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Relationships tab configuration

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by Valued Contributor j.hendrickson on ‎12-15-2014 08:55 AM

The Relationships tab could use some attention.  Two ideas:


1. Let's make the "Types of Relationship" column actually do something, or at least give us the option to hide it.  I understand that it does have a little icon in it that means something, but the column could just be the width of the icon, it doesn't need to include the words "Cross-Reference".


2. It would also be helpful if most of the fields that are available in the Workflow tab were also available in the Relationships tab, such as Last Action, Date of Last Action, Performed By, Created On, Created By, etc...  In general we need more functionality on the Relationships tab including configurable columns.


Joe Hendrickson

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Right now you can only use purge on the workspace to remove all the data in that workspace, one issue we are facing is deleted items are appearing in search and other users are finding ways of navigating to them.  So basically any user error or duplicate that we deleted sits in our data forever and crops up to cause confusion.


So I am looking for a way to truly hide deleted items, their previous releases, and all the relationships they may have (project, BOM, relationships...).  The two options I can think of would be purging those deleted items from the workspace or possibly creating a deleted item view permission.  

Status: Future Consideration

Hi Matt,


We appreicate you taking the time to submit this new idea.  


This is a very interesting use case.  


We will review this case and add to our future enhancement list.


thank you,






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Related Attachments Display Improvements

Status: Accepted
by matt.wegmann2 on ‎06-10-2014 12:34 PM

Looking for a couple UI tools to help navigate our attachments/documents tab on an item.  Looking to treat it more as a table and less as a list


1. Add the workspace of the item -- We have are using PLM 360 as doc storage for material prints/specs, ECO, documents, 2D drawing, etc and with some items containing hundreds of relationships the navigation on the document isn't useful

2. Add description/size/folder of the item (lower need but could be useful)

3. Sort/Filter feature -- A step two typ feature, turn the related attachment section into a more useful table view of the documents that would help improve navigation.



Status: Accepted
Hi Matt, We appreciate you submitting this idea to us. We will add this to our feature list. thank you, Trung
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Today I came up against a mystery error because I had a derived field that was supposed to be set to derive from a multi-select picklist, but the source was blank When I tried to reset it, the field I wanted would not show on the list as I now realise you can't have a derived field that could show more than one value (i.e. coming from a multi-select picklist).


Could you add this functionality if it is possible as that would be v useful to ensure data only has to be changed in one place, yet is consistent throughout the system ?


Many thanks,



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If you could add the tabs to the workspace the same way you add a field, you would gain a ton of functionality. Even if you were still restricted to the same types of tabs currently available (grid, BOM, etc.), being able to add multiples of a tab and to add them only when necessary would be a great boost.

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Static BOM import from separate workspace

Status: Accepted
by dsl145 on ‎11-14-2013 09:23 AM

I've got a situation where we have imported a large amount of Heirarchy items from Autodesk Vault and we need to link a an assembly of items to a specific repair.

If we were able to import a static snap shot of the assembly of items and then be able to assign a QTY New to some of the items.

Status: Accepted
Hi DSL145, I'm not understand your request. Please elaborate and provide additional information. thanks, Trung
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Presently, I can create a picklist which can link me to an item in another (or the same workspace).  But there is no way for me to see that relationship from the other side.


There is some abiltiy to do this using the BoM and Relationships.  But BoM is a very specific relationship model, and Relationships are too generic.


I would like the ability to add a field type on the "linked" object that references the linking object.  The field could be read-only, as I mostly want it for reporting.


For instance, if I have an "Inspection" that has a field "Inspected Item" that references an "Item", I'd like to put a "inspections" field on the "Item" workspace that shows me all the inspections. This item has been included in.


Eventually, I can see this being enhance to support:

  • editing the relationship from the "linked" side
  • Showing fields other than the description (a mini-grid) for instance in this case, I'd really like to see the "status" of the inspection.


Status: Accepted
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Currently the Multiselect Picklist type is only available for the Item Details & Grid Tabs.


Not only would it standardize the picklist types across the tabs but give added functionality to use those tabs.


An Example would be for the RFQ workspace.


You have a list of parts that are added to the managed items tab from multiple workspaces (electrical parts, hydraulic parts etc.). You can have a multiselect picklist for each row that lists the vendors you would want to have quote on those parts. Your workflow would be:

Create Master RFQ -> Define parts & Vendors (managed Items) -> Request Quote (Spawn new RFQ's for each vendor selected in the multiselect picklist)


Currently this is possible in the grid tab, but the item field can only pull from one workspace whereas the managed items tab can pull from multiple based on the relationships defined.



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Pivot value update

Status: Comments Requested
by Active Contributor adminplm360 on ‎06-18-2013 08:21 AM

If I change the pivot value in Work Space A is not updated in Work Space B until I actually change the derived field  into another value. The derived field will change but the pivot wont.


I would like that the pivot value updates as the derived value does


Attached is how is happening right now.



Status: Comments Requested
This is part of the feature spec for derived fields, that is to provide options on how changes propagate. The currently functionality is defined that updates are only performed on explicit update/edit by the user. There are plans to add additional functionality to allow updates to propagate without user action. I'll add this idea Station request to our feature requirements to make sure this behavior is covered correctly.
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We use product descriptors to select the correct record using filtered picklists. If the downstream data changes, the filtered picklist in another workspace does not update. For example, for a Product Release, there are two descriptors - name and year. The release is used in an offering that can have 3 states - Started, Active, Frozen. The name can change over time. If the name is changed in the original Product Name workspace, the changed name does not appear in the Product Release pick list that has the descriptors Name, Year.
There are some instances where we would like the descriptor not to change, for example, when the status of the offering is Frozen, we would like to see the descriptors at the time when the product was active. If the Offering is in Started status, the descriptors in the Product Release should update to the current values.

Note: Per Jared, currently under development.
Status: Future Consideration
This is an interesting request. It looks like you have communicated with Jared. We will add this to our future enhancement list, and connect with Jared.
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