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Logo Manager allow GIF format

Status: Accepted
by Contributor rjohnson on ‎05-13-2013 02:25 PM

The JPEG file format does not support a transparent color.  GIF does.  It would be nice to be able to use a GIF image for the logos on the login pages and top left of the page so that we can have one color transparent.  See the image previews with and without the transparent color that are attached.


Why do you restrict these logos to JPEG anyway?


Thank you.



Status: Accepted
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Cancel Vs Close

Status: Comments Requested
by Claire.WHH on ‎08-07-2014 08:03 AM

Please can you consider the user of the work Close instead of cancel. For example, I've just edited the item details in one of my workspaces. I've clicked "save layout" and the green banner has appeared, saying "the layout was successfully saved." my only option to exit this interface is to click "cancel" couldn't this be "close" to save any confusion?


Many thanks


Status: Comments Requested

Hi Claire,


I appreciate you taking the time to submit this idea.


I just want to clarify the Cancel VS Close.  Currently the only issue that I have seen is in the Importing tool.

Currently there is no button to close the import, the only way to exit Import is clicking the Cancel button.


Is the whre you would like to see the change or modification?

Is there another place where Cancel VS Close appear and cause confusion?



Please provide additional detials.





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When searching a workspace, every hit in all fields are shown in individual rows. Usually when I search, I'm looking for a specific item. Therefor I'm not interested in how many places my searchterm is found in ever item, just which items that have atleast one hit.


So I'd like an option to filter the search to only show each item once in the list.


Best regards

Johan Kenneberg

Status: Comments Requested
Hi Kenneberg, Many people that I have interacted, all suggested similar ideas. This was already added to our development list. Thank you, Trung
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It would be useful to have a new Field Type that is the DMSID for items in the workspace. This is such a useful bit of information it just seems to make sense to have it "at the ready".

Status: Solution Provided
In our Sequencer WS, we have a field that were created to display DMSID I hope this help with your requests.
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Currently, Derived Fields are only supported in the Item Details tab.  Please allow the use of derived fields in the Grid Tab.  In addition, I can foresee wanting to use derived fields in other areas as well (Bill of Materials, Sourcing, etc.).

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I ask to introduce the ability to show the relationship graph attached this post with custom icons.

The graph would be much more clear if I could link the icon to an image filed of the record.


Just two use cases as example:


1) BOM VISUALIZATION: Quickly view the components types in a BOM visualization.

2) FASHION application:   Showing a dress component list I could show a tissue sample image.


But applications are many...



Thanks and best regards,

Andrea Capuzzo

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Administration Navigation

Status: Future Consideration
by j.stewart on ‎08-15-2013 07:00 PM

In the general workspace area it would be great to support easy navigation between the workspace features.


When working on the Item Detail Tab the header shows  <Administration><WorkspaceName><Workspace Layout>

It would be nice to support the abiltiy to click on the WorkspaceName and returns to the list of features for that Workspace.


Currently when you click cancel it returns to the Workspace Manager that lists all the workspaces.

If the workspace that you are working in is at the botom of a list of 30 workspaces, then you need to scroll down to click on another feature. Not ideal from an Administration User Experience.


Navigating from the active Header links would be sweet



Status: Future Consideration
I think this is a good idea. We are trying to find ways to improve the navigation. We will add this to our list. PS - f you you are in the Workspace Setting, and you click Cancel it will take you up to the same workspace list.. I also tried this with Item Details Tab, Grid Tab, and Bill of Materials Tab by using the Cancel button, it will take you out to the same workspace.
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Cloning Views

Status: Future Consideration
by rkierans on ‎06-04-2013 05:52 AM



I have beening setting up views in a workspace. Some of the views are similar and would require a lot of the same field columns and filters. Can you please introduce a clone feature for views so taht these views could be set up quicker




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Filter BOM View

Status: Accepted
by Valued Contributor BiggePLM on ‎07-25-2014 11:55 AM

To aide breaking down of a BOM View into lists for different purposes the custom BOM view is great. But when you have multiple functional areas looking at that information such as Procurement, Fabrication, Wharehouse etc. it would be nice to be able to filter the list to show only items in the BOM that met a specific criteria. Similar to the way Excell uses it Autofilter.


The idea would be that you have a filter row you could pick or enter the filter than apply and the currently displayed view would get filtered to show only matching items (parent items could be included if that causes issues). This functionality would be used for both Nested and Flat BOM Views.



Status: Accepted

Hi BiggePLM,


I appreciate you taking the time to write a very detail request to the Idea Station.


There have been numerous requests around BOM View Filter and the ability to pull information from multiple workspaces.


I will add this to our feature list.


Thank you,



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I feel we need a lookup function in the scripting functions


The basic Idea would be to duplicate the current function for linked picklists and leverage the benifits of derived fields and filtered picklists.


The script function would simply return a dmsid's or null and be able to search a specified workspace for records that match specified field/values. The return could be an array of the dmsid that could be utilized to then load the found dmsid for use in scripting access to that record for adding or extracting information.




Workspace A = tasks with two fields to identify that record: Project# (Linked Picklist) and Task ID, A third field Task Type, UDP of values (type a, type b etc.)


On Workspace B you have two filtered picklists based on Workspace A (you could use Pre-Filter on the Picklist to restrict by Type).


Use the values selected in the filtered picklist fields in a script lookup function that returns all matching dmsID from WS-A.


Using looping & load item you can then process those id's to add or extract info.


There have been several support forum discussions on this subject and thought it needed to be added to the Idea Station. Help this along by giving Kudos.


Support forum discussions:





Bob Donovan

Bigge Power Contructors



Status: Solution Provided

Hi Bob,


I think that with the release of Code Complete function, it will help address your needs.


The Code Complete will allow you to select the workspace in which you utilize the script and any other workspace related.

Once you select the workspaces, it will provide you with a list of Field ID contained in the various worksapces for you to see as reference.  


For more information regarding Code Complete, please go to the help guide.


I hope this help address your needs.


thank you,



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