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A site is preparing to roll out Vault 2014 with the usage of the Thin Client, however this site current does not use Item Masters. Their Question which became a great idea was:


The possibility to “deactivate” (hide on a global level) the “Item Master” buttons in the Thin Client regardless of what permissions are given to the user; which could then be “activated” at a later date when Item Masters are used.


This would could help for sites that do not use this option in vault and would reduce the questions from end users on why how and what.

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What would be a great option, is to have permissions per user with the Web Client.

Based on these new permissions, certain users can or can not 'download' the document from the web client.


If they don't have permission to download, then they can only view the DWFx of the 'design file'.

If they do have this permission, the 'download' option is available.


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How would you setting this on and individual basis? Keep in mind that currently you can only set permissions in the thick client and the common procedure is setting rules/permissions at the group level and not the user level.
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Backup or Exporting My Search Folders

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by Distinguished Contributor miechh on ‎04-17-2014 02:46 AM

This is quite an annoying issue. I've created several Search Folders in Vault, which contain pretty complex search-parameters. Every time we migrate to a newer version of Vault (almost every year) I have to manually 'redesign' these search criteria... FOR EACH WORKSTATION THAT USES VAULT in our company!


It would be a great improvement of Vault Basic to incorporate a tool/function to export/backup AND import the search folders. Can't imagine other users don't think the same.

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Are you referring to Saved Searches?
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Edit Properties in 'Grid'

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by Valued Mentor on ‎04-07-2014 06:53 AM

Add an 'Edit Properties' button, which will then 'activate' the properties grid to modify any of the 'user defined' properties.

This will be in place of utilizing the 'wizard' to update properties.


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When starting Vault Explorer (all flavours) 2013/2014/2015. the loading splash screen stays on top of everything while Vault loads. There is no way to hide it. This means you can't look at or do anything else in windows while you wait for the application to load. Where it is particularly frustrating, is when an error message pops up on loading and ends up hidden behind the splash screen. The only way you can continue, is to click on the message box in the task bar, and then use "Alt+Spacebar+M" and the arrow keys or mouse, to move the error dialog out from behind the splash screen.


I believe this is a regression. I'm sure that this behaviour was not present in earlier releases, but I could be wrong. More importantly, it is inconsistent with every other Autodesk product I have used. Usually, while the application is loading, you can click somewhere other than the splash screen, and it will hide it behind the active window.





Status: Accepted
Thank you for posting this idea. We will look into what we can do for it.
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We have a series of part numbering schemes created over the last couple years.

When viewing the number schemes in the Creation Tool, they are listed in alphabetical order.

However, when actually using the number schemes to create new part numbers, they are listed in order of creation. (See snapshot.)

It would be good to see this list in alphabetical (alphanumeric) order.


Note: This same behavior is seen with the ECO routing list.


Item Number Scheme.gif

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Why is it you can import .xlsx and .csv files in certain Autodesk programs, but in Vault you cannot export out in these formats.

Well, these formats should be incorporated into the available export choices.

See the following thread.




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Can you add a message when accessing Tools/administration/Vault settings or Global settings.


The content of the message:

Information: You don't have administrator right, some options are not accessible.


Thanks in advance.

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I would like to see the ability to make a group an ECO Approver. Creating routing lists would be a lot easier if we could have approval groups set up for our departments that need to approve ECO's.


We would like to use "Unanimous Approval" but it can be tough, because an ECO can get held up if someone is out one day, or on vacation. Approval groups could be set up so that as long as someone from the group approves, the ECO can move on. Vault could still record who did the actual approval, but it wouldn't have to be just one specific person.

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PDF Preview - Thin Client

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by eurotainer on ‎03-19-2014 05:55 AM

It could be great to have a way to see the pdf before having to download it on the Thin Client.

Like a preview for the pdf.



Best Regards,

Guillaume Van Der Sypt

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Are you asking for it to open in the browser or a thumbnail image of the first page?

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