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It would be really helpful if I could have read or write access via scripting to the 'lifecycle' field on items in a revisioning workspace (see attached image).


Currently there doesn't seem to be a way to ensure that users have actually selected a lifecycle value. And in the event that they have - there is no way to check or over-ride their choice.





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Allow Custom Rev Scheme

Status: Accepted
by Distinguished Contributor obourne on ‎02-21-2013 03:13 PM

I need the ability to specify a custom rev scheme. I want my rev scheme in PLM 360 to follow the same standard that I created in Vault. It makes sense to me to have all my Autodesk products in revision alignment.

Status: Accepted
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Status: Implemented
by pauls on ‎08-16-2012 05:09 PM

I would like the ability to generate an ECN on the part that is currently visible (to update a drawing for instance). The system should pull the next available ECN number and automatically place the part on the affected items list. The current process takes too many steps.


Status: Implemented
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It would be very helpful to have workflow on a revision controlled object. This would enable us to control and track the development of items. Today we create a task in the tasks workspace and link it to the revision controlled item that work needs to be done on. On the change order we then track the progress of the tasks and only allow the CO to progress if all tasks are compete. It would be great to have workflow on the working version that would allow the steps to develope the item to be followed witout having to create a seperate record inorder to track it. 

Status: Future Consideration

Hi ihadden,


I appreciate you taking the time to submit this idea on the Idea Station.


This is a very interesting request.  Normally most people utilize the revision controlled workspace for lifecycle tracking of Items and BOMS.   


I will review this request and add to our future enhancement list.


thank you,



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Currently only way to create a script is through UI in PLM360. Even though these scripts reside with PLM tenants they will change over a period of time and have to be moved from one tenant to another(for e.g. Development to Test to Production).

Following are few suggesstions which can reduce human errors:


1) Provide ability to Export and Import Scripts. This provides users a chance to version control their scripts.

2) It would be even better if PLM360 provides a built in version control, where users can revise and activate scripts, compare two versions of scripts but this may be too much to ask for as all these can be accomplished via version control tool.



Ravi Dalli

Status: Duplicate
Ability to import & export javascripts from a PLM tenant - 03/31/2014
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We have revision controlled workflow for the DCO workspace.  On occasions, I make minor changes to a document after the change order has been accepted (not everyone in my company has spelling, grammar and formatting skills).  These changes are minor changes that do not affect the content of the document.  I usually find these types of errors when I distribute the document.  The next change order created for the document does not "see" the document I changed after the DCO has been accepted, it links only to the document attached to the previous change order - even though you can open my document and can see the document history when clicking the history icon.  It makes more sense for the next change order to "see" the last document attached rather than just the document linked to the previous change order.

Status: Accepted
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Status: Comments Requested
by Contributor Colgan on ‎04-12-2013 12:38 AM

On picklists sourced from revision controlled workspaces it would be of value if we had the option of amending the 'Show Revisions' option of the picklist after setting this up.






Status: Comments Requested
This is a very good simple request. Surprise not many people bring this up. We will add this to our feature list.
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