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I believe Vault should allow a user somehow to be able to move files from different folders into a similar folder all at once. It would be convenient to conduct a search and be able to move all the related files into a folder of choice. Right now Vault has a restriction where you can only move files that are in the same folder. This might be a difficult request for Vault to accomplish, but I think would be well worth it. Please consider.

Status: Accepted
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At my point, it miss the ability to go from the software file directly to the same file in the vault explorer.


It would be perfect to be able to right click in the navigator/explorator of the software where we are working right now to directly have the vault explorer open and the same file selected. Or, at least, visible.


You can actually open a file from vault but not the other way.





Status: Accepted
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Can you add a message when accessing Tools/administration/Vault settings or Global settings.


The content of the message:

Information: You don't have administrator right, some options are not accessible.


Thanks in advance.

Status: Accepted
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I'd like to see the Copy Design To window (called Select Vault Location) to have a list the same as My Shortcuts in Vault Explorer. Would save quite a bit of digging into directories.



Status: Accepted
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Web Based ADMS

Status: Accepted
by Employee on ‎07-13-2012 04:03 PM
It would be great to have a web based ADMS console. This would help companies where ITdoesnt let anyone have remote access to servers.
Status: Accepted
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Starting a folder structure for a new project in Vault can be a timely process. From reproducing the folder structure, and in particular having to manually assign permissions to the newly created project structure.



Not having this feature has a significant impact on the process for starting a new project, particularly one which has a somewhat complex folder structure.

Due to this product limitation, it might actually put users/clients off from using Vault in the first place if there is such a time consuming project startup administration process.






Roll the Autodesk Vault 'Clone Structure' Add-in from Autodesk Consulting in as a permanent feature in Vault to aid in speeding up the project startup process.

Status: Accepted
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What would be a great option, is to have permissions per user with the Web Client.

Based on these new permissions, certain users can or can not 'download' the document from the web client.


If they don't have permission to download, then they can only view the DWFx of the 'design file'.

If they do have this permission, the 'download' option is available.


Status: Accepted
How would you setting this on and individual basis? Keep in mind that currently you can only set permissions in the thick client and the common procedure is setting rules/permissions at the group level and not the user level.
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In the bottom right of the window you have a more button for showing the next page of objects, and you have to click several times depending on what the threshold is set to on ADMS,  I wish for a "Show All" button so the clients can quickly see everything in a folder. I would like this on Change orders, Items, and Folders.



Status: Accepted
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Send hyperlink of a folder via email

Status: Accepted
by Valued Contributor jdow on ‎05-08-2013 07:41 AM

A customer of ours has the following request...

Send hyperlink of a vault folder via email option.

Instead of having to send a hyperlink for each file, just allowing one for the folder they reside in would be a simple less intensive process.


Thanks for the consideration.

Status: Accepted
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Improved Vault Users & Groups Managment

Status: Accepted
by Andrew1307 on ‎05-20-2014 09:38 AM

As it currently stands it is not possible to delete users and groups within Autodesk Vault. 


This is a problem. I understand Autodesk's stance on that the users need to be retained for historical reasons, however the management side of things needs to be improved. 


For example I created a group and users that were never used. Why can't I delete them? Objects that were never used should be allowed to be deleted. Also as the database grows and users are hired and terminated, the list will grow to an unmanageable mess.


What has happened to me is that I am in the middle of implementing Vault for my company. When I first set it up I created users. However, since then we have switched to a Domain and have now imported the Domain users and groups to use. Now I have groups and users that have never been used that I have no way of deleting or using for anything else. 


I have found blogs and forum posts suggesting that users be diabled and renamed so that they are sorted appropriately. This is a hack solution at best and not a real solution to the problem. 


As I see it two things need to happen:


1. Unused users and groups need to be allowed to be deleted. 

2. There needs to be additional options and sorting methods for used users and groups that are no longer active. ie. Once they are disabled they are moved to a different list and only retained for historical purposes. 

Status: Accepted
Can you provide some examples of other software applications that you would consider having a really good user management interface?
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