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Currently, only assets will snap to a 2D drawing overlay in a factory layout. We need the ability to snap to that overlay during other functions as well such as sketching or just taking measurments. This is VERY frustrating not having this ability.

Status: Future Consideration
Can't get it in for 2014 release but.... we'll take a look for the future!!
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Link to Revit and back

Status: Future Consideration
by Mentor on ‎11-20-2012 01:09 PM

Place your assy one to one in Revit maintaining your parameters and back.

This with the forward look on BIM

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I like the idea to do pictures from a machine in a factory who exist and send it to 123D Catch and use the mesh model in Inventor (Using Mesh-Enabler) to create a legacy object as an asset.

I never tried the 123D Catch with larger objects as one meter. Also I have errors when I download the mesh. But this will be a great workflow to catch legacy objects in a factory.


Regards to all the others who like this. 

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Autodesk Factory Design Suite

Status: Future Consideration
by dwerner on ‎01-22-2013 05:34 AM

The ultimate should include the REVIT family of products.  Looks like I will have to purchase the Building Design Suite to get more of the products I need and forgo the Factory Design Utilities since it can not be purchases out side of the suite.  It is to Costly to purchase the Factory design suite and then purchase the REVIT products along with it at $5,500 each ($15,000).



Status: Future Consideration
Thanks for the feedback. for this release, we had received customer feedback that was contrary to this, believe it or not. It was felt that it would make deployment of the suite more difficult across an enterprise. As the bulk of our customer cross section have the workflows split into two camps - ie those that design the building and those that design the layout - our direction in development has been toward supporting better interaction between the two disciplines. 2014 has embarked down this path by allowing Revit data to be incorporated into the layout environment. We will continue to improve and expand this workflow in future releases.
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There are times when I want to find the asset of the same definition as the Object I am currently selecting.

If Asset broweser show the same asset automatically. I can know what asset is this very easy.



Status: Future Consideration
Hi, thanks for the idea. This does seem like something that would be very useful and would make the user experience better. We'll look into what would be needed to accomplish this.
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Currently, if you use the feature property suppression option, (see attached) the suppression is not recognized when setting various levels of detail. I use this property for turning Clearance areas on and off. When there are multiple pieces of equipment that have these clearances, we use a Level of Detail to turn them all off or on as needed. Currently you have to actually suppress the part to add it to the Level of Detail in the assembly.

Status: Future Consideration
Currently, the only way this can be achieved is, as you have documented, through an assembly. If I am understanding correctly, you would like a concept of an LOD on a multi body part - that would allow you to suppress the features you want suppressed.... is that correct?
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The user should be able to find where assets have been used - in what documents. Users should be able to update those assets and have the drawings reflect the changes. Teh benefit of the feature would be that it saves a significant amount of time searching for where an asset was used and manually replacing them.


This requirement was gathered at the customer roundtable in Milan, Oct 2012.

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You should be able to assign connectors to assets that know what they can connect to.  For example, a conveyor should not connect to a fence.  (input from user at test drive)

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