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I know that Vault has a drag and Drop for Excel, word and other files.  But no AutoCAD drawings.


I know that AutoCAD has to associate the drawings and locations of those drawings via Xrefs etc.


But if there is no associated drawings to the specific drawing you want to place inside Vault.  You should be able to support a Drag and Drop command for the drawing.



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Eric, you can drag and drop AutoCAD files if you turn off the "Disable Check In of Design Files" option in the Vault Settings dialog.
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Drawing compare

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by Valued Mentor on ‎08-23-2012 10:33 AM

Would like to see drawing compare added back into Vault. This was part of Design Review several years ago and it allowed you to overlay two .idw's and it would identify the differences. This was removed in about the 2008/2009 release of Vault/Design Review. It was similar to the BOM compare. did work. We often need to compare the .idw's attached to an item from one revision to another. We lost alot when this feature left.


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I have seen an example of how the shortcut for the web client can include a windows authentication login to automatically log that person in.  It would be useful to have a way to push the credentials of a local vault account through the Web client log in process.

Mark Cloyed

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You can push the Server name and Vault through the web URL but we would have no idea who the user is on the other side.
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Add method to Show/Hide option/filter for Vault file status icons in Inventor Model Browser

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Why do you want to hide the status icons?
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I think it could be usefull if tou add a field in custom property definition so administrator could specify a regular expression to validate user Input.

In this way administrators could quite easily define a field in wich user can insert olny text properly formatted.

For example a code in the format AA-NNN in which AA can be one of ME, EL, PN, BU and NNN can be a number from 000 to 999


I know regular expression are not very known nor very easy to understand, but for this cases this would be very useful.



Status: Solution Provided
Autodesk Vault Data Standard permits administrators to configure data entry requirements including format, create rules and predefined list values. Vault Data Standard can be downloaded from subscription center.
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When opening a file from Inventor, you can choose released or non-released biased. But when opening directly by double-click on a file in Vault Explorer, you can choose.


I propose to add an option (user choice) to choose the default option.

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I'd like to see an addition to the Vault/File Status tab for a shortcut method to CHECK OUT INCLUDING ALL CHILDREN. Many times a day a have to go through the process of Vault/File Status/Options/Check Out Dialog/Settings/Include children and then the same again to turn the setting off.



Status: Solution Provided
Brendan, in Vault 2014 we have redesigned the Checkout dialog and it is much easier to perform what you are requesting with fewer clicks. When you upgrade to that release please give it a try and see if this addresses this request. If it doesn't update this idea and I will change the status.
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View Only user account

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by Distinguished Contributor donovan.cox on ‎02-04-2014 07:10 AM

In Vault Workgroup and Professional add a View only User account that does not have get permissions in the Vault client.


It could be called Document Viewer. 

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Why not have this user use the Thin Client in Read-Only mode for Vault Pro?
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Vault copy design desperately needs a copy and replace function built in. I'm working with a very large assembly (1,000 or so different parts) and I have to rename each component manually. There is a feature to add Prefix and Suffix but there is no feature to remove the previous prefix or suffix.  Furthermore, I spent 4+ hours renaming every part only to have the copy design fail.  There should be some way to save the copy design before executing.  A simple find and replace feature would save me hours and hours. 

Status: Solution Provided

Find Replace is something already in the product - 2015 R2 also has this functionality in addition to auto file numbering.


We are additionally looking at how to save copy design configurations to address issues with execution and reuse.

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When copying a design with a prefix or suffix you have to individually then delete the existing prefix or suffix to then apply the new one this is simply painstaking. The prefix suffix should have a replace function so you can enter the old then enter the new one done.

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