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PDF Publishing

Status: Under Review
by Contributor m.numberger on ‎06-20-2012 10:26 PM



i think Autodesk should integrate automatic PDF-Publishing into Vault (2D-PDF) like the DWF-Publishing.


The DWF is more powerful and Autodesk want to spread it with force, but there are some reasons for the PDF format:


- PDF is an ISO-Standard, DWF not.

- You can open DWF only on Windows, there is no DesignReview form MAC or Linux.

- The DWF-Viewer works only on prozessores with SSE2, PDF-Viewer are running everywhere.

- Everybody has installed an PDF-Viewer, DesignReview normaly nobody without Autodesk Products.


Best regards




Status: Under Review
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When i use "Copy Design" i always need to use the second Command rename with "numbering scheme".


Can you change the Copy Design Dialog with build in Auto File Numbering. So i can  do it all with one Command. 

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Vault must check if the file is locked or not before asking to check out.


If the file is locked => don't ask, just open-it read only.

If the file is not locked => ask if you want to check out.


Thanks in advance.

Status: Under Review
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When creating and working with lifecycle states, I want to be an environment like this...



Something with boxes and arrows that I can drag around.  I graphical approach like this is easier to work with and provide an easy way to see how files get routed through the entire lifecycle.


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Rollback Revision Increment

Status: Future Consideration
by Valued Contributor jeff.noel on ‎07-25-2012 12:44 PM



If a user accidently makes a change state of a model from Released to Work In Progress, it will increment the revision, and then leave us with no way to go back to the previous revision.  I understand why you would do this, as we shouldn't be going backwards with Revisions, so I don't believe every user should have access to this functionality, but an Administrator should be able to override the Revision if they determined there was a mistake made and we need to go backwards.



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Improvements to Job Processor/Job Server

Status: Implemented
by Board Manager ihayesjr on ‎06-15-2012 07:53 AM

Please redesign the Job Processor so it doesn't open and close Inventor/AutoCAD for each and every job it performs, its highly inefficient and slow as a sloth. It should only open and close Inventor if it needs to change the project file. But I assume it just uses the Vault project file set in Vault Options.

Status: Implemented
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Don't Let the Job Processor Consume an Inventor License

Status: Future Consideration
by *Expert Elite* on ‎06-21-2012 05:45 AM - last edited on ‎07-05-2012 11:25 AM by Board Manager ihayesjr

The job processor also pulls an Inventor license when it is processing Inventor files meaning that I can not have it running during business hours. To me there should be a method for it to update DWF files without consuming an Inventor license

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Recycle bin

Status: Future Consideration
by Active Contributor jbj on ‎07-17-2012 12:35 AM

Instead of permanently deleting files from vault, make a recycle bin type functionality in Vault.


Upon right clicking a folder, we should have the option to undelete the files (with dependents).


Emptying the recycle bin should be an administrative task

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Vault add-in for Inventor

Status: Accepted
by Distinguished Contributor DWhiteley on ‎09-06-2013 03:09 AM

Have the Vault panel bar as a separate dockable window like the iLogic browser. So that it is possible to view both the model and vault panel bars at the same time.


Also Auto-refresh the Vault status in the panel bar.


This will stop a lot of user errors on usingf the Vault, when they complain of overwriting models etc.


Users are under pressure to "get the job out", many times they don't even look at the Vault panel bar!


If it is easier to see the vault status and it is refreshed automatically, it will make the designers job a lot easier.

Status: Accepted
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Vault generated email customization

Status: Under Review
by *Expert Elite* on ‎06-21-2012 05:53 AM

The emails generated by Vault during lifecycle changes are basically useless as they are very vague and difficult to read. I want the ability to customize the email template including using properties in the subject and body of the email.


For example I'd love the subject of the email to be the <Change Order #> - <Current Status> and the body of the email to include the change order title and description


Status: Under Review

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