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today we can pin a version but it is not sufficient....  it is really critical to be able to create a baseline (manually or by script) on a BOM. Baselining shall be allowed based on roles...


Creating a baseline shall freeze the version for all items of the BOM with all the version of its relations. It shall include the current released version + the latest working copy...


then we could of course compare between two baselines.


The display of a baseline shall respect the access rights.


It is more or less what is existing with Project Management that shall be pushed to BOMs


best regards

Status: Future Consideration

Hi spiazza78,


I really appreciate you taking the time to submit this request and for being active on the Idea Station.


This is a very interesting idea and request.  I will review and add to our future enhancement list.


thank you,



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This would help with automating the execution of a test plan where tests shift and later we would want to compare to the original plan.

Status: Future Consideration

Hi Cory,


I appreciate you taking the time to write and submit this idea to the Idea Station.


I will take this into consideration and to our future enhancement list.


thank you,



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Robot Step in a Workflow

Status: Comments Requested
by spiazza78 on ‎08-20-2014 03:56 AM



as sometimes we have to have the Workflow Transition to be finished before being able to "play" with item created within Action Script (Add item to BOM etc...), could it be possible to have some step that are acting as robot... it means that it should launch a scipt when this "robot" script is reached...


in case of failure, we can either cancel previous Transition or if successfull, force next Transition to go to the next "manual" Step...


Best regards

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Currently only way to create a script is through UI in PLM360. Even though these scripts reside with PLM tenants they will change over a period of time and have to be moved from one tenant to another(for e.g. Development to Test to Production).

Following are few suggesstions which can reduce human errors:


1) Provide ability to Export and Import Scripts. This provides users a chance to version control their scripts.

2) It would be even better if PLM360 provides a built in version control, where users can revise and activate scripts, compare two versions of scripts but this may be too much to ask for as all these can be accomplished via version control tool.



Ravi Dalli

Status: Duplicate
Ability to import & export javascripts from a PLM tenant - 03/31/2014
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It would be great and useful to have a more robust Advance Print view edtior, that included Tabs for full html editing, along with an attached CSS editor.



Tab one: current editor with ablity to add elements 

Tab two: Full html editor

Tab three: CSS editor

Tab four: Preview of edits not based on dmsID for layout views (color background etc...)

Status: Accepted
Hi piggeej, We appreciate you submitting your ideas and suggestions to us. We will add this to our feature list. Thank you, Trung
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We need the ability to import and export javascripts (condition, validation, library etc.) directly from a PLM tenant instead of copying it manually into a notepad.


This is a good feature and will be helpful in deploying codes in multiple environments.


Also a revision control (software configuration management) on these javascript will be a great addition.





Status: Accepted
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I feel we need a lookup function in the scripting functions


The basic Idea would be to duplicate the current function for linked picklists and leverage the benifits of derived fields and filtered picklists.


The script function would simply return a dmsid's or null and be able to search a specified workspace for records that match specified field/values. The return could be an array of the dmsid that could be utilized to then load the found dmsid for use in scripting access to that record for adding or extracting information.




Workspace A = tasks with two fields to identify that record: Project# (Linked Picklist) and Task ID, A third field Task Type, UDP of values (type a, type b etc.)


On Workspace B you have two filtered picklists based on Workspace A (you could use Pre-Filter on the Picklist to restrict by Type).


Use the values selected in the filtered picklist fields in a script lookup function that returns all matching dmsID from WS-A.


Using looping & load item you can then process those id's to add or extract info.


There have been several support forum discussions on this subject and thought it needed to be added to the Idea Station. Help this along by giving Kudos.


Support forum discussions:





Bob Donovan

Bigge Power Contructors



Status: Solution Provided

Hi Bob,


I think that with the release of Code Complete function, it will help address your needs.


The Code Complete will allow you to select the workspace in which you utilize the script and any other workspace related.

Once you select the workspaces, it will provide you with a list of Field ID contained in the various worksapces for you to see as reference.  


For more information regarding Code Complete, please go to the help guide.


I hope this help address your needs.


thank you,



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because of lack abilities in REST API it would be nice to execute script through REST API.



1. Administrator creates actions script.

2. User logins to PLM360 with REST API.

3. Code of integration tool sends command to PLM360. For example, "ExecuteScript". Additionally can be defined ItemID, WorkspaceID, etc as arguments of function.


Currently, the workaround I will use is execution of script on create or update events of item.


Best regards, Vladimir

Status: Future Consideration
Hi Vladimir, We appreciate you submitting this request. We will add this to our future enhancement list. Thank you, Trung
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Item should have hidden fields

Status: Accepted
by vmoyseenko on ‎03-02-2014 12:30 PM



Item should have hidden fields.


User mustn't see content of this type fields. It will be used for development purposes by scripting or REST API.


Currently I can't see ability to hide field and get its content by REST API v2.


Best regards, Vladimir

Status: Accepted
Hi Vladimir, Please let us know if this works for you. thanks, Trung
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It could be very handy if condition and validation scripts could take a argument.


It could cut down on the number of scripts needed.


For example:

A GenAccept script could be reused on both an Accept and Reject action if it could take a bool argument.



GenAccept(false)  (negate output)


Allowing it to take an integer would make it even more flexible.

Status: Comments Requested

Hello plmadmin,


I’m not sure I fully understand this request to have condition and validation scripts accept arguments.  Condition and Validation scripts currently get predefined parameters such as dmsID, userID, transID, and customTransID.  In addition, Library scripts can be imported into a Condition or Validation script that allows reuse functions (which include parameters) across many scripts.


In your example of GenAccept(true/false) for a Validation script, a Library script could be created to return an empty list or a list that could contain a canned error message:


Library Script:  GenAccept


function genAccept(hasValidationError){

                var messages = [];
                if(hasValidationError === true){
                                messages.push(Canned error message here');


Validation Script:  testMyValues     Import:  GenAccept

returnValue(genAccept( item.SOMEFIELD === null ));


In this case, the generic function (genAccept()) can be used to provide a canned message as the returnValue for one or many validation upon the condition that results in true/false.  This behavior is standard in PLM 360’s scripting engine. 


Is this helpful, or have I missed the point of the enhancement you’re requesting?





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