in-place editing (no dialog box)
  • contextual ribbon (but realize you still want to support those that use the previous toolbar interface)
  • numbered/bulleted lists
  • columns

An integrated spell checker would be useful was well. This would avoid having to install from the SDK.





Status: Accepted

Accepted idea [US14238 & US5186].  Thanks!

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Transparent part option in drawing

Status: Accepted
by Valued Contributor schnautza on ‎05-22-2013 11:45 AM

I'm working on an assembly that has some polycarbonate sheet as a cover. I'd like it if I could see what is behind the clear material in my drawing.


This is very different than wanting hidden lines - I do NOT want to see every hidden line of the parts behind the transparent material. I only want to see the next visible part, maybe as a lighter line, but only the visible edges.


It would be great if there was an option when you right click a part to set as transparent in the drawing - similar to toggling visibility or hidden lines.



Status: Accepted
Accepted idea [US19752]. Thanks!
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Insert Constraint Lock Rotation

Status: Under Review
by bendesign04 on ‎12-14-2013 06:52 PM

I want the option to lock the rotation when using the insert constraint



Status: Under Review
Please disregard my last "ground" question. Just realized downstream modifications would break the insert constraints. -Dan
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Transparent parts in assemblies

Status: Under Review
by Contributor crmayo on ‎08-28-2013 11:25 AM

Users of SolidWorks know how easy it is to make a part transparent.  This is real handy when you’re checking hole patterns, clearances, or showing customers concepts.  In Inventor you can change part transparencies by using “enable” or selecting an alternate material. If you uncheck enable, you lose the ability to select the part making it difficult to find in large assemblies.  Personally, I don't like switching back and forth between materials to make a part temporarily transparent.


I would like Inventor to have an easy transparency option like this:


make transparent.png

Status: Under Review
Hello Crmayo, When in large assemblies....You have the ability to window select (right-to-left) or cross select (left-to-right) components that are "Disabled" (Enabled = unchecked). If located in the browser, using the "Find in Window" command should also work nicely. Lastly the "Find Assembly components" tool can be used to locate parts in your browser. Set the Property: to "Enabled", set the Condition: to "is No" then select Find Now. Given this, please let me know if these would eliminate the need for a "Make Transparent" option. Thanks! -Dan
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Don't add anything

Status: New Idea
by *Pro on ‎11-02-2012 11:21 AM

I just want you to stop adding anything and just fix it.


That includes putting back my classic interface.


Then maybe I can think of what to add but right now I am fighting all the bugs the extra clicks that you added to the interface.


Help not working, settings not staying, now fighting a damaged style but it worked for months now it's damaged.



Because I am sick of the bugs not being fixed and I have to tell clients in order to fix the bugs you have now you have to upgrade to even a more buggy Inventor and most don't need all this crap you are putting in.


This is for manufacturing not for rendering I could care less the thing is pretty, pretty don't make my parts.


Just roll this thing back when it was for manufacturing and sell your VIZ or Max for the darn rendering....


Sad just very sad.................


I am so upset I need to stop......

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I know I struggle with the two shades of yellow when trying to contrain or edit contraints in assemblies.  Can we make them something that is a little more distinguishable?  Like read and green or yellow and orange or what ever that allows these two colors to not be in the same color family.



for "Wonderland".  I like this scheme except for this.


Status: Accepted
Accepted idea [US21077]. Thanks!
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Level of Detail for Parts

Status: Accepted
by *Expert Elite* on ‎04-03-2013 01:36 PM

The ability to suppress features and create Level Of Detail representations in part files would be very useful.


Example 1:

I have a bent tube that goes into an assembly in the formed state. However, I would like to detail this part to show both the pre-formed and formed states of the part on my drawing. Currently I can not do this without creating additional files (derived parts or iParts).  Ideally I would be able to suppress the Bend Part feature as a LOD to place the pre-formed part view.

Example 2:

I have a part file with a lot of detailed edges and surfaces and I use this part over and over in my assemblies, I would like to be able to suppress features as a LOD an use the simplified version in the assembly, but still have the detailed version for my part drawing. Again we'd like to be able to do this, without having additional files to track.



Status: Accepted
Accepted idea [US19751]. Thanks!
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Whenever I add an angled hole using the On Point placement option, it always leaves a small wedge of material left over at the top of the hole.  So, I have to go and create a second hole with the same options, except I have to "flip" the direction to cut out that small wedge.  I end up creating two hole features to get one hole the way I want it.  Why not eliminate the "flip" button and add the same direction buttons that we use in the extrude feature?  The options "Direction 1", "Direction 2", "Symmetric" and "Asymmetric".


Hole Feature.JPG

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Improved measurement tools

Status: Accepted
by Distinguished Contributor DRoam on ‎04-09-2013 07:27 AM

I find the tools in Inventor's Inspect > Measure panel very cumbersome, limited, and non-user friendly. I often have to escape out of the command between every measurement to be sure it will operate properly. I cannot measure any distance involving a round surface, such as the tangential distance to a circumference. I cannot see a history of previous measurements. I have to use round-about methods to measure certain features; for example, I have to click a random face before I can pick the center of a circle as my first measuring point.


The ability to keep measurements displayed, almost like temporary 3D dimensions, for the purpose of active analysis of a component (as I was trying to do with my boss the other day) would be very useful; that way as I'm navigating around my part or assembly I can see in real-time the precise dimensions of features I care about rather than measuring and re-measuring as I'm trying to determine things about the model.


I'd love to hear of functionality that other users would like to see added for measuring and inspecting 3D models, and to see all of these implemented in future releases of Inventor as well as in service packs to current releases, so that all users can take advantage of this very foundational functionality.


(Please see related Discussion Groups post here:

Status: Accepted
Accepted idea [US19753]. Thanks! PS - nice mock-up Cameron. :smileywink:
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Unfortunately, Autodesk has not provided the ability to turn off the mini toolbars, so we're stuck with the current strange Jekyll and Hyde interface, which is cluttered, distracting and in many cases incomplete.


Most user would benifit from being able to use either the dialog interface or the mini-toolbars, but having both is a problem.


Currently the best we can do is roll up the dialog box:


Status: Accepted
Accepted idea [US9876]. Thanks!
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I have read some older posts in this forum and found some work arounds, but I still don't clearly understand why we can't have the option to insert a workplane between two parallel planes/faces at the assembly level. Why can we only do it at the part level?


Image - Left side part level - right side assembly level





Status: Implemented
This idea has been implemented within Autodesk Inventor 2015. Special thanks to the author of this Idea and likewise to everyone who cast your Kudo for it. Enhancements were made within the Assembly environment to create workplanes between two parallel faces, or non-parallel faces in Assemblies (between two components). Enhancements were made within the Part environment to create workplanes between non-parallel faces. Please be sure to check this out in Autodesk Inventor 2015. Thanks!
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Flip command on mate axis

Status: Accepted
by bendesign04 on ‎12-13-2013 07:01 PM

When mating an axis from one part to another it often mates the wrong way you than have to cancel out rotate the part the remate it. This very time consuming and requires a lot of clicking. All you need is a flip option. 7.JPG

Status: Accepted
Accepted idea [US23198]. Thanks!
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Better surface modeling inside Inventor

Status: Accepted
by Distinguished Contributor Raider_007 on ‎11-16-2012 03:35 AM

Hi we have Inventor and Product Design Suite and various other CAD packages. In our team often we have to do some surface modelling and to be honest Inventor just isn’t great at this at all and then we always have to revert back to Solidworks. Construction surfaces are not always enough guys really!

We need surfacing power like in Alias, Solid Works, Catia please!!! And no we don’t want to learn yet another product (Alias) with a completely different way of working and toolbar layout and , and , and… Solidworks has mastered this “One product many functionalities” approach and it works really great. Once you know SW you get into the other stuff easily because the environment is familiar. With Inventor you have to learn the product every time you want to do surface modelling because lets face it, you might not need to do it or use that functionality for months at a time…

Anyway it would be really cool to see the technology, that certainly exists, filter down into Inventor.

Status: Accepted
Accepted idea. Thanks!
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Overhaul the Parameter Interface / Access

Status: Accepted
by Mentor on ‎11-04-2012 09:48 PM


The parameter manager, though certainly good on a very small basic level, can quickly become a nightmare if you're using more than 30~50 parameters. I propose that the entire manager is overhauled to allow for easy parameter group creation / parameter repositions (drag and drop to higher / lower levels in list) / AND parameter color labeling. I will explain each one of these three focal points before moving on to the second aspect of this suggestion (Parameter Access) to better define the goal. 

Easy Parameter Group Creation : About what it sounds. There needs to be a way for me to organize things in groups for when I'm concentrating on different tasks for my assembly. Simply having everything thrown into User Parameters isn't good enough. Even though selecting things as being key or non-key is helpful in filtering out some of the mess, you will quickly become overwhelmed when creating 100+ parameters. Though you can create parameter groups from the API, it should be accessible from your parameter manager! This moves us into my second topic: 
Parameter Re-Positions: Once you create a parameter, that's where it stays! Because there is no way to keep things properly organized as is, I typically find myself doing large chunks of parameters so that I can quickly know where they are at in my user parameters list. This of course goes out the window if there is something that you want / need to add later on, as it could end up being miles away in the same list. Your only option is to sort by name (if you had the forethought to name things in a systematic way), which is fine, but then repositions the relativity of everything else in the list meaning that your other groups are suddenly broken up... This is not an elegant way of doing things. Allowing the repositioning of elements in the parameter list would make life a lot easier. This should also apply to the reordering of custom parameter groups on an independent basis! While we're speaking of keeping things organized... 

Color Labeling: Assuming that you keep the basic way of handling parameters around, it means that all new parameters (though no able to be easily placed into groups and repositioned) will still get added to the master list of User Parameters. That is fine, but leaves absolutely no way for the user to see (at a glance) where things are being used. This is where color labeling could really shine. Essentially there is a new column added that shows the current color label of the parameter's row. This label is determined by the color label of group that the parameter is a member of. In this way you can see not only where an individual parameter is being used, but also where (in your list of groups / parameters) your actual groups are when scrolling in the list at a glance.  

Example Time! 
Parameters : A,B,C,D have been created.  A & B are both added to the group Upper_Group, while B,C,D have been added to the group Lower_Group. Upper_Group gets labeled as Red, and Lower_Group gets labeled as Blue.  In the user parameters list, in the color label box next to the parameter you would see the colors as follows. For parameter A, it would be totally red. For B it would be evenly split between both red and blue. For C and D, it would be colored in as totally blue. 
Perhaps not the most elegant way, but having words labels showing just didn't seem to solve the problem but only added more words for your to read before getting the information you truly wanted. 

This brings us to the second part of our wonderful talk about Inventor parameters. 


As of now certain parameters are hidden from the user. If you draw a sketch on a Drawing sheet, you any dimensions that are placed there are practically hidden out of view from the user. Recently on the blog Being Inventive, they (with the help of Brian E.) published a means of accessing those dimensions using what is essentially an iLogic patch. This is, once again, a very non-elegant way of doing something that should be rather simple. Even if every new sketch / draft view parameters set is stored in its own separate group inside of the main drawing's parameter manager, it would be far better than the current situation. Allowing a person to interact with the parametric aspects of sketches + 2D reps of their model will help add another level of technical bliss to drawings (and perhaps even drawing automation) that can't easily be achieved with the current set of tools. 

Thank any of your that take the time to read through this, and I hope that together we can all better shape this wonderful tool that we are using here. 

(if not then I suppose I'll just have to start working on a new plugin :smileytongue: darn it!) 

- Jerk Face 
Status: Accepted

Accepted ideas [US4613] [US14414] [US14415]. Thanks!

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Please add "Replace Selected"

Status: Accepted
by Valued Contributor Carl_mgfx on ‎08-14-2013 07:15 AM

I've searched the Idea Station but didn't find something quite like this with replace (although I did find a lot of requests to change the replace functionality)


When replacing a component, the only options available are "Replace" and "Replace all".  This can be troublesome when trying to replace only a few items and not all of them e.g. 4 out of 8 dowels.


So to illustrate here is an example:

If you want to replace 4 out of 8 dowels you will have to repeat the "Replace" operation 4 times, as "Replace all" would obviously replace all 8.

If there was the option of “Replace selected”, you could have selected the 4 dowels and replaced them in 1 step.


This is an efficiency enhancement that would make many designers lives much easier! 

Status: Accepted
Accepted idea [US21209]. Thanks!

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