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My dashboard chart views

Status: Future Consideration
by Contributor RBocox on ‎01-17-2014 04:05 PM

In my dashboard, I have several charts that I have created and would like to see them as I have rotated or have performed slice movements.

The problem is that when I get the charts looking like I want them, they return to their normal 3D un-sliced and un-rotated views once closed. Therefore, when I want to view them at a future time, "like daily" I have to once again rotate & slice it to my liking and changing percentages or numbers etc.


Is there a way to save the view of the chart within my dashboard so that I don't have to go through this every time I open a chart?

Status: Future Consideration
Hi Rbocox, We appreciate you submitting this request. After reviewing, we will add this to our future enhancement list. thank, Trung
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My dashboard - Graph display

Status: Future Consideration
by markalawrence on ‎11-05-2013 12:16 AM

Please can you look into increasing the number of links that can be added to this area

There is a lot of wasted space that can be utilised here

Another 2 graphs each side of each row can be added, adding another 12 without changing the aspect of the dashboard.

At the moment this is just wasted space that i certainly can utilise

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Desktop folders

Status: Future Consideration
by Contributor jonas.andersson on ‎02-13-2013 03:45 AM

A function where a "desktop folder" can be added inorder to add/view documents from the desktop/finder directly into PLM360. The folder to be added should be connected to a certain workspace, where the user can chose which workspaces should be able to "share" information. 


The folder should be a direct connection through the username and password from the user, where permissions should be added depending on what role the user has.


Similar to dropbox, but with the added finess of PLM360.


Kind regards,



Status: Future Consideration
Jonas, interest idea. I don't think is something we'll address right away, but let's come back to this in the future
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There should be a way to additionally sort the project management schedule. First the start date and then have the option to add another field like the Task Number.

Status: Future Consideration
After reviewing the request, we will add this to our future enhancement list thanks, Trung
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Cloning Views

Status: Future Consideration
by rkierans on ‎06-04-2013 05:52 AM



I have beening setting up views in a workspace. Some of the views are similar and would require a lot of the same field columns and filters. Can you please introduce a clone feature for views so taht these views could be set up quicker




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It would be great to have an admin permission that allows users to edit fields that are set as 'non editable' in the field definition. It is very time consuming when testing to have to navigate to the workspace manager and change the field properties. It would also be a useful feature to have as an administrator to make changes and corrections easily.



Status: Future Consideration
Hi dkeeley, We will take your suggestion and request into consideration and add to our future enhancement list. thank you, Trung
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Groups and adding users

Status: Future Consideration
by markalawrence on ‎12-02-2013 02:51 AM

When adding users to groups it is not easy to see who you have missed or indeed if you want to take a screen shot of users you cannot if it is more than a certain amount

There is so much space available below the fields, so why not make the are bigger so we can view more users ?

The ability to print off the groups and users set up, either individually or for each group  would be also very helpfull

Status: Future Consideration
This is the first time someone has request the ability to print the groups and users. We will add this to our future enhancement list. Thanks
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It would be really neat to be able to create a field in Item Details (poss elsewhere too ?) that would autofill with comments from the workflow.  For example, when taking a delivery, the user clicks on the 'Accept delivery' transition and has to submit a comment as to where the delivered item is.  If this could be a field that was configurable to use a picklist AND then write that same info to a field of the same name in Item Details, it would mean the recipient only has to enter the data once, but it is then visible in Item Details should someone else be calling up the record to see where the item is currently located.


I know that the info in this comments box is used in a couple of places (? in the email triggered by the workflow transition , and in the Workflow tab (which I can't seem to see on this workspace), but at the moment it is not v visible when looking at the record on a separate occasion.  


In fact, if you could edit the workflow comments to be separate fields rather than just one box, that would expand this idea further.  It reduces the clicks a user has to make to fill in the required info while makingit more obvious which info IS required when moving something to the next state in the workflow.



Hope that makes sense,





Status: Future Consideration
Hi Fiona, We appreciate you submitting this request. We will review this request and add to our future enhancement list.
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Group to Role debug jumper

Status: Future Consideration
by Valued Contributor Bill.Bogan on ‎08-30-2013 02:29 PM

I find myself going between groups and roles when trying to isolate permissions and group-role relationships.

It would be helpful to have a "jumper" to get me to a role from a group - as long as I'm not editing, but just evaluating.


see attached.

Status: Future Consideration
I understand the need to quickly move between groups and roles. We will take a look for different methods and ways to improve this. Currently we will add this to our list of enhancements. Continue submitting those ideas...
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I really like the ability to have sections in the Item Details tab collapsed by default.  Thank you for implementing this option for me. 


Similarly, I would like to have the ability to have the Owner and Change Summary section collapsed by default.  I like to have the Owner and Change Summary section on Item Details, but it can clutter the page.  It would be great if I can make this collapsed by default and then if you want to see the information, uncollapse it.


Thank you.



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