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Item Classification

Status: New Idea
by Contributor mbrandwijk on ‎10-29-2014 04:46 AM

Any idea when item classification capabilities are coming into vault Pro?


items can be devided in to item categories and product groups. To idenitify an item within the group structure information must be added to the item  with specific characteristics. So each item has a summery of differtentiated characteristics


the characteristics attached to an item are depending on the productgroup code. So for every possible value in the productgroupcode a different set of characteristics is defined.


The characteristics in combination with the Item category and Productgroup code can be used to find a specific item. 




Item Category    =             Axle

Product Group    =            Steering Axle


               Trackwidth                    =             1995 mm

               Springtrack                    =             730 mm

               Load                              =             120 kN

               breakdiameter                =             300 mm



Item Category    =             Hydraulic coupling

Product Group    =             screw coupling


               Pipediam              =             15 mm

               Persure serial        =             L

               Thread                  =             M18x1,5

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The following files already exist

Status: New Idea
by Contributor Fori123 on ‎12-09-2014 01:53 PM

It would be benefical to users if the vault path was dispayed when they receive the error The following files already exist in the vault and cannot be added due to restrictions. Displaying the vault path would quickly allow users to isolate certain directories in vault.

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Saved searches need to be saved on Vault server (global) not locally on client (xml).



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Add the abililty to place a link or shortcut into the Vault.

It would be helpful to allow the 'link' of large point cloud data to Vault documents, without having the large point cloud data be imported into the Vault.

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create Item Folders

Status: New Idea
by Valued Contributor mario.lung on ‎12-17-2014 03:57 AM



Lets make that can Create Item Folders 

handle some Item Categories 








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Vault Open > Update Properties

Status: New Idea
by *Expert Elite* on ‎10-06-2014 05:51 AM

I understand this issue is already with the product dev team, but as it still hasn't happened and made it through to RTM software, I think it should be formally logged here.


I've had to instruct and be quite strict on users in that they're under no circumstances allowed to open any CAD drawing/file/model directly from Vault.  So no right clicking on files in Vault and using 'Open'.  Why?


Two reasons.  The first was that the files opened using Released Bias settings.  That was resolved in Vault 2015, but not quite enough to make it usable.


Second reason is that properties are not synchronised during the open, so title blocks & iProperties don't update during the open.  It can be manually updated after the open but I have too many users to expect this to always be done.  


Please offer the property sync on Open through Vault.  This happens when opening via the CAD client, need it when opening from Vault.



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Basically we will use automatic backup scripts to backup Vault periodically, the problem is we don't know if the backup process succeeded or failed, so administrators are forced to log into the server to check the backup log now and then. It will be very helpful if vault can tell me this information, especially when it failed.

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Pop up notification

Status: New Idea
by jaywilliams on ‎12-09-2014 10:27 AM

How about a "Pop up" notification to an inventor user that their local files have become out of date.  Similar to how ACAD notifies you when an external reference needs updating.  Suggest this be a feature that could be enabled by setting a polling interval.  Disable by setting to "0"   As of now a user has to conciously refresh and look at the Vault Browser.

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Navisworks if great for comparing a historical and current model. It is not possible to load historical revisions from models to compare them to each other. On this moment you need to models with different names/file type to compare them.






Not having this feature has a significant impact on the process for comparing models during design phase, particularly one which has a somewhat complex or large modeling projects.

Due to this product limitation, it might actually put users off from using Vault in combination with Navisworks. 





Streamline the UI functionality between all Vault add-ins. The best example is AutoCAD with the ability to use shortcuts, saved searches from the dialog. And make it this way possible to use Revisions of a file to be loaded. By solving this the users know what to expect when opening files from Vault.





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In Vault Professional 2013, we could filter Item BOM rows using the column header filter:


2013 Filter.jpg


In Vault Professional 2015, someone has decided to completely remove this.  Why?? This is counter productive and I can't imagine anyone would ask for something useful and harmless to be removed.  Please reinstate this functionality ASAP.  I know the filter is available for standard system properties, but this is a custom UDP.  I'm also aware of the 'Group By' function but this was more convenient and user friendly.


2015 Filter.jpg

Status: Accepted
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