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When conducting an insert shift analysis, where the insert is a composite material made up of several layers, it would be extremely helpful if the solid mesh generator would create a new layer for each row of elements specified. This way each new layer can be turned on and off as needed to assign the material property and orientation in the “User-defined orthotropic property” for that layer.


If I needed six (6) layers of elements through the thickness, each row of elements would be placed in its own layer and each layer represents a layer that makes up the composite insert.


My suggestion is, when defining the number of elements through the thickness, in the “Tetra” tab of the mesh generator, just below that would be a check box to isolate the layers. When that box is activated each row of elements would be separated into its own layer.


I realize that certain areas of the model would be difficult to define, but at that point several hours of labor would be done leaving only the minor “clean up” of re-assigning elements to their proper layer.


isolated composite layers.JPG

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query face to find meshing problem

Status: New Idea
by Segato2011 on ‎01-26-2015 03:18 AM

There should be a query on the cad body faces to identify which is the face with some problem for the mesher.


When you are meshing from cad body it happens it give this message:


Generating CAD mesh
First attempt:
Encountered problem when meshing face 88.
Second attempt:

Trying to recover from previous error(s).
Retrying the mesh process using a fallback tessellation method.
Mesh density defined on faces will not be used by this approach.

Start region: 1
Percent 5 done ....
Percent 10 done ....


There is no way to identify which is the face 88 in this case.

In this way you loose the chord angle control...


You can Select F88 but you can't isolate it on a layer so it's not easy to see (usually it's a very small surface)

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Lock tiled window location

Status: New Idea
by RobTharp8567 on ‎01-06-2015 01:45 PM
  1. Allow plot windows to be managed (repeated location) or at least keep the same location with the same loaded studies. With ‘clean screen’ and ‘tile’, changing plot types will usually rearange plot locations making pasting into comparison reports very difficult. Requires manually moving and resizing windows. This case has 4 different studies loaded for comparision. The report needs to hold locations as the plot type are loaded.


  1. tiles.jpg


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Study Status Tagging

Status: New Idea
by RobTharp8567 on ‎01-06-2015 01:52 PM
  1. Add some ability to visually tag studies as ‘FINAL’, ‘RPT’,’NOT REVIEWED’, ‘PROD RELEASE’ ‘ REV #’ something like this.
    1. When multiple runs on multiple projects are completed it’s difficult to remember what study was just run or had been reviewed or not. I typically use some naming convention on studies in process then rename after I review or sort them in folders and move after review.
    2. Would like any study yet to be reviewed automatically marked as such…like an email on an i-phone and the little blue dot.
      1. Drag left to mark as Read or Un-Read
      2. Drag right to Move, Flag or Other.
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To improve result accuracy for instance material data has to be fitted.

Beside pure material data the chosen process setting parameters do have signifcant influence.

For instance, to calculate fibre orientation several approaches are available as FulgarTucker, RSC model with spec. Ci etc.


This makes it obvious that a link between material data set and process setting resp. chosen solver setting is required!


I request to implement such a link to make it possible for material supplier to announce for which solver/process setting a specific material data set is fitted, resp. which solver is recommended.



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When creating feed systems or cooling channels, I often need to translate some nodes, curves and/or beams parallel to some geometry, but with a different distance than the nodes I use to specify the vector. Many of the translations are not in the directions of the coordinate system.


An option to specify the length of the translation vector would give a lot of freedom in altering existing runner systems or new concepts of cooling channels.


So I have two suggestions/ideas:


  • Add a field 'distance' to the 'Input Parameters', to change the length of the vector. I would prefer to give the vector a specified length (not a percentage).
  • 150114-Translate.png


  • Implement the possibility to change the distance in the field of the 'Measurements' window, so the 'Vector' field would be updated accordingly:
  • 150114-Translate-Measurements.png


Maybe a similar option would be interesting for the creation of curves and beams.


Any comments or additions by anyone?

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Option to Turn visibility on/off for layers in Mold flow communicator

Status: New Idea
by *Expert Elite* on ‎11-13-2014 02:50 AM - last edited on ‎11-13-2014 03:02 AM |

Option of Turn visibility on/off for layers in Mold flow communicator for model.


1. It will be helpful to better viewing of results in communicator.

2. It will be helpful to reviewing 2 shot molds analysis results.

3. It will help hide/show components & results as required.

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In Project Sundance or similar software it would be great to have the opportunity to map other results than the fiber orientation, for instance temperature, pressure and crystalline orientation for unfilled materials.


Best regards,


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Moldlow Communicator on tablet

Status: Accepted
by csegard on ‎08-06-2014 01:30 AM



As Moldflow Communicator can be use to present results to customers, it could be a good idea to have this sofware supported on tablet (any OS).

it would allow to share in an easier way results.





Status: Accepted

Hi All,


The request is fair, and ... at the moment I can tell you that Communicator in its current form is not portable to non-windows platforms because several of the licensed components we use within out product simply are not supported on these operating systems.


Havind said that ... if you currently save a .mfr file to A360.autodesk.com, you can visualize the results in a standard browser. The functionality of this first viewer is very limited, and it will be replaced by a new platform that is in development within Autodesk. So what currently is there is not as fully featured and it will be replaced with something that's even newer. This is why we have not published this actively.


We understand the request though and agree that this is valid.

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There must be a recommended gate size in result or in LOG 


1. It may be based on  simple shear rate calculator(usually used Excel file)

2. It may based on shear rate results. 

3. It may in table form/ circular size or  rectangular sizes or Gate area. 


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it would be good for analysis of several studies, if the studies are locked also the cutting plane would be the same in every study. 

would be helpfull.



Status: Accepted


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Let me post the subjected request received from one of our customer.

Currently, when one pressed "Abort All Jobs" in Job Manager GUI, the process is done immediately.

To prevent mistake, one requested us to implementation of adding an message to make sure before process.




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Insert Annotation in MFR file

Status: Accepted
by renan.melhado on ‎06-20-2014 09:27 AM

The possibility to create a box in graphic area to make a annotation on result.
When you did a note in results, some times is difficult to describe the exactly point where will occur something wrong.
Solution Proposed

You create a annotation tool, like a box that you can put a mensagem and link to a Node or local in the model. And this box follow the model in graphic Area.
I think this will be good in two situation, first in ASMI or ASMI to create a results or MFR file and when will revise the result in Communicator.



Status: Accepted

This is a long standing request and I agree this is over-due.

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Power copy option

Status: New Idea
by *Expert Elite* on ‎05-05-2014 11:25 PM

Power copy option


There must be option to select some components of one study file &  copy them or paster them in another study file.


For example


If I need to add same feed system to other study file, I should be able copy the only feed system from that study file, should be directly paste in other study. file.

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Draft analysis

Status: New Idea
by Active Contributor mppkumar on ‎11-14-2014 08:53 AM

Request to have a diagnostictool for draft analysis


after orienting the part in Z axis, we can generate line (tooling draw direction)


Based on this line, if we could able to do draft analysis... that will be helpful in indentifying parting line or die lock conditions


of course we can do these things in CAD softwares.... by having these options in Moldflow eliminates CAD software usage:manvery-happy:



Pradeep Kumar



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It would be a big help for my analysis if I could export STL files of actual warped geometries, but with the deformation of selected axis only.

Example: If I need to glue or weld complicated geometries, I don't have to care for Flatness only, but also for the generell fit of all geometry.


The analysis takes place back in Cad, or GOM Inspect.

And there the flatness is a problem sometimes, if only I could "switch that off"...




The idea is originated here:





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Valve gates identification

Status: Accepted
by Active Contributor inba.oneway777 on ‎10-12-2014 08:11 PM



when i am using multiple valve gate system for front bumper or interior panel part, hard to identifiy the valve gate numbers. is their any lable kind of thigs to show the vavel gate order number, its easy to identify the valve gate and properties.






Status: Accepted

As Caroline mentioned, we have some concept going for this right now. I would suggest you keep an eye out for the beta release we hope to have available in the forseable future.



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An option to automatically close the overflow well beam when the gas reaches a specified node.

In this way it could be easy to manage the gas.


At the moment it is very complicated to calculate the correct well beam volume and it takes several runs.

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When running a Cool (FEM) analysis with a Dual Domain mesh, you can set a different HTC profile for cavity and core in the solver settings.


When running a Cool (FEM) analysis with a 3D mesh, the only way to set a different HTC profile is to select elements and locally assign a profile.

It would be great and time saving to have the same option with 3D as with DD to be able to set a HTC profile in the solver settings.

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macro program

Status: Duplicate
by xkoja.tomoyasu on ‎11-04-2014 12:59 AM

We start a Synergy program first, next we start the second Synergy program in another window.

we wish to use macro program in secondly Synergy program also.

The reason is always because it opens plural Synergy programs, and it performs duties.

Status: Duplicate

This is a long standing request by a good number of users. It's actually reported by others on teh idea station already, for instance  http://forums.autodesk.com/t5/simulation-moldflow-ideastation/macro/idi-p/3789158


I will mark this as a duplicate.


Please try the upcoming beta though ... :-)

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