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I run into this almost daily. Someone accidentally moves a file to another folder in the Vault. We should always be prompted if you really want to move the file or not.

Status: Accepted
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I'm astonished this wasn't an obviously necessary feature, however here is something that should be added to Vault change orders;


When setting up routing for change orders, groups need the ability to be added to the routing.


As of right now, only individual users can be added. The reason this is terrible is because if the vault has been integrated into active directory, vault admins are still required to manually change the routing when domain users are changed around.


IF groups can be added to routing, then vault admins can leave the domain permissions up to the IT department and there will not be a need to change the ECO routing every week because of domain changes.

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Email reminder for checked out files

Status: Accepted
by Contributor krystianwiatr on ‎11-05-2013 08:17 AM

I found this post on the forum:


that was back in 2008, and as far as I know there is still nothing like this available. I think it would really help manage vault files.




"I think it would be useful if PS would email users if they have a checked out file in Vault that has been checked out for more than X number of days/weeks etc without any activity (new checkin). I've found some people purposely or accidentally checkout a file and forget about it.
I tried having them create a saved search, but it needs to be more of a "in the face" reminder.

It could also be a popup when you login that says something like... "you have X number of files that have been checked out for X number of days, would you like to checkin the files now?" Granted this may be tougher since you will have to use Inventor to do the actual checkin."



Status: Accepted
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We strongly protest Autodesk’s move to give access to web users to see and accidentally download and use obsolete drawings as it would cause major issues and conflicts.


We want a way to turn this feature on and off

Status: Accepted
Are you referring to old released revisions of the drawing in an Item?
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2015 Thin Client Office viewer

Status: New Idea
by Contributor dmiller on ‎07-19-2014 05:26 PM

I couldn't find an existing solution or idea so here it is:


I'd like to use the thin client for users that don't or shouldn't have rights to the actual MS Office file (Word, Excel and Powerpoint).  The current 2015 implementation requires the user to download the file and view locally with Office or another desktop viewer.  I'd like it to work like it does for DWF and PDF files...opening another browser window and viewing the file in that window.  Downloading the file bypasses the security and allows users save it locally.  We have had situations where the user would use the local file and not realize there is an updated one available.  We currently publish PDFs to a read-only server share for this purpose.  I would like to replace the share with the thin client but am reluctant to do so with its current implementation.


So that my needs don't override others needs this should be configurable.  I've seen other ideas here that would like to differentiate users' ability to access the master file.  This is related to my request.


If I am missing a something in the configuration that would let me do this, please let me know.



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Copy Design with Auto File Numbering

Status: Implemented
by mziegler on ‎06-20-2012 02:49 AM

When i use "Copy Design" i always need to use the second Command rename with "numbering scheme".


Can you change the Copy Design Dialog with build in Auto File Numbering. So i can  do it all with one Command. 

Status: Implemented

Auto Numbering implemented in 2015 R2 version of Copy Design

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Hide item or file option for change orders

Status: New Idea
by dcoulam3 on ‎06-11-2014 07:39 AM

For those who have established an item lifecycle workflow through change orders (that was the only option a few years ago), the ability to hide or make secondary the file selection option would be helpful.  As soon as files made their appearance, they became the default when adding records to a change order. 

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I would like to see the ability to make a group an ECO Approver. Creating routing lists would be a lot easier if we could have approval groups set up for our departments that need to approve ECO's.


We would like to use "Unanimous Approval" but it can be tough, because an ECO can get held up if someone is out one day, or on vacation. Approval groups could be set up so that as long as someone from the group approves, the ECO can move on. Vault could still record who did the actual approval, but it wouldn't have to be just one specific person.

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New Web Client: Download All Files

Status: Accepted
by Valued Mentor ‎05-21-2014 09:13 AM - edited ‎05-21-2014 09:14 AM

I don't think this functionality is part of the new web client.

We need the ability to download a drawing file, and all 'children' or reference files associated to the parent file.

Status: Accepted
Why would you be doing this through the web client and not the thick client or the design application?
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With the new updated Thin(web) client using the magnifying glass I can easily see both the thumbnail preview and the DWF Visualization file. However this window is fixed in size and too small making it difficult to properly view the DWF file. I know I can right-click and "Open with DWF Application" but I shouldn't have to.


This window should be changed to that... .

  • I can resize the Window (and it remembers my size)
  • have this window open much larger
  • provide a maximize button that makes the window full screen


Status: Implemented
In the 2015 release, this will now open in a new tab full browser size.
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