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We use BOMs to show data hierarchies.
Example hierarchy:
  • Pricing - which is a parent of
  • Offering - which is a parent of
  • Release - which is a parent of
  • Product Line Code - which is the lowest level of child
Can we do a validation from a field in a Parent item details form to a child BOM?
The Pricing form has a field to display Product name and show some derived fields that are used in a pricing calculations. Can we ensure that somewhere down the chain of BOMs, that the same Product is added as a child? 

The validation logic may possibly only be done on a workflow transition.

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Form validations - client-side

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by cruzj on ‎06-03-2013 04:23 PM

Form validations on the client side can save the user's time by pointing out errors in the form as they are entered or auto-populating values based on other values in another field.


An example is on a  pricing form where there some data relationships that should not be broken and internal logic would be enabled based on values the user selects. If a user selects value 1 from picklist A, then picklist B would show a different set of values than if the user selected value 2.

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In PLM360, the history of an item is available through a change log, however, the change log is not available through the API for each record in order to enable historical reporting on the actions for an item.

Use Case: changes to Product Name as it moves from temporary to legal versions.

Previously we had problems with product name changes over time because we were communicating to customers about products they didn’t buy.


Possible workarounds:

We could write on every transaction into the ODS


For Ad hoc we could clone records into another workspace and store them for a historical view

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Hi Team,

Actually to really make a date format clear for global teams, we should have the option to pick a date format such as:

dd/mmm/yyyy but with letters for the month eg. 23/MAR/2013. This will really avoid any confusion with date for European and American people working on the same project.

Is this something that PLM360 could support in the future?



Status: Future Consideration
This is a good suggestion. We will add this to our future enhancements lit.
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Multiple deletion

Status: Accepted
by Active Contributor adminplm360 on ‎05-30-2013 09:32 AM

There should be an easier way to delete items from a workspace without having to use the import tools. Sometimes you just want to delete 8 items and there is not an easy and fast way. I know that exist the import utility but you need to have a spreadsheet in order to do it.

Status: Accepted
There's been several discussions regarding mass update/delete feature plans. This is certainly part of our planning for PLM 360. I think in addition to delete, we'd like to offer edit capabilities to this feature.
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Add a bookmark via scriptiing

Status: Future Consideration
by Valued Contributor Bill.Bogan on ‎09-25-2013 10:02 AM

I would like to use scripting to "spawn" a bookmark on newly created items and push it to the usersdashboard.


Is that possible? I don't see a script that looks like a candidate for that use.




Status: Future Consideration
This is an interesting request. At this time you will have to manually pin the bookmark to the dashboard. We will take this into consideration.
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Script Version Control

Status: Accepted
by Active Contributor ForrestJudd on ‎11-16-2012 08:25 AM

I'd love to see more robust script management.  Ideally I'd like to see the ability to officially version or rev scripts.  In addition to the Save button, you could add a button for Version.  This would store the script in its current state with the appropriate verison number.  


In addition, I'd like to review previous versions of the script and have the option of making a previous version the current version.

Status: Accepted
YES, YES, and YES!!! I love this idea!
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Item Preview Enhancment

Status: Accepted
by Contributor Asingh5 ‎11-06-2012 08:22 AM - edited ‎11-06-2012 08:25 AM

The TABS section of the preview should open up and expand when clicked on instead of redirecting to the specific item. This would allow the quick easy access to key information such as BOM items, attachments, relationships, changes ext. Also there should be the ability to click the specified print view for the item as well.



Status: Accepted
Great Idea, I've seen some mockups that are very similar to this idea!
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It would be VERY useful to allow a tenant to be divided into secure "Projects" so that access to information relating to different projects could be controlled centrally.  This should allow workspaces to be managed centrally, but used optionally on each project.  Similarly, roles should be managed centrally, but users are given a role on each project allowing them to have differing levels of access.  This model is already used to good effect in Buzzsaw.

Status: Comments Requested
Great conversation! John (participant in this thread) and I have spoken about this very topic, and I understand that there is a need to improve how we manage access controls. I’m going to move this idea to “Comments Requested” so we can continue to discuss issues and solutions for this topic. We could expand access to Additional Owners (accepts individuals and groups) via the scripting engine a short term fix, however Scott’s correct in that this still has a lot of overhead associated with it. There are other ideas floating around to help improve user/groups/roles management… I also like this idea of project areas within a tenant, however I’m a little worried about the complexity of managing this as well. Let’s keep this conversation going, and see if we can hash out some more ideas!
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Call scripts at import

Status: Accepted
by Mentor on ‎10-04-2012 04:28 PM



It would be a useful addition if scripts could be called when performing imports. 





Status: Accepted

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