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When we create a sublayout from an existing factory layout, we can choose the name of the sublayout but not it's location on the workspace. It would be great to add this ability in order to position the manufacturing lines were we want.

For example I have one building with 3 lines that I want to have in separate layouts to ease the implantation process. My ideal folder structure would be :



| - Customer01

| | - general_layout.iam

| | | - line01

| | | | - line01.iam

| | | - line02

| | | | - line02.iam

| - Customer02

| | - C2_general_layout.iam



With the actual settings, if I use the sublayout button directly in Inventor, all the sublayout (my lines in this example) will be in the workspace folder.


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2D assets

Status: New Idea
by tony.morley on ‎03-12-2014 07:49 AM

Here's My Idea:-


Why not have Inventor "variable" partameters exposed on to the 2D asset as a dynamic parameter within AutoCAD. example of which could be a conveyor with a length parameter, could this not be displayed just like a dynamic block when in the autocad environment??



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Connectors with various colors

Status: New Idea
by SveinnIngi on ‎01-08-2014 04:27 AM

By selecting a connector in the browser while in the Asset Builder, the color gets selectable. However, it doesn't stick to it if the asset is published or the AB is closed.


I see huge value in different colored connectors to ease up the progress of making layouts. Many different people are making layouts in my company, but usually none of them are making the assets.


Then an extra step might be taken and we can only connect blue+blue, green+green, yellow+yellow etc.


Colored Connectors.JPG


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The Factory Asset Warehouse is a great tool to locate assets for AutoCAD and Inventor.


I feel an area has been overlooked – assets for 3ds Max Design.


Videos promote how useful 3ds Max Design is to animate the factory layout, but it is a tedious process to build bones and linkages to animate robots and similar equipment.


Wouldn't’t it be great if a user could browse the warehouse to find a fully rigged robot, fork truck, crane, or other factory asset and just drop it into 3ds Max Design? This could save a lot of time for users new to 3ds Max Design.


I welcome your feedback.






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I'd like to use iLogic to access parameters of factory assets inserted into a factory layout.


Example: A few days ago I tried to access parameters of inserted factory assets using iLogic and it could not be done. I wanted to create a simple iLogic form that would show how many wall panels remains to be inserted into the wall frame (wall frame was also a factory asset and was driven by its length, width and height). Values should be taken from parameters of inserted assets. Currently it is possible to see and change factory asset parameters only in its own parameter window.


Best regards,

Martin Madaj.

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Asset Republish

Status: Under Review
by steve.schuchard on ‎11-07-2012 10:45 AM

When Creating Assets, often I have to repeatedly republish the asset. It would be nice to have a Republish workflow that could do the following with one button:


- publish to same folder

- publish with the same asset name (to overwrite)

- Set 2D View Options.


Also, if the asset has already been published, these setting should be remembered.

Status: Under Review
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Material flow analysis

Status: New Idea
by tom4x on ‎10-24-2013 01:59 AM




i would like to improve the looks of my material flow analysis. Therefore I would like to adjust the width of my materialflow arrows proportionally to their transportation cost. Is that possible?

Moreover I would like to assign different colours for different jobs to my arrows.

Has anybody an idea how i can do that? Didn't find anything online.


I would be really grateful for your help!

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When publishing FDS Assets, the dwg blocks created are set to allow explode in AutoCAD. Why not set them to NO so that the bi-directional work flow is not broken so easily by poor Acad practice. An experienced user can reset this function if needed in the block editor.

Status: Accepted
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If one uses Factory Assets and Connectors to configure a new piece of equipment on a Factory Layout, it would be handy to publish this new equipment configuration as its own Factory Asset, from the Factory Layout environment.  This is similar to the idea of "Creating Assets using Assets".  Hope all is well and have a blessed day!




Status: Under Review
Interesting idea!! I'll see what we can do with it.
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Currently, only assets will snap to a 2D drawing overlay in a factory layout. We need the ability to snap to that overlay during other functions as well such as sketching or just taking measurments. This is VERY frustrating not having this ability.

Status: Future Consideration
Can't get it in for 2014 release but.... we'll take a look for the future!!
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Asset Chaining Graphics - Update

Status: New Idea
by steve.schuchard on ‎02-11-2013 12:41 PM

Problem: Asset Chain Graphics is only a polyline when first created and requries a round trip for update. The polyline graphics are not effective or desirebale by the user and therefore may not be used.



Idea: Have a update graphics button (right click on Asset?) that would roundtrip the polyline to generate the planview graphics.

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Include AutoCAD Electrical and AutoCAD MEP

Status: New Idea
by Valued Contributor jberns on ‎10-02-2013 05:22 PM



Please consider including AutoCAD Electrical in the suite to support wiring the equipment. ACE is already included in PrDS, FDS users could benefit also.


Also please consider adding AutoCAD MEP to add support for wiring and plumbing the building to run these utilities to the machine equipment.


If machinery moves it would be great if the building wiring/plumbing model could update.


This could provide an even more complete BOM of equipment and MEP requirements for a design layout.


Please don't raise the cost of FDS Ultimate.


If ACE or ACMEP cannot be included, please make them available as an add-on module for a reasonable cost (less than $500).


Thanks for your time and attention.






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Link to Revit and back

Status: Future Consideration
by Mentor on ‎11-20-2012 01:09 PM

Place your assy one to one in Revit maintaining your parameters and back.

This with the forward look on BIM

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Tooltips for Factory Assets

Status: New Idea
by Valued Mentor on ‎02-14-2013 11:17 PM

Hello there,


a rather simple question.

can i deactivate the tooltips/quickinfo of the factory library.

It tends to block the libraries contents from view.

It would be nice if there was an option to turn them off.


Thanks in advance



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Point cloud insert workflows (scaling)

Status: New Idea
by Employee mike.jolicoeur on ‎10-17-2012 06:27 AM

Point clouds should know the scale of the document they are going into and attempt to scale accordingly.  Point clouds typically are meter by meter by meter for scaling size - if the point cloud goes into a layout that is in MM it should scale - or if it is into an inch layout it should scale to imperial - if nothing else, have it work similar to block inserts in AutoCAD for the interaction.  (see attached)  IT is very confusing for the users in imperial - typically the cloud comes in 254x too small. 

Status: New Idea
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Point cloud insert (positioning)

Status: Implemented
by Employee mike.jolicoeur on ‎10-17-2012 06:29 AM

Today, when inserting a point cloud, the placement is arbitrary - that is, is selects the point I picked in space.  That is NEVER where I want it.


I want:


- Allow me to snap the cloud to a point in my layout

-Allow me to send it to 0,0,0 if I wish (99% of the time this is what I would want)

Status: Implemented
The 0,0,0 is implemented. the snap to point would not work as the snap in point is based on 0,0,0 in the point cloud.
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2D Asset Elevation

Status: New Idea
by steve.schuchard on ‎02-11-2013 12:33 PM

A common problem existis for all assets with regards to elevation.


When a assets is placed at a elevation other than 0 - (On the floor), the 2D Assets is placed at a elevation. When modified in AutoCAD, the elevation is often changed, impacting the 3D Asset elevation.


This would be helpful for Overhead Conveyor Layout especially. Anything 


This would be a problem fixer.


This would also make asset authoring easier.


This could be implemented in a simiilar fashion as in the asset authoring field for landing plane offset. 



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Conveyor Path Tool - Path Studies

Status: New Idea
by steve.schuchard on ‎02-11-2013 12:08 PM

Conveyor users need the ability to use FDS to perform studies. The user needs to place carriers on curves to generate a profile path. See example.


This is needed to ensure that the area is clear for movement of the carrier and the product is carrying. 


Required Output needed is 2D Plan View (see example)


Future Output is 3D Swept Volume for clash detection.


Created in 2D or 3D. Horizontallly and Vertically.


Movement is not requested. 


This is needed for material movement clearance studies.





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Pattern connector points

Status: New Idea
by Valued Mentor on ‎07-19-2013 01:05 AM

Hello there,


I think it would be good if we could acess connector points like

we acess ordinary geometry and thus enable us to pattern them

while creating assets. I had to work out a different solution when

it came to modeling an asset of a spiral conveyer with a variable

number of levels and infeed/outfed connections.


Kind regards




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Unite the UCS's

Status: Under Review
by Distinguished Contributor Light_Guy on ‎12-17-2012 05:40 AM

Why does the FDS layout have a different UCS than standard Inventor files? It makes for some frustrating moments when inserting non-asset part files. It's not that it causes problems, its just annoying!

Status: Under Review

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