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When using the Change Order process, the document Properties are not mapped to the Change Order Process (ie. Checker, Approver, Date approved, ECN number into Rev Box on Drawing etc) and so do not refresh during document sign off process.  This means lots of manual input required by the Users which is open to mistakes.  The whole point of a software driven system it to reduce mistakes by doing the manual input for you.  Please rectify Autodesk! 


Also on a similar theme, why can’t the change order process automatically change the Lifecycle state of the file (i.e Work In Progress, In Review, Released etc).  Again, too much manual input required.

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Improved Inventor iLogic Management

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by *Expert Elite* on ‎11-22-2013 03:53 PM

I would like Vault to manage external iLogic rules that are called by Inventor ipts/iams/idws. 


These rules are programming code that can affect model geometry, iproperties and drawing views.  External rules are saved out to a directory visible to the Inventor project file.  By placing them in a directory, it is very easy to share them among different Inventor files and users.  If an external rule is edited and re-run on the Inventor file, the Inventor file will change.


Users can add the external rules to Vault using the stand-alone client, but the Inventor Vault Add-in does not see the dependency between the external rules and the Inventor file.  If another user, possibly at a remote site, downloads the Inventor file from vault, Vault does not know to bring the external rules too.  Users must remember to grab the latest copy of the external rule directory.


Vault should track these file dependencies. The rule files should be subject to the same revision and lifecycle control as any other file in Vault.  Users should be able to perform all of the typical Vault commands on these files from the Inventor browser.



for a discussion of the current system.





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More Intuitive Error Messages

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by *Expert Elite* on ‎03-29-2013 06:38 AM

Can we please be a little more descriptive in the error messages?

I get a message that tells me I cannot move a specific file in the vault from one location to another.

The message reads "File Cannot be moved"  looking at the details it says "File could not be moved due to vault error"

Really?  Why couldn't it have explained to the detail of saying one of the factory files was checked out causing this file not to be moved.  This is just one example.  I would like to see all messages be a little more descriptive.


Side note.  I would like to see less messages as well.  That is more of how the software is written though.

Probably a different idea for a different day.  :smileyhappy:

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Compare Two items with one another

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by *Expert Elite* on ‎03-06-2014 12:42 PM


I would like the posibility to mark two items and "compare" between them. 

The result will be the difference in different colors for properties and title or description.




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copy paste properties between items

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by *Expert Elite* on ‎03-06-2014 12:44 PM

Many times is much easier to copy paste content from one item to another in the properties.

Is it possible to do that? Today I can copy paste "title" or "decription" . 

This needs to be extended to properties also.



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In the bottom right of the window you have a more button for showing the next page of objects, and you have to click several times depending on what the threshold is set to on ADMS,  I wish for a "Show All" button so the clients can quickly see everything in a folder. I would like this on Change orders, Items, and Folders.



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Download blocking

Status: Comments Requested
by kevin.park on ‎12-17-2013 08:42 PM

Wish for new role or permission.

If Just can see all file list and preview but blocked downloading files.

Or if  I can control to block donwloading, it will be good.

for example, some groups in workflow need to be allowed to see all file trees and preview but download of design files should be blocked.


How can I set this?


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This is something else that seems like a bit of an after thought... I'm going to predict this won't be voted up as a tiny minority of Vault users will ever use this area of the software, but it's rubbish and needs improving, so here goes:


1) A GUI for editing the email template is required.  The email sent out by notification is extremely user unfriendly, unsightly, unprofessional and it would make the world of difference if this could be editable.  I don't mean an Autodesk controlled level of customisation either, I mean provide full HTML editing capability with the option of including property information and hyperlink control.

2) When adding additional recipients into the email notification, this needs to reference active directory.  There's no reason why it can't.  When I want to add someone within my organisation to the email list, I shouldn't have to type in their full email address "".

3) A tick box option to control whether or not an email is sent on a specific ECO transition, rather than a black & white it's on or off setting which is currently how it works.  Most people only give a toot about the ECO being raised, they don't really need to be told every time it moves from one state to the next.  I get that this is to prompt someone that work is to be done, but more flexibility would be nice.

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Enhance Edit Routing window

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by Valued Contributor gary.belisle on ‎11-01-2013 01:59 PM

In the Edit Routing window, please add columns for user first name and last name in both the "Change Order participants" grid and the "Routing participants" grid. We import domain users and the user name is not a person's actual name. (see attached image). This does not make for an intuitive interface for the users. Please make the window resizable too.



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I would like to have controls over the types of files that the Job Processor creates visualisation files for (DWF's).


I use the CC for about 50% of the parts in an assy and I have the visualisation files created on Lifecycle change to Released. I don't need visualisation files (DWF) to be generated for Bolted Connections, placed Content Centre files (standard or custom), Frame Generator files and such. I have no need to see DWF's of these or to supply them to another user. And the assy DWF file doesn't need the child DWF's either. It's just clogging up an already taxed Job Processor machine.

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