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The below picture shows an error message when I'm trying to change the state of some files. It's good but it shows 1 error at a time. This should be the complete non-compliant list so that I can use the Print Preview tool and see the entire list of affected files. SO far I have done this 4 times and I'm sure there are more non-compliant errors to come.


While I know the problem is caused by me (in this case I have the option to only allow the state change if all children are released), this request is just a helpful tool to list the affected files so that I can then work on them.



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Circular Reference Warning

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by Valued Mentor on ‎07-22-2014 08:47 AM

Have Vault warn users that a circular reference exists when checking in documents, at the very least.

Currently, I can check-in documents with a circular reference.  No warning appears, and the 'Uses' tab displays incorrectly the relationships.


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2015 Thin Client Office viewer

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by Contributor dmiller on ‎07-19-2014 05:26 PM

I couldn't find an existing solution or idea so here it is:


I'd like to use the thin client for users that don't or shouldn't have rights to the actual MS Office file (Word, Excel and Powerpoint).  The current 2015 implementation requires the user to download the file and view locally with Office or another desktop viewer.  I'd like it to work like it does for DWF and PDF files...opening another browser window and viewing the file in that window.  Downloading the file bypasses the security and allows users save it locally.  We have had situations where the user would use the local file and not realize there is an updated one available.  We currently publish PDFs to a read-only server share for this purpose.  I would like to replace the share with the thin client but am reluctant to do so with its current implementation.


So that my needs don't override others needs this should be configurable.  I've seen other ideas here that would like to differentiate users' ability to access the master file.  This is related to my request.


If I am missing a something in the configuration that would let me do this, please let me know.



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The following has been copied from my discussion on the Vault forum and it was suggested that i put it here:


I was thinking that it would be nice if the comments on the Vault check in was automatically updated with the revision history (for the current revision).


For example;

check out drawing.dwg


update rev history - eg. Diameter dim added

check-in drawing.dwg

- at the bottom of the check-in splash screen the comments section is automatically populated with Diameter dim added


Is this possible? perhaps with a bit of ilogic? - its all to easy to just click through the screen and not add any comments!

on thinking further......perhaps adding a button on the Vault Check-In dialog to allow you to update with the rev history if desired would be better.
- I guess sometimes you may not want to update with the rev history, if you check out to amend a typo for example.

The reason I thought an option might be nice to choose whether or not to add the info from the rev table is that i thought there may some repetition in the comments (for the different versions) that isn't neccessary. If for instance a drawing is revised to change the length of a part and add a note. The rev history would say:

Rev Description
B Length changed & note added

When checked in the comments would update with: Length changed & note added

Then once checked in you realise that you've made a small typo (in the note), so you check out, correct, check in - wouldnt you want the comment to be: typo amended, and not Length & note added?

Guess what I'm trying to say is it would be nice to perhaps differentiate between rev change and version change....

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Plotting with Dwg Page setups

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by Mentor on ‎07-17-2014 10:06 AM

If a page setup exists in the drawing, I would think that is what you would see when you select "page setups" when batch plotting from Vault.

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different Icons for Links

Status: New Idea
by hans_hydrac on ‎07-14-2014 11:19 PM

Icons from Links should be similar to windows links. (the small Arrow)

In my example the Designs-Folder







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When you add drawings to the Batch Plot list, they are immediately downloaded to C:\Temp

However, while the files are being downloaded, a user cannot do any other operation in the vault and must therefore wait until the download has been completed until they can configure and then submit their plot job.  Instead, the vault should only download the files after the user has submitted their job and this way, they can configure their plot job quickly and the download can happen in the background while they go back to work.




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Would like to have an administrator option to force a date watermark to be printed on drawings when printed from the thin client. Where I work we have to keep track of all controlled documents, but it is states in our policies that once a drawing is printed from vault, it is no longer controlled. Well we have come into problems where manufacturing are printing out drawings months ahead of time and missing crucial revisions and we have no way of knowing when the prints they are using were printed from vault.


Water mark only needs to be along the edge of the printing area and to contain the day, month, and year.

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I'd really like to see a short cut (read additional ribbon icon/command) to toggle the Vault check out option of Include Children. It would really save some time in having to navigate to it just to do a toggle.



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It would be nice to have a two additional buttons in the new standard file dialog box. The first one would be "save and edit document". This would allow me to create a new document in the Vault and immediately start working on it. Currently after I create a document I have to check it out before I can work on it. Perhaps you can also add a check box at the bottom of the new standard file dialog which would allow me to immediately check out the new file after creation.


A second button would be "save and create new standard file". This will allow me to create an number of standard files in one session without restarting the create new standard file.

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