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Need "Vault Addin for Microsoft Office 2007" for the Vault client 2015 or higher.

There is a lot of company that have Microsoft Office 2007. Upgrading their MS Office software mean : cost & impact on other software compatility.



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i'm looking for an possibility to publish monochrome DWF from Inventor IDW during the Vault-Checking.


For the DWG-Files thats no problem (like this:

But i found no way to do this for Inventor 2D.


It seems that the API has this possibility with the option "All_Color_AS_Black   0" (from here:


But there is no option in the Vault-Publishing-Options. Please add it!





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Command FIND, add option "is not"

Status: New Idea
by HenkdeB on ‎01-21-2015 11:55 PM

Command FIND, add option "is not" (In Vault Basic)


I have to check the Inventor libraries if the PartNumber of the files in the library are not '_'.

We use this so we can easily reorder out Standard Parts to the top of the BOM in Inventor.

But this option is also very good useable to check if the Projectnumber for al the parts in a project is filled in correct.

Vault2014_Find_Option is not.jpg

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I have a unique request that I think would benefit many users.  I have a need to specify a criteria be met prior to a state change.  In my example, I need to have a particular property with a value before we can send a file to the next state.  This property is not mandatory until we reach this state, so the compliance flag is not displayed for this. 


The problem we experience occurs when someone forgets to fill in the required value and then tries to submit the file to the next state.  The resulting error message indicates that there is missing information, but is not specific as to the missing or unfulfilled criteria.  It would be very beneficial to have the error dialog indicate the particular criteria that failed.  If the user could see the property missing the value or something similar to direct them, it would be very useful.


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Delete Versions/revisions

Status: Accepted
by samuwihlman on ‎01-22-2015 04:09 AM



We have some drawings with rev c. Now one of our designers changed state of that file and now i have D-revision.


Now I should modify that C-revision because it hasn't gone out yet.


It would be nice feature to be able (as admin) to delete latest version/revision of files in vault.

Status: Accepted

The product development team is considering the feedback of the community and have implemented some of this feedback in the development pipeline. You are encouraged to join the Autodesk Vault beta program to get a view into what’s being implemented. We appreciate your feedback.



Younes Yammouri

Autodesk Vault Product Manager


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Add Variables for Searching

Status: New Idea
by *Expert Elite* on ‎12-18-2014 11:56 AM

Example, have the option to include [ME] as an option to find checked out docuemnts.

This way I can include this search with our deployment, and every user  will have it automatically and not have to create it.



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In the transitions between lifecycle states, by default when several properties criteria are used, they must default fulfilled all at once (AND behaviour).


Vault should have the option to use logic operators (AND, OR, XOR...) between the different properties used.


For example:
Category Name contains "Documents" OR "Technical"....


This feature would be very useful for security and control reasons.



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Autocad icon

Status: Future Consideration
by Contributor borre.hartviksen on ‎10-21-2014 07:19 AM

Please make the Autocad Icon different from the Inventor DWG Icon in Vault

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Vault Solidworks Add in

Status: New Idea
by *Expert Elite* on ‎10-31-2014 07:01 AM


Currently the vault add in in SW does not look for SW drawings on chek in assembly.

In Inventor you can but not in SW. 

The parts have drawings but Vault cant search for them. Today companies work with INV and SW togheter 

and when connected to Vault with different functionalities it creates a problem.

I hope someone in Vault Dev will do something with that. 




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Multiple BOM Views

Status: Accepted
by Valued Contributor nicgus on ‎10-30-2014 01:56 AM

We need to have the ability to Filter a Bom view in the vault ITEM Master depending on BOM Properties. To show for example, Engineering BOM, Purchase BOM, Spare Part BOM etc.

Status: Accepted
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