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Check whether duplicate lines are present

Status: New Idea
by markus.atteneder ‎04-22-2014 10:53 PM - edited ‎04-22-2014 10:57 PM

It would be very helpful, if there was an option to check importet lines/curves like IGES, to see if there are two ore more of them. Sometimes the interface of some CAD-systems exports more then one curves and in Moldflow you can't see this.

The Problem is, when you edit the properties to channels and meshed it, you have overlapped beams.

It spend many time, to check this and find the problematic areas.



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 A  SimCFD license is required for using Channel (3D) elements in a Cool (FEM) analysis.


It should be available without need of seeparate licence. It allowed user to import cooling channals 3D model

directly from tool design and do analysis.

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There was a Mucell analysis as conventional physical foaming analysis.
Packaging material typified by polystyrene foam in various industrials.
But the module that analyzes do this was not anywhere.
By this chemical foam molding analysis,
allow for warpage prediction and filling
analysis of packing foam material generics.

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About the display of the warp result

Status: New Idea
by xkuroda.kyouhei on ‎04-03-2014 09:59 PM

Please add the function to display CAD model and shape of warp result repeatedly and to compare, and to measure the difference.



I want to compare the product shape and the difference of the shape of the warp result, and to be modifing the model. Warp analysis is executed for mesh model that considers tendency to warp. Therefore, deflection output as a result is not a difference with product shape. The function that product shape made by CAD and shape of warp result of Moldflow can be compared is hoped for.

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It would be great if following would be possible:


I did a analysis of a simulation. many xy-plots some probe plots.

If I duplicate and change parameters and do simulation again, all plots are gone and I have to set up the plots again.


If Moldflow would keep such plots, that would be great for faster comparing for example several cooling set ups.



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Creating nodes: Precision (micro parts)

Status: New Idea
by emka70 ‎04-02-2014 10:01 AM - edited ‎04-02-2014 10:06 AM

When I query a node, I get an answer about the position in 3 decimals


When I want to create a new node by clicking an existing node and then (for example) change only the z-coordinate, I see that in the create node menu there are only 2 decimals represented


In this way I loose precision, which is key when molding & modelling micro parts...


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We Noticed many of material grades  around: 200 grades have been deleted from Moldflow 2014 database,

But we can able to re-run the Old study files in 2014.


When we have to work on new project, where we need to use the old material grades, which is no more with 2014.


If we would like use the old database from the previous study at our own risk, as moldflow no more owns the

resposibility for obsolote database.


Yes,  I agree, we need to request the mateial supplier for new UDB, till then.

There must be option to export or extract UDB file for old study.


For single shot injection molding analysis, we can add mesh to old study to carry forword the materilal base.

But for two shot mold it is not possible to use old data base.


If already there is an option, please do reply


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Shrinkage analysis for 3D

Status: New Idea
by Distinguished Contributor madhukeshwart on ‎04-01-2014 03:45 AM

Shrinkage analysis should be available for 3D mesh, as most of the things are available in 3d mesh now, which were not possible in previous versions

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Please improve even RTM analysis to consider setting of " Simulate gravity effect" of the 3D mesh.

By way of background, the influence that gravity gives a flow by viscosity of the resin is big by the RTM molding of the true molding. That is why it is necessary to let the state reappear by the analysis.

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When building a runner system or cooling lines with beam elements or rebuilding localized elements, all these require selecting nodes, or so you think.  While in the particular menu of what ever I am building, under "Selection option" the "Filter" is set to "Node", I have found that even though it shows "Node" you are still able to pick a random point in space where no node exists.  If your model is in the right orientation it will appear correct but once the part is rotated it's obvious that the node you intended to select was not selected at all.


It would be nice that what ever the "Filter" is set to, that's all you should be able to select.

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It would be great if the possibilities in the material database could be optimized

concerning searching for specific material properties especially flow abilities. 


Information of flow length with flow spiral would be nice.



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Simplified Modeling for Baffle

Status: New Idea
by aholman on ‎03-13-2014 02:22 PM



A proposal to simplify modeling Baffle features in a cooling system.




Currently, every baffle requires two separate lines to create a baffle. Users can either make a small V configuration or the two lines can be coincident. However, if at any time the nodes get merged on the baffle line then the solver interprets the baffle as a dead-end. This issue is especially problematic if using HyperMesh to generate a Moldflow mesh file. 


Solution Proposed


Eliminate the second line needed to generate the baffle. The necessary pressure drop should be automatically calculated by the solver. The solver should also be able to tell which direction the water is moving based on the coolant inlet boundary condition. This is similar to other softwares on the market.



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Incremental model rotation

Status: New Idea
by emka70 on ‎03-06-2014 06:08 AM

I would like to have incremental model rotation.

I believe it was there in the older interface, but at a certain moment is has disappeared.


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Some of my customers would be interested into having this kind of analysis in Simulation Insight.


Do you think it could be possible?

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Job Manager Window Sizing

Status: New Idea
by emka70 on ‎02-28-2014 06:52 AM

The Job Manager Window is not very flexible in my opinion.

WIth larger projects (many studies) and long study names, I am always struggling with the slider bars in the window. I cannot size the left side of the JM window by dragging it. (Only the right side can be extended.)

Can you make the sizing of the JM window better / more flexible?


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The result of the Warp analysis.

Status: New Idea
by xyokoya.takahiro on ‎02-26-2014 06:20 PM

I hope to make geometry from a result of the Warp analysis.

I carry out Insert analysis.

I import the model that I transformed by a Warp by the analysis in 3D-CAD, and I do CAD data of the part

and Boolean, and want to modify a part.

Furthermore, I want to carry out Insert analysis using them again. However, it is modifing it in a part by manual labor because I can not Boolean it in .stl.

Please add a function to make geometry from a result of the Warp analysis. Many customers give the similar demand to me.

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Ram Position at the end of Packing

Status: New Idea
by xkuroda.kyouhei on ‎02-24-2014 05:21 PM

We want to confirm "Ram Position" at the end of filling in analysis log.

Now, when Filling control makes [Ram speed vs ram position] of [Absolute ram speed profile] and carried out analysis Midplane or Dualdomain, information of "Ram Position" is listed in analysis log while driving , but is not displayed after Velocity/pressure switch-over.

We can refer to it when we regulate it with an actual machine because information of "Ram Position" is listed in analysis log at the end of filling.

For example, we want you add the following lines.

================================================================================  Packing phase results summary :

  Ram Position at the end of Packing                         = XXX mm ================================================================================

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Please   add the function that can fix the position of the node that I   appointed.
    When a node to become the reference point carries out  in an existing state, placement may change to the node that I do not want to move.
    I carry out Remesh and Fix Aspect Ratio in the state that there is a node   to become the reference point. Then placement may change to the node that I   do not want to move.
    I am troubled without being able to measure an accurate result when a   reference point moves before I notice.
    In addition ,in models having multiple reference points or large-scale   model, to take time for a correction very. So I want a function to fix the   node that I do not want to move beforehand.

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Currently, orientation elements is lost when exporting warpage result in stl at least in midplane. I think it is possible to keep the orientation of the element in line with the orienation of the face inside the stl file.

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Drag and drop layers for sorting

Status: New Idea
by Contributor KaindlJ ‎02-11-2014 12:10 PM - edited ‎02-11-2014 12:11 PM

My team and I always sort layers in a specific order to make navigation easier between users - however I spend a lot more time than I would like to just reordering layers since one can only move a layer up or down 1 position in the order. It seems like a no-brainer to add the same drag-and-drop ability that is present in the studies pane. Folders would also be great, but even this would help.

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