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New Web Client: Download All Files

Status: Accepted
by Valued Mentor ‎05-21-2014 09:13 AM - edited ‎05-21-2014 09:14 AM

I don't think this functionality is part of the new web client.

We need the ability to download a drawing file, and all 'children' or reference files associated to the parent file.

Status: Accepted
Why would you be doing this through the web client and not the thick client or the design application?
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Send To option with associated files of items

Status: Accepted
by *Expert Elite* on ‎05-21-2014 07:45 AM

With a file you can drag-and-drop onto your desktop or into an email making it extremely easy to send PDF's and other type files to someone else. However with the associated files of an item no such option exists. You need to "go to folder" and then drag it into the email.


I'm proposing either opening up the new Item modeless dialog to allow me to drag-and-drop files onto my desktop or into my email or adding a "send to" type feature where I could right-click the associated file and send it to an email



Status: Accepted
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Improved Vault Users & Groups Managment

Status: Accepted
by Andrew1307 on ‎05-20-2014 09:38 AM

As it currently stands it is not possible to delete users and groups within Autodesk Vault. 


This is a problem. I understand Autodesk's stance on that the users need to be retained for historical reasons, however the management side of things needs to be improved. 


For example I created a group and users that were never used. Why can't I delete them? Objects that were never used should be allowed to be deleted. Also as the database grows and users are hired and terminated, the list will grow to an unmanageable mess.


What has happened to me is that I am in the middle of implementing Vault for my company. When I first set it up I created users. However, since then we have switched to a Domain and have now imported the Domain users and groups to use. Now I have groups and users that have never been used that I have no way of deleting or using for anything else. 


I have found blogs and forum posts suggesting that users be diabled and renamed so that they are sorted appropriately. This is a hack solution at best and not a real solution to the problem. 


As I see it two things need to happen:


1. Unused users and groups need to be allowed to be deleted. 

2. There needs to be additional options and sorting methods for used users and groups that are no longer active. ie. Once they are disabled they are moved to a different list and only retained for historical purposes. 

Status: Accepted
Can you provide some examples of other software applications that you would consider having a really good user management interface?
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We strongly protest Autodesk’s move to give access to web users to see and accidentally download and use obsolete drawings as it would cause major issues and conflicts.


We want a way to turn this feature on and off

Status: Accepted
Are you referring to old released revisions of the drawing in an Item?
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Sometimes user needs to purge one particular version of Item.

Instead command available only to administarator and harms all the history.

This causes situation like this -

Please make command available for users and add some options to choose between (at least user should have ability to brawse what he deletes before he will accept the action).

Status: Accepted
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Better Engineering Change Order Dialog

Status: Accepted
by hans_hydrac on ‎05-13-2014 11:51 PM

-Make Detaildescription (1) higher and Properties (2) lower.


Now when i change the height of the window, the height from the Propertiesfield (2) is also changed.

It would be better if the height of the Detaildescription (1) is changed and not the Propertiesfield (2).




Status: Accepted
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When Installing Vault Server it'd be nice to have the prechecks ran before the Serial and configuration page


Things such as the IIS, ASPX, Firewall prechecks etc


The SQL Checks would need to stay where they are. 

Status: Accepted
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Color Code Worklist by State

Status: Accepted
by chad.salmela on ‎05-10-2014 12:18 PM

We would love to see the worklist color coded by state. Customizing the colors so we could pick what color was assigned to each state would be fantastic. But basically the idea would be to highlight each item in the worklist by state. So for example you red could be assigned to all change orders that have been approved and are needing effectivity to be set and closed.


I appologize for my coloring skills but here is what it might look like.



Status: Accepted
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Placeholder for new drawings

Status: Accepted
by Contributor BrotherkennyhDWR on ‎05-01-2014 02:10 AM


When a user checks out version 3 of a file, for example, the vault creates the version 4 as kind of a placeholder for when the file is checked back in. Other users see that version 4 is checked out to that user.


For me it would be handy to be able to extend this functionality to new drawings. For Example, when a user creates a new drawing and saves it when using a vault project, the vault creates the placeholder for version 1 in the same way it does for existing vault drawings.

This would be handy to see what other users are working on, prevent potential issues where users could both use the same file name before first check in.


Any thoughts would be appreciated.





Status: Accepted
Kenny we do provide this ability when you use Vault Data Standard if you start by creating the files within the Vault client.
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The thin client would be great on all devices and OSes if the DWF would render like it does with the other 360 products. 


The thin client would be great on the users Mac or Tablet if the DWF was rendered server side like with all 360 platforms.

Status: Accepted
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