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When adding parts to an assembly, I would like to have a choice to add that part to:

-all view representations (the current behaviour)

-selected view representations

-the current view representation only


It is very time consuming to have to update each of the view representations manually. This has a potential cascade effect for presentation and drawing files.


Thank you.

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Mirroring Parts

Status: New Idea
by blandb on ‎06-30-2014 08:35 AM

It would be nice to have the option turn a mirrored part into a fully functional independent part.


For Example: 

I have a part that is a true mirror, but at some point in the design, the part is no longer a true mirror. So instead of just

breaking the link, and having a base solid for old geometry, working features for anything new that was added. It would be nice

to get the features of the parent file, make these working features in the mirrored part so one could change the original geometry if needed,

instead of having to remodel the mirrored part to get editable initial features.


To try and clarify -


Turn a once mirrored part into a fully functional independent part with a right click or something. 

Just to be able to modify original geometry because the part is no longer a mirrored part, but not have it act like the mirroring of a solid, when one edits the original geometry the part flips, and then flips back when finished.


Currently my boss will not allow mirroring of parts due to the fact that parts will change at some point and no longer become true mirrors. He wants us to draw both right and left hand parts, even if they are identical, which kills productivity and has higher risk of human error. With this functionality, I could convince him to use mirror because at any point in time, the part could become non-mirrored and still have independent functional parts.

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It would be nice to right click a pattern in the feature tree to turn off the visibility of all items. Right now you have to expand the pattern and hide visibility for each element.

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Sketch Point style

Status: New Idea
by GNR88 on ‎06-17-2014 03:30 AM

In the sketch environment it would be really great to be able to change the Point Style (similar to AutoCAD) so that when the point is placed at an intersection (Right) of two lines it can still be seen (example Left). I use points often to help with placement of multiple holes.


Point Style


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Importing material libraries from matweb

Status: New Idea
by bill.baker on ‎06-13-2014 06:51 AM

I would like to see Inventor accept material libraries directly from external sources like MatWeb.  Their website indicates they exports for Autodesk Simulation products but not Inventor.  There are a whole lot more Inventor users out there.  A direct export would save the potential of hand-typing in each new material that a user wants to add to their custom library.  See clip from their website below:


MatWeb 01.png

Solidworks users converting to Inventor look for this feature if they have used it in the past.  Many thanks for your consideration!

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Overdue Improvements to Inventor Sheet Metal:

Status: New Idea
by MDLtd on ‎06-26-2014 03:09 AM

Hi Guys,


Please find listed below my ideas (and some from Brian Cranston - thanks Brian) re possible improvements to Inventor Sheet Metal. Please feel free to add any that we have not already thought of:


1) Fully controllable gussets, including draft, etc. User drawn profiles allowing the construction of a gusset across two bends or across a non-linear bend)

2) Easy way to make press tools and add them to a library.

3) Zero gap hems.

4) Dimple tool.

5) Bead tool.

6) Louvre tool.

7) Obround punch tool should be unlimited in sizing (currently limited to 4 pre-set imperial choices only).

8) Better corner treatments.

9) Drawn cut-outs used to form open depressions with folded down/up edges (see image 1).

10) Conversion from outsourced CAD files straight into sheet metal with feature recognition.

11) Sheet metal create “Face” to show editable "sheet metal defaults" in the pop up menu.

12) Corner seam Face/Edge distance to accept “0” gap.

13) Punch tools need to have a preview of effect to changes of size geometry prior to application.

14) Joggle tool.

15) When using the flange tool to create adjacent return flanges the software automatically mitres the overlapping corners. This is also a requirement for some contoured flanges, but there is no facility to do this. Neither is there a facility for selecting multiple edges (chaining) when creating a contour flange (this is where automated mitres would also come in to play).

16) Emboss tool to displace metal if required (see image 2).

17) Allow punching across bends, the addition of beads and other punch tool features directly on the flat pattern.


18) Flat pattern suppression (for parts with high bend counts, without destroying drawing link).


19) All modification of bend allowance as part of the bend data. Sometimes bends stretch in a fashion that Inventor won’t predict. I’d like a box to add/subtract a value from the bend allowance.


20) Piercing & stretching tool (e.g. countersunk holes). This feature might be treated separately or grouped within item 9. It could also be used to create extruded threaded holes, another highly desirable addition (see image 3).


21) Content Centre to have full catalogues of sheet metal fasteners from “PEM,” “DZUS” and “TR” – and yes, I know that both PEM and TR have some identical parts.


Please Note: The ideas for items 18 and 19 should be credited to Mr. Brian Cranston.


Regards all,






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Fix the "Inventor Kill Switch"

Status: New Idea
by Active Contributor hagiographa on ‎07-16-2014 05:11 PM

When inventor is running slow and you try to access the "I PRO (File)" button at the top left corner to access commands - even though you wait a couple of seconds between clicks, it registers as a double-click and closes Inventor.  (I have lost count of how many times this has happened).

Where do you turn this feature off?  You should have to turn it on, not off.  I never use this feature, I always use the big red "X" in the top right corner.



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It would be nice to have Position Representation function visible in Details, Sections, Croped Vies etc. Currently, when you make large Assemblies and whant to show movement of specific detail (e.g. Cylinder stroke) you can do it on Base View, but soon you will realize it is too tiny and that you cannot see anything there. So you decide to make additinoal detal to show this. You suprise that on your new detail isn't visible anything. Same on section. Crop function is disabled when there is Position representation. So you must add aditional 3D models in your big assembly as work around. As you got what you wanted, your big assembly is even bigger now....So, it would be very nice to have this Position Representation function on drawings work as it should.




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It would be nice to see every change on drawing caused by model change and drawing update - weather something has detached, deleteted, moved, dimension changed vaule etc. Making revisions would be much more easier. Curretnly you can only see when something is detached - not when something disapears from drawing. 

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Improve View Cube

Status: New Idea
by darko.caldovic on ‎07-16-2014 07:51 AM

It would be nice to have function to see opposite side of the ViewCube. When you enter existing sketch you will notice that it isn't oriented like you prefer, and that you just want to look at it from the opposite side. So, it would be useful to turn sketch orientation by 180 deg by clicking on ViewCube front face orientation. Currently, this will just fit to screen. Fit to screen already could be done by double middle button click on your mouse. 

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Slice Graphics - Update

Status: New Idea
by SteveEn on ‎05-26-2014 11:19 PM

The slice graphic uses a default slice texture. It's looks like concrete. Sometimes it's also easy to use the software Snagit for a quick screen cut to show specific details. The existing standard texture is blurry. It should be easy to choice different hatches to improve quick presentation pictures. I have seen somewhere how to change the section texture but it should be done in an easy way by drop menus.


I have added this idea for a couple of months ago but it was not possible to update the text inside the idea.








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Increased cross hatch clipping functionality

Status: New Idea
by Active Contributor ClintWestwood ‎07-14-2014 05:48 AM - edited ‎07-14-2014 05:54 AM

The "Cross Hatch Clipping" option in idw document settings does not work with hatched sketches. I would like this functionality to be expanded so that custom hatching/shading operations created as a sketch do not interfere with annotations.

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If you choose a horizontal constraint and you realize that you need a vertical constraint, then you need to select the vertical constraint.
Despite the fact that we are now in 2015 get a preview to see what is horizontal or vertical.
Add a CTRL action, so that horizontal changes to vertical as soon as you press the CTRL.
Ditto for vertical to horizontal constraint.

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align dimension perpendicular to a line

Status: New Idea
by Valued Contributor lester on ‎06-09-2014 11:18 AM

I would like if you could right click and align dimension perpendicular to line.

Right now you have to go into sketch mode and draw a line perlendicular then go out of sketch mode and apply the dimension

Below the numbers in red is what you get currently. The number in yellow is what we want.



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Bill of Materials

Status: New Idea
by ANTHONYHARRIS on ‎06-26-2014 04:32 AM

In parts list you can tick "Autosort on update" which is new in Inventor 2015





Can we have this feature in Bill of Materials as well then we dont have to sort the parts everytime we add or remove parts



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Part/Sketch - list links for adaptive elements

Status: New Idea
by asiu on ‎07-14-2014 01:19 PM

I would like to be able to know which is the assembly/part that elements in a certain part sketch are adaptive to.

It is going to make the update/debugging so much easier.


Thank you for your consideration!

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Togle hole depth

Status: New Idea
by dts on ‎05-19-2014 06:55 AM

Sometimes you would like to measure the hole depth from the top to the point (so to make sure you have enough material left). Within the hole dialoge it's only possible to select the start of the bore cone:


Hole Wish To Point or Cylindrical refference.PNG

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stop the error turn off

Status: New Idea
by MBeerman on ‎07-15-2014 12:36 PM

pink dimention line reattachment error


   Change Linear Dimension Center: problems encountered while executing this command.
     One or more of the definition points are no longer attached to the geometry.  Drag the dimension definition points to reattach the dimension.


please put in a turn off switch for this error .... PLEASE!!!!


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Split quantity between balloons

Status: New Idea
by Contributor LukeDavenport on ‎06-11-2014 07:15 AM

I've had this request 4 or 5 times from various customers. Apparently Solidworks (excuse me) allows you to split 10 bolts on an assembly into two balloons of quantities 4 and 6, or three balloons of quantity 2, 3, and 5 etc. This is not a quantity override, its fully linked to actual assembly QTY and the quantities can be shared between as many balloons as desired. Tricky to implement I guess, but it'd be huge for many people I think. Apologies if this is a duplicate idea.

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Spline Total Length Dimension

Status: New Idea
by Mentor on ‎07-07-2014 07:56 AM

I was asked recently if this was possible and was advised through the Inventor General Forum that it would be worth posting here.


The idea would be the ability to give a spline a total length dimension that would be maintained no matter where the pick points lay. I get that there would be limitations but I think it could be a useful addition to the software.



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