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establish a system, where known issue go directly to the customer (especially platinum users)

e.g. WorkgroupReplication.xml issues and things where we can easily improve our system like web.config tweaks.

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make vault - KVM Independent

Status: Future Consideration
by grzjoh48 on ‎09-20-2012 01:21 AM

a lot of things are dependant on the KVM.

If not everything would be saved there, moving of vaults would be a good effort to copy Production system to Quality system e.g. without using the same computer name.

in a normal network which is using active directory it is not possible to run 2 computers on the same name.

so there is no possibility now to bring the P system to a mirror to make tests.


it is urgently needed that such a process is implemented, since we have the need to test the vaults in Quality system with real data...


please think about this or provide tools, which correct user and groups after attaching a vault to a new KVM



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External data providers for UDP's

Status: Solution Provided
by *Expert Elite* | International Moderator on ‎06-19-2012 11:50 PM

Enable acces to external (SQL, Excel, etc.) value lists. Could be even multi-column.

Other way - create entity type "Table". Then fill it locally or from data source, and assign.

Status: Solution Provided
You should be able to do this with the Vault API and custom programming to use UDPs for external data entry.
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