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Index Block Attributes: Copy/Paste list of block names

Status: New Idea
by *Expert Elite* ‎09-03-2014 09:09 AM - edited ‎09-03-2014 09:11 AM

Have the ability to copy/paste mutliple block names in one quick step.

We have approx. 50+ title block names, and it is a tedious task to import the names.




Also, we have 'version numbers' in our block names, so this is a 'living' and 'ever changing' list.

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Force UDP on Upload to Vault

Status: Solution Provided
by Valued Mentor on ‎07-03-2014 06:36 AM

Unmapped UDP that are required, should have a form automatically available to users in all clients so that the UDPs can be populated when uploading.


For example, when adding a DWG to vault, and the Category requires UDPs for Project Number and Building Name, a form should appear in AutoCAD prior to upload to Vault.


Or, from the Web Client, upload a PDF, and the Category requires UDPs for Manager Name and Due Date, the web form includes the UDPs in the form prior to uploading the PDF.



Status: Solution Provided
This is available if you use the Data Standards utility.
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Ideas for plant integration impovements

Status: New Idea
by Distinguished Contributor donovan.cox on ‎06-16-2014 10:59 AM

When checking in a Project to Vault have the drawings and reference files linked to the project xml file as children. 


Also, and this might be an issue for the plant group, but a way to pack and go the entirety of the project, including the database. This would be for when you work with outside vendors. 

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Testing a command line backup script

Status: New Idea
by erik.jansen on ‎06-06-2014 06:34 AM

We use a backup script to be used in the windows taskplanner for our Vault customers (attached as .txt)


The problem:

You can manually start this script to see if it's working as intended, but after is has been triggered there is no way to stop it. We would like to avoid waiting x hours for the backup to complete.


Solution wish:

A counter script to stop the backup script after it's been deemed correct/working.

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The Vault search text box displays "Search Projects" or "Search Vault Explorer ($)" - often when clicking in the search text box the default text is not cleared and what ever is typed is added to the default text.  The result is that the search is not done correctly.


This behaviour is shown in the attached screen shot.


According to Autodesk Customer Support this behaviour has existed for several releases of the Vault.


I would like the search box default text to clear when clicking in the box to enter data.

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Improved Vault Users & Groups Managment

Status: Accepted
by Andrew1307 on ‎05-20-2014 09:38 AM

As it currently stands it is not possible to delete users and groups within Autodesk Vault. 


This is a problem. I understand Autodesk's stance on that the users need to be retained for historical reasons, however the management side of things needs to be improved. 


For example I created a group and users that were never used. Why can't I delete them? Objects that were never used should be allowed to be deleted. Also as the database grows and users are hired and terminated, the list will grow to an unmanageable mess.


What has happened to me is that I am in the middle of implementing Vault for my company. When I first set it up I created users. However, since then we have switched to a Domain and have now imported the Domain users and groups to use. Now I have groups and users that have never been used that I have no way of deleting or using for anything else. 


I have found blogs and forum posts suggesting that users be diabled and renamed so that they are sorted appropriately. This is a hack solution at best and not a real solution to the problem. 


As I see it two things need to happen:


1. Unused users and groups need to be allowed to be deleted. 

2. There needs to be additional options and sorting methods for used users and groups that are no longer active. ie. Once they are disabled they are moved to a different list and only retained for historical purposes. 

Status: Accepted
Can you provide some examples of other software applications that you would consider having a really good user management interface?
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When Installing Vault Server it'd be nice to have the prechecks ran before the Serial and configuration page


Things such as the IIS, ASPX, Firewall prechecks etc


The SQL Checks would need to stay where they are. 

Status: Accepted
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MS Reporting Services support

Status: Accepted
by Contributor dmiller on ‎04-05-2014 09:05 PM

My understanding is that Vault currently uses a client local version of MS Reporting Services to render reports in the Vault client.  I would like to see support for the server version of Reporting services.  This way I could write companywide dashboard reports.  I would also be able to link Vault data to ERP system data.  We should have a way to use Vault API calls when developing SSRS reports.  If there is currently a way to do this I would like to know.

Status: Accepted
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I'd like to see an addition to the Vault/File Status tab for a shortcut method to CHECK OUT INCLUDING ALL CHILDREN. Many times a day a have to go through the process of Vault/File Status/Options/Check Out Dialog/Settings/Include children and then the same again to turn the setting off.



Status: Solution Provided
Brendan, in Vault 2014 we have redesigned the Checkout dialog and it is much easier to perform what you are requesting with fewer clicks. When you upgrade to that release please give it a try and see if this addresses this request. If it doesn't update this idea and I will change the status.
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As part of the job configuration, an administrator should be able to specify whether a user should be prompted if a user attempts to create a duplicate job.


An example for this would be the create visualization jobs.  Users shouldn't be prompted that a duplicate job exists if they check in the file a second time before the first job was completed.


For certain jobs, you need this notification, for others it is completely unnecessary.  Also, it shouldn't go into the error log on the vault server.

Status: Accepted
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