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Looking for the ability to deliver content (Blog, Announcements, Reports etc) for users on their home page.  Perhaps a section that is admin controlled and can be filled with mutliple types of content.  Could fit in with the social concepts kicked around, however then it would require the Admins being able to set users to follow this content.  We are facing the issue of keeping a lasting place of issue resolutions, announcements, and updates for our users inside of PLM 360.  We could do it through email or in a workspace, but both lack to this would be visibility upon opening PLM 360.   

Status: Accepted
Hi Matt, This is a good idea. We will add this to our feature list. Thanks, Trung
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PLM360 is proving to be a great tool for us in support of new idea mangement, project selection and project management. But one other piece could make all the difference...


A communication tool. Something where we could share quick notes or a chat with teammates in a project community. Perhaps being able to "watch" an item for new comments, specific conversations regarding that item that are happing everyday on some level. The daily notifications are helpful but a section of the homepage or a seperate window that could be kept open that displays "live" data would be fantastic.


The goal, replace all project specific communication now taking place in e-mail. Facilitate and store this communication within an item and display all "watched" item communications on my homepge / dashboard.



Status: Comments Requested
Hi dnaugle, We appreciate your ideas and inputs. We will add this to our feature list. Thank you, Trung
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We would like the ability to establish default or role-based configuration of a user's dashboard, so that pre-selected charts are displayed upon login and we don't have to provide instructions to each and every user about how they should set up their dashboard.


One should also be able to configure which areas are expanded or collapsed by default on a user's dashboard page.




Status: Accepted
HI Michael, This is an interesting request. I need a little bit more details. 1. The administrator will need to set all the different views. For example if there are 10 groups, 10 setups will be require. 2. Who will determine which groups require which dashboard view for the different charts. For example if sales, you will need to activate Sales Quote, Customer, RFQ, Tasks and Projects. 3. How will you handle the scalability and maintenance. If you have 200+ users, you will need to determine each time you add a new users to know which category and what groups that belong to. 4. What if there's overlapping? Or certain individuals require additional charts, do you allow access, or the administrator will need to add the requirements. This feature request sound good, but we need to understand how to manage the roles/groups and scalability for big accounts. thanks, Trung
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Please can you look into increasing the number of links that can be added to this area

There is a lot of wasted space that can be utilised here

Another 2 graphs each side of each row can be added, adding another 12 without changing the aspect of the dashboard.

At the moment this is just wasted space that i certainly can utilise

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My dashboard chart views

Status: Future Consideration
by Contributor RBocox on ‎01-17-2014 04:05 PM

In my dashboard, I have several charts that I have created and would like to see them as I have rotated or have performed slice movements.

The problem is that when I get the charts looking like I want them, they return to their normal 3D un-sliced and un-rotated views once closed. Therefore, when I want to view them at a future time, "like daily" I have to once again rotate & slice it to my liking and changing percentages or numbers etc.


Is there a way to save the view of the chart within my dashboard so that I don't have to go through this every time I open a chart?

Status: Future Consideration
Hi Rbocox, We appreciate you submitting this request. After reviewing, we will add this to our future enhancement list. thank, Trung
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Resize Thumbnails

Status: Accepted
by gskreft on ‎04-15-2013 07:39 AM

It would be nice if the software automatically resized the thumbnails in the table display view.  We accidentally uploaded full resolution images and not scaled down versions.  When we went to the table view the software downloaded each of the 200 4mb images and nearly locked up the web browser.

Status: Accepted
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As a user of PLM360 I would like to add more Objects or "Information" to the home page.


Today you are limeted to the objects displayed to you by default.

I can not add my Calender, Mail, Social Media to the page to make this my
personal desktop for my day by day business.



Status: Future Consideration
HI Klaus, This is a very good request. The suggestions your provided make good sense. We will take this into consideration, and add to our list of future enhancements. thanks, Trung
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At the moment its very easy to flood the 'My Outstanding Work' area of the home page with Items which aren't actually related to the user. It devalues the use of the 'My Outstanding Work' section & over time conditions the user to ignore it all together.


I understand there are ways to control this. However, it needs to be dramatically simplified, i.e: achieving this behaviour without the need for scripting.

Status: Comments Requested
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Add a bookmark via scriptiing

Status: Future Consideration
by Valued Contributor Bill.Bogan on ‎09-25-2013 10:02 AM

I would like to use scripting to "spawn" a bookmark on newly created items and push it to the usersdashboard.


Is that possible? I don't see a script that looks like a candidate for that use.




Status: Future Consideration
This is an interesting request. At this time you will have to manually pin the bookmark to the dashboard. We will take this into consideration.
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Set ACL for Workspace Fields

Status: Solution Provided
by Employee on ‎11-18-2012 05:50 PM

It would be a nice feature to set a specific field that can only be accessed by specific groups and restrict other groups from seeing this field.  e.g. Cost


Allowing external suppliers access to Items/BOMs but not seeing the Cost Field

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