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Script details on workflow summary

Status: Comments Requested
by mpares on ‎08-20-2013 11:22 AM

It would be the coolest thing ever to see the rest of the transition properties on the Workflow Summary Panel.  When you have 73 transitions like I do It would save a lot of time to be able to see which scripts were tied to each transition, or to make sure that there is a script tied to the transition.


Summary Panel

Status: Comments Requested
This is a very good idea. I heard many similar requests from different people. This will be added to the list of enhancements. Keep the idea coming!
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Auto Picklists Type

Status: Under Review
by Valued Contributor BiggePLM on ‎07-23-2013 06:30 AM

This Idea kinda is a double edged sword. First the use of picklists, both standard and Workspace Types allows a great deal of control over user input when used to limit what can be entered into fields when completing forms.


But there are times when allowing the user to add a new record to the picklist on the fly is also desirable.


Use case is for say a sales bid log that is used to support a quoting workflow. As the salesman get requests for quotes from various customers it becomes tedious to make it a two step process to enter the bid request in the log.


Step 1, see if the customer exists in the customer workspace, if not add it

Step 2, Add the new bid record using the new customer record.


I have been working on several methods to allow the bid log to get entered and use scripting to validate and add the new customer record to the customer workspace. This works but is clunky in that you have extra fields in the bid log that make editing the record clumsy.


It would be nice to have a feature that would allow for new records to get added to the connected workspace if they did not exist.


Not sure the best way to approach this and would guess that scripting would need to be involved. But the basic idea:


if when entering/editing the record that has a workspace based picklist, if the value entered does not exist in the pciklist workspace.

1. Have an Option to add the record, either

      a) Similarly to adding linked items records through a pop up   or

      b) Through a checkbox or some other scripting validation to verify or prompt the user they are about to add the new record


Thoughts from the Community


Bob Donovan

Status: Under Review
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Debug mode

Status: Implemented
by keith.tyler on ‎06-27-2013 11:17 AM

It would be beneficial to have a debugging mode for scripting (including stepping through low level scripts for which code is not available).

Status: Implemented
Debugger was added to the May 2014 release! See Advanced Debugging in the Help at: ;
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When I send an email I would like to be able to add in an .ics file.

The .ics file a simple text file contains information about a meeting or event.  the .ics file's contents are understood by outlook and other calendar packages. Clicking the ics file in the email adds the meeting or event to you calendar.




How I think this could be done,

in scripting the Email() object should have some more options for create .ics file and the values to go into it, The information in the .ics file is event name, start date/time, end date/time, location, title.  you could then grab / map item fields such as date, time location event, and map them to the .ics file. this would populate your calendar with the meeting or event.

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​ Default filters in a picklist

Status: Implemented
by cruzj on ‎06-05-2013 10:43 AM
We would like to be able to narrow down a linked picklist for a certain criteria.

Example: We use Product ID as a unique identifier for products. In other workflows, we will link a picklist of Product IDs to a form so that we can assign more attributes to the product. Product ID  can have a status of "Assigned," "Orderable" or "Retired." We would like to pre-filter a picklist of products to show only those that are in status "Assigned" but not "Orderable" state. There is no current client-side scripting available today.

Only possible by "chaining" workspaces. Create a new picklist when the item changes status, e.g., when a Product ID is first released, spawn record in another workspace with the narrowed-down population of "Assigned." .

Status: Implemented
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Scriptable field controls (permissions)

Status: Solution Provided
by cruzj on ‎06-04-2013 04:07 PM
Based on a value or status of a field, the ability to take an action based on changes to a field value.

Example, moving to the next step in the workflow. In the process to create a product name, the Person A asks Person B to create a name and get it approved by Legal.
If Person B approves a product name, we would like the workflow to  automatically advance to the next stage based on the "approved" status so that there are less clicks for the user and less chance of forgetting to advance the workflow on the Workflow Actions tab.
Status: Solution Provided
Hi cruzj, Currently you can write actions script to move the transition of the workflow based on the input of the fields in the Item Details Tab or completion of Workflow Transition. Depending on the number of fields you want to automate, it can range from simple to highly complex. You will need to activate the action script in the behavior for both upon creation and on edit to have the scripts running with every updates in the field. If workflow, you will need to add the action script to the action script section of the transition. item.performWorkflowTransition(Transition #, "Comments"); // This is the command line for workflow transition.
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Ability to set "Quantity" in Add Items to Bill of Materials to default to 1. We use the BOM function to create hierarchies in our data.

Is there a way to set the "Add Items to Bill of Materials" to autofill as "1" for Quantity?


It may not be possible since it is a required field.

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Checkboxes in form - Select All

Status: Accepted
by cruzj on ‎06-03-2013 04:46 PM

We would like the ability to create a series of checkboxes and Select All and deselect all with a single click.

Status: Accepted
This is an interesting request. The only place I can see using this feature is the grid tab or BOM Tab In the item details tab, each fields are individually separate and form through the use of the matrix. Please provide more information and details. thanks
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Form validations - client-side

Status: Solution Provided
by cruzj on ‎06-03-2013 04:23 PM

Form validations on the client side can save the user's time by pointing out errors in the form as they are entered or auto-populating values based on other values in another field.


An example is on a  pricing form where there some data relationships that should not be broken and internal logic would be enabled based on values the user selects. If a user selects value 1 from picklist A, then picklist B would show a different set of values than if the user selected value 2.

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Item validation scripts

Status: Comments Requested
by Mentor on ‎04-13-2013 04:53 AM

Hi Guys,


It would be great if we could run validation scripts on items when they are being created or edited.





Status: Comments Requested
Great idea!
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