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Instead of having all the roles for every workspace just listed top to bottom, it should be sectioned for each workspace separately.


Also if the possibility of creating custom sections in the groups tab would be available, it would help organize things much better!

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My dashboard chart views

Status: Future Consideration
by Contributor RBocox on ‎01-17-2014 04:05 PM

In my dashboard, I have several charts that I have created and would like to see them as I have rotated or have performed slice movements.

The problem is that when I get the charts looking like I want them, they return to their normal 3D un-sliced and un-rotated views once closed. Therefore, when I want to view them at a future time, "like daily" I have to once again rotate & slice it to my liking and changing percentages or numbers etc.


Is there a way to save the view of the chart within my dashboard so that I don't have to go through this every time I open a chart?

Status: Future Consideration
Hi Rbocox, We appreciate you submitting this request. After reviewing, we will add this to our future enhancement list. thank, Trung
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Grid Column Display by Permission/Role

Status: Accepted
by Mentor on ‎05-28-2013 02:04 AM



Would it be possible to add functionality that displays grid columns based on permssions? I want to restrict part of the grid from some users.





Status: Accepted
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Script Version Control

Status: Comments Requested
by Active Contributor ForrestJudd on ‎11-16-2012 08:25 AM

I'd love to see more robust script management.  Ideally I'd like to see the ability to officially version or rev scripts.  In addition to the Save button, you could add a button for Version.  This would store the script in its current state with the appropriate verison number.  


In addition, I'd like to review previous versions of the script and have the option of making a previous version the current version.

Status: Comments Requested
YES, YES, and YES!!! I love this idea!
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Allow bulk Import into Multiple Selection Picklists

Status: Duplicate
by Contributor Asingh5 ‎11-14-2012 10:52 AM - edited ‎11-14-2012 10:53 AM

When using the import tool, performing a bulk import of values into a "single selection" linking picklist is possible. Unfortunately I cannot select a "Multiple Selection" linking picklist it in my import to do the same thing.


This feature is very important for our company since it would allow us to show our linked product items in one specific field, as opposed to having multiple "single selection picklists"--which doesn’t make a clean visual. 


The data I have is in a excel format. With over thousands of entries, having the import tool to bulk import the linking picklist values in the multiple selection picklists would allow me to provide my tenant with the information it needs efficiently and visually appealing.



Status: Duplicate
Comma delimited values can now be imported into multi-select pick lists! See the PLM 360 "What's New in PLM 360" page for more details on the June 2013 release.
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Item Preview Enhancment

Status: Comments Requested
by Contributor Asingh5 ‎11-06-2012 08:22 AM - edited ‎11-06-2012 08:25 AM

The TABS section of the preview should open up and expand when clicked on instead of redirecting to the specific item. This would allow the quick easy access to key information such as BOM items, attachments, relationships, changes ext. Also there should be the ability to click the specified print view for the item as well.



Status: Comments Requested
Great Idea, I've seen some mockups that are very similar to this idea!
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Group to Role debug jumper

Status: Future Consideration
by Valued Contributor Bill.Bogan on ‎08-30-2013 02:29 PM

I find myself going between groups and roles when trying to isolate permissions and group-role relationships.

It would be helpful to have a "jumper" to get me to a role from a group - as long as I'm not editing, but just evaluating.


see attached.

Status: Future Consideration
I understand the need to quickly move between groups and roles. We will take a look for different methods and ways to improve this. Currently we will add this to our list of enhancements. Continue submitting those ideas...
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Where a Workspace requires different pieces of data to be entered at different states in the workflow , it would be good to guide the user through the specific information they are required to add by defining fields (or sections) of the item details that correspond to specific workflow states.  In addition, it would be good to allow users who can change the workflow state to do this directly from the item details tab.


A good example of this is a Request for Information (RFI) workflow where one party wants to ask a question of another party and get a response.


For the given workflow below




When a user is creating the RFI, they are given a response field, which is irrelevant at this stage.




Once created.  The recipient has to edit the RFI to add their response to the item details.




User then needs to update the Workflow state to say they have added a response.



Instead, it would be useful to give the user buttons to select the workflow state they want to move to based on the available states




If selecting "Reply to RFI", the user would then be taken to an edit details page just allowing the fields associated to the "RFI Reply Sent" state to be edited.  This would drive user to follow the workflow required.

Status: Accepted
Paul, This is a very interesting idea. Workflow is one of those areas we’re continuously talking about, and this idea certainly adds to some of the ideas we’ve been throwing around. I’m going to move this idea to “Comments Requested”, and ask the PLM360 Product Manager who’s responsible for workflow to review this idea and join in the conversation. By the way, great idea and very well documented!!! -Jared
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It would be great to have an admin permission that allows users to edit fields that are set as 'non editable' in the field definition. It is very time consuming when testing to have to navigate to the workspace manager and change the field properties. It would also be a useful feature to have as an administrator to make changes and corrections easily.



Status: Future Consideration
Hi dkeeley, We will take your suggestion and request into consideration and add to our future enhancement list. thank you, Trung
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Advanced Print Views

Status: Future Consideration
by james.n.tennent on ‎03-19-2013 05:26 PM

Hi Everyone

I would really love some improvements from the advanced print view

1. I need a way of having global control over all print views. eg, if I have a company footer then I want to change It once and apply to all print views however this is just an example and It would be useful for a lot more then that.

2. I have created the print view I want in HTML and I have It looking the way I need It however It looks horrible when I put It into PLM 360, It appears that the HTML code used by PLM is very old and is not able to read CSS at all, even if It is embedded into the html code itself.

I really need this to be resolved, currently I am not able to create anything near professional enough to give to a client.

Attached is a screen shot of the report straight in Chrome, the other is what It looks like coming out of PLM. It will not take you long to work out which one is out of PLM.

Thanks Autodesk




James Tennent


Status: Future Consideration
HI James, We recognize the need to improve our advance print view. We will add this to our enhancement list. If you have a formatted form in excel, you can bring into the Advance Print View. You need adjust the setting to fit to a page, along with removing some unwanted grid lines. You can highlight the entire form in excel and crtl V (paste) into the box window. This will allow to have a pre-design form in PLM. Some of my customers have utilized this feature for simple quote sheet or print out. And use the widget to preset the item fields thanks, Trung
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