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Currently if an user defines COG on drawing file then it's just center mark.

User would like it to be same as COG icon of the part modeling.



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standard center holes

Status: New Idea
by Valued Contributor guido66 ‎10-03-2014 03:22 AM - edited ‎10-03-2014 03:26 AM

Please add standard (ISO 866, 2540 and 2541) centre drill holes to the hole dialog.



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Status: New Idea
by dadetom71 on ‎10-14-2014 08:06 AM

I would like a button in inventor, to copy the hatch as property in autocad?
This would save a lot of time for designers in the tables


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Angle notch/coping

Status: New Idea
by Distinguished Contributor jyager on ‎10-02-2014 06:55 AM

When notching a structural member against another structural member you essentially get an extrusion of the second shapes profile. The problem is, if you're going to start making part drawings, you'll be showing all these wonky edge protrusions created from the radius edges of the trim profile as seen in the first image. Odds are this will be cut on a nibbler or band saw and it will look much closer to the second image. I'd like to see this tool revised or a supplementary tool added to created trimmed members as they would be made in production.

Our fab shop will receive a weldment assembly drawing with a note "cope as req'd" on the angles and I don't need to go into this much detail...but on occasion we've sent out large batches angles/tube to be cut and I'd have to go through creating multiple extra extrusions at each end (or mirroring one end) to make sure we don't have problems.


Bottom line a notched angle would not look like the Inventor tool notches them.


Bad cope on angle

Good cope on angle

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Quite often there is a need to apply weld operation not to assemble two or more parts but to enforce single part (usually connect edges of sheet metal part but this is not the only application).

In order to have weld in 3D user need to create weldment assembly which consist of the only part which seems not the optimal workflow.

Please add option to convert IPT to weldment directly (keeping the part as IPT).


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Unit Strings from the real world

Status: New Idea
by matt on ‎10-09-2014 08:30 AM

Create a text box on a drawing that says something like Part volume = <VOLUME> and you get Part volume = 0.055 m^3, pretty rubbish.


Please could the result be Part volume = 0.055 m³

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Insert Item Numbers into Text Boxes In Drawings

Status: New Idea
by Contributor melmo on ‎09-04-2014 07:29 AM

I would like to see the ability to insert a part's item number (i.e. from the BOM/Parts List) into text boxes in drawings, in the same way that you can add a part's model or user parameters. We are often asked to add item numbers into text instructions; currently, we do that manually, which is tedious and a source for confusion when an item's number changes. It would therefore be nice to insert the value from the text box as shown below:


BOM Item Number Into Text Box.jpg


The closest I have come to something along these lines is to use iLogic to create the part number as a user parameter, which I can then insert in the manner described; however, that is not as clean as inserting an item number from the parts list.

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Staggering Non-Fillet Weld Symbols

Status: New Idea
by Distinguished Contributor andrewdroth on ‎10-10-2014 03:07 PM

I'd like to see the option to stagger non-fillet weld symbols.


No Stagger Option.png

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Reversal in the sketch dimension

Status: New Idea
by filat Moderator ‎09-22-2014 12:06 AM - edited ‎09-22-2014 12:09 AM

In the sketch, worth up to dimension range (d3). Dimension is given by the formula. Circle to the left of the line. If you are editing a sketch I need to move the circle to the right of the line, I need to remove the dimension, move the circle to create the dimension and write the formula. I want to be able to reversal the dimension of the opposite side.


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"Undo" Should be per Active File

Status: New Idea
by Quickcola on ‎09-17-2014 12:26 PM

I'm working with several files opened at same time. Parts, Assembly and Drawing Layouts.

What I did;

1- On drawing page I added some general dimensions (or whatever)

2- Change active file, the part for the drawing I am currently working on.

3- Modify length of the part.

4- Come back to drawing page, making it active.

5- While drawing is active, if I hit undo now, it will revert modification done in previous file that is still open but not active.


I think it would be better if undo was limited to current active file, or undo memory split between active files. As it is right now, I may undo stuff from parts and assemblies while only seeing under my eyes a drawing layout on my screen.

I think this is problematic especially since by default Inventor has the undo command in every possible marking menu context. Undo is really easy to miss click when using allot of marking menu and since it can undo stuff in another inactive file, chances are I won't even realise that I "undid" anything at all.

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from this thread:


I frequently edit the occurrence offset values in iProperties to quickly and precisely set component position within an assebmly.


I want to also edit angle of occurrence from this tab.


Useful for components that would be later grounded. Also for quickly trying locations of a component without creating constraints that may need to be deleted later.


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Toolmakers use dowel pins a lot - support the insertion of pins in blind holes as shown:



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When we use the Automated Centerlines option in an Inventor drawing with a quantity of 3 or more holes we get a Bolt Circle and the centerlines of the holes are pointing to the center of the Bolt Circle.


Circular Pattern Centerline 3 holes_s.png


But, with a quantity of 2 holes, Inventor inserts an horizontal and a vertical centerline per hole and does not insert a Bolt Circle, even though we selected the "Circular Patterned Features" option in the Automated Centerline menu.


Circular Pattern Centerline 2 holes_s.png


It would be good if the behavior would be based on the design in the model, meaning whenever I use a circular pattern it should insert a Bolt Circle.

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Replacing Links - Derived Parts

Status: New Idea
by Quickcola on ‎10-03-2014 06:24 AM

I should be able to replace derived parts. It would be useful when copying existing assembly that contain derived parts and making small changes. Within my assembly I have parts that have been slightly modified, new part numbers, and other parts that start from those parts using the derived part function which I also saved under new part numbers. But I can't seem to just replace the link towards the new part number of the part I now want it to start from.

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Stop appending " copy" automatically to file names during 'Save and Replace'

Status: New Idea
by Active Contributor NathanGMartin ‎10-08-2014 09:42 AM - edited ‎10-08-2014 09:46 AM

...and please just issue the standard overwrite warning to the user if they attempt to leave the name as-is.  Forcing the user to use the keyboard to manually erase " copy" from the end of every filename is such a pedantic waste of time, especially given that:


1. We're purposefully inside the Save-and-Replace dialog, and probably already know exactly how we want to tweak the part/filename and have no need to have " copy" suggested unhelpfully for us.

2. Everyone already knows the convention of the standard overwrite warning during Save-As and is used to handling that pop-up message.


But especially:


3. We're all human... and inclined to forget that the " copy" is there becuase it is only added when you've last Saved-and-Replaced in the same directory as the original file, leading to uneccesary filesname disorder when we've got " copy" appended to parts in our filestructure.

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Sheet Metal Template

Status: New Idea
by trym.holmedal on ‎10-14-2014 02:55 AM

Should be possible to have it Sheet Metal as qucik access template


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When drive or move the assembly components, the length of Flexible Hose will change.


There should have a setting to fix the flexible hose's length, because after the design, you don’t want to change the hose length when moving the components. 

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Offset Cuts/extrude

Status: New Idea
by Craig on ‎10-18-2014 09:34 AM



I work in the sheet metal industry and constantly create "tabs" on one end of a sheet metal part that will fit inside a cutout on a mating part to aid alignment for welders etc.  The way I do this is to create the tab (the male), then by creating a sketch on the mating (female) part, project cut edges onto the female part.  I then use the offset tool to offset the projected lines by +0.2mm to create a small amount of clearance to aid slotting part one into the mating part.  This can be very time consuming and ideally I would love to be able to cut the firstly projected lines with an offset built into the cut/extrude function.


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Automated Centerlines

Status: New Idea
by blandb on ‎09-02-2014 12:19 PM

When using the Automated Centerlines in a drawing, have the centerlines update according to the pattern qty.


For instance, I have this example pattern below:





Then, when I go to the part and change the pattern qty I get:





Now, any bolt circle, or other associated dims must be re-applied. Seems like it should be simple enough to just keep the center marks being used and auto delete the rest.


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Update the custom / user defined UCS tool

Status: New Idea
by *Expert Elite* on ‎10-05-2014 06:15 PM

I was stoked this feature was released when it was. BUT, it's a bit of a dog. Only being able to select points / vertexs to define the orientation of the axis on creation sucks. Why can't we use faces and edges? Please add this ability.


Currently if you want to flip the direction of the UCS, you can't do that on creation, you have to complete the creation of the UCS, then redefine it from the context menu. At this stage, an old school HUD appears and you get to enter an angle to rotate the UCS... why couldn't that be available during creation?


This is a badly needed feature to help define the work coordinate systems for complex shape parts for integrated CAM. 


It would be awesome if you could add the ability to translate the UCS along axis during creation as well. i.e: I want it here, but at an offset of 5mm in the X & Y axis.

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