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code checklist

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by Valued Contributor ahmedeffect on ‎01-08-2015 08:45 AM

I think, it can be good idea to add tool which makes us to verify  seismic  anaylsis like calculation note but with highlited color (red-blue )  and reference  page for code  or you can improve calculation note for example UBC there is some checklist  you need to verify it like Maximum Calculated Drift When T < 0.7 Second (The calculated story drift should be shown not to exceed 0.025 times the story height. (Section 1630.10.2)


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EC 4

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by Valued Contributor ZHUKOV_ING on ‎12-22-2014 12:29 PM

Implement composite design according to Eurocode 4....

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Maps of Loads

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by Valued Contributor igos on ‎10-19-2014 06:40 AM

Sometimes for complicated models you have to check loads accuratelly.

Unfortunately, Robot Structural Analisys doesn't provide tools to verify load values on different panels/bars/nodes.

I think, it can be good idea to add tool which makes "Maps of Loads" for elements of the model.

In my opionion, one of the best realization of such tool in Ukranian software Lira-SAPR (link: http://www.liraland.ru/).

The screenshots of this feature is shown below.


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Convert autogenerated loads

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by Valued Contributor igos on ‎11-16-2014 05:48 AM

I think that it can be good function to convert autogenerated loads from claddings into native ones. 


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Make a link between RSA and Advance Suites in order to be able to check steel connection, reinforcement etc .... drawn in advance and vice versa.



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Offsets in Robot

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by Distinguished Contributor Tuctas on ‎09-05-2014 09:18 AM

Offsets have to be replaced with another option in which rigid links will be automatically defined in proper locations, because the way that they are used right now in Robot is not convenient at all and it is causes many simulation problems... Especially in RC structures, where it is immediate to consider non "centerlined" connections between members, Robot has to be improved about this issue. 

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I just thought of an idea for an add-in or other type of calculation that could be implemented in ARSA.


When dealing with irregular buildings, the engineer is challenged to design a system that has translational vibration in the first modes. This means zero or near zero eccentricity e0x and e0y.

The idea is to implement an iterative solution which can propose location, length and thickness of additional walls (or columns) to be added to the initial configuration. This addition shall impose zero or near zero eccentricity e0x and e0y.


I did that in a spreadsheet for a simple building by calculating the CM and CR for the original configuration. Then I updated the calculation by introducing new wall which gives zero e0x and e0y by simple Goal Seek option in Excel.


I guess this idea could be easily implemented in ARSA.

What do you think?
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Hi adsk,

It will be very useful if will be added to Robot Structural Analysis Professional the option to automatically create groups for steel bar verification.

The rules to create the groups could be three:

1) grouping by cross section (Hea, Ipe, ....)
2) grouping by bar type ( columns, beams, bracings, ecc)
3) both rules merged (1+2).

This function will be very powerfull in large models when the user want to show in the calculation report the table of verification of all the bars and also plot the detailed report for the top ratio bar for its family (for example Hea or column or both, as previously described).

Obviously the auto group don't have to overwrite the manul group defined, and it must be always up to date, also after a property modification for some bars ( change cross section or change verification rule).

I think that this is not difficult to do for DEV team and it will be very useful for all the users, specially for the steel stucture designers as me.

Hope for this, greetings.
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Improve buckling analysis for seel beams

Status: New Idea
by Contributor iegia on ‎09-03-2014 05:05 AM

Improve flexural, torsional, flexural-torsional, lateral-torsional buckling analysis in steel beams, adding Warping torsional degree of freedom for steel beams.

There are some software  (STABLAB, SOFISTIK) use a beam finite element directly developed for the analysis of thin-walled spatial steel members. This element is based on Vlasov theory and has 7 degree of freedom at each node (3 displacements, 3 rotations and 1 warping freedom).  You don't need to built a model based in shell elements to realize the buckling analysis of the steel profiles.

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Armenian standards for earthquake-resistant construction

Status: New Idea
by Active Contributor Nairi85 on ‎05-27-2014 07:51 AM - last edited on ‎05-27-2014 08:01 AM |

Good day! My name Nairi I constructor of Armenia. Appeal to developers Robot Structural Analysis with a huge request to pay attention to the promising market of Armenia .

In this regard, on behalf of numerous engineers ask add to the base Robot Armenian standards for seismic design : SNRA II-2.02- 2006 (СНРА II-2.02-2006).

We have many areas there is a probability of more than 12 earthquakes epicenter balls , and 4 types of soil on the seismic characteristics. And the rest of design standards similar to the Russian norms . So I think that just a matter of deciding integration SNRA II-2.02- 2006 Robot will have a great demand in our region.

In advance many thanks.




СНРА II-2.02-2006




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Multithreading meshing

Status: New Idea
by Valued Contributor igos on ‎12-28-2012 08:51 AM

Everyone knows that make proper mesh for complex geometry on the first try is impossible.

Robot makes perfect mesh, but, unfortunatelly uses only one core of CPU, so process is quite long on powerful computers. 

Please, make multuthreading support for meshing and we can save a lot of precious hours :-)!

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Status: New Idea
by *Expert Elite* on ‎08-24-2014 03:30 PM

It will be powerful if will be added, in the steel connection tool, the option to auto detect the identical joint present in the whole structure, or define from selection a region where the identical joint have to be applied.
Once Robot find the group of "SAME STEEL CONNECTION PROPERTIES" the user can create the joint using the actual definition present in Robot. This definition will be applied to all the member of family, and all of it depend by only one "master definition", each changes on its parameters (for example bolt class or plate thickness) will be applied to all the joints of the family, avoiding the "time consuming" manual definition and calculation of each connection and, overall, the possible mistake in manual data input.
After you have defined the steel connection family, the user can run the code checking of the family, Robot automatically calculate all the steel connection present in the family and plot the report of the top ratio one.
This tool, added to an improvement of steel connection type (for exaple more beam to beam connection type) can be made easily, the calculation engine is the same of robot, the report generation is the same of robot, only the grouping engine tool have to be programmed, but can be partially copied from the spread footing dimensioning.
Please give kudos to this idea.
Greetings at all
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Dynamic Wind capabilities

Status: New Idea
by Valued Contributor igos on ‎12-30-2012 12:56 AM

In some codes wind load is divided in two parts - dynamic and static. 

For example, in Russian Codes, the dynamic part of wind load depends on: static load, masses and natural frequency. 
Unfortunatelly, Robot hase no capabilities to calculate dynamic wind load automatically.

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Pile Cap Modeling and Reinforcement module

Status: New Idea
by karibal on ‎11-13-2014 12:52 AM

I think this should be a core module for Robot since it is a structural analysis software after all.

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Section Designer

Status: New Idea
by Mentor on ‎08-27-2014 06:45 AM

I suggest to strengthen the Section Designer.

I would like to be entered:

- The diagram Moment - Curvature

- The analysis of the section of the fire (thermal mapping and verification sectional according to the rules)


for composite structures, RC and steel.


Thank you

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by Valued Contributor ZHUKOV_ING on ‎12-26-2014 07:32 AM

New solver for Form-finding analysis and option tou update the structure with the new join coordinates..

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link Robot model with Opensees

Status: New Idea
by *Expert Elite* on ‎10-06-2014 04:19 PM
Hi everyone,

It will be a very powerful tool if you create a link with Opensees (open source hi level structural analysis software) that allow the user to export the model (geometry, sections, material, loads) to Opensees and, after the nl calculation, import the results from them. The first phase can be done such a special *.str file, and the second it can be done with a special _RT file. Watch on line the power of opensees.

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Please put back the EXPERT add on for the English package with the Retaining wall design, piles and pile cap design. this was very usefull. I don't know french so it is hard to install the french version and deal with it.


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The idea registered to probe the users' opinion on the usability of such feature:


The possibility to assign different Young modulus of concrete for different load cases to be used during analysis

Some examples:

  • Instantaneous (live load)
  • Long term (self weight)
  • Medium (n=15)
  • Medium seismic = instantaneous/2 (Seismic EC8)


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