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UnReplicate Files

Status: Accepted
by Product Support on ‎02-11-2013 10:25 AM

Once a file\folder is replicated from one site to another, the challenge is to unreplicate.


Currently there appears to be 2 options to unreplicate a file.

1) In the ADMS Console, edit the "Replicated Folder" and untick the folder that you want to unreplicate, then delete the file(s) from the vault, re-add it to the "unreplicated" folder. This will prevent the file from being replicated in future

2) Disable the Vault on the site, delete the local filestore, Enable it. This can be dangerous if the file is not present on at least one other site. Its OK if you know all files are replicated to at least one site.


The wish is to untick a folder in the "Replicated Folder" dialogue for that site and for the ADMS Console to check to see if that file appears on another site before allowing the Admin to unreplicate the folder. Once the check is completed, the files in the selected folder are removed from that sites filestore.


If you think this would be a useful enhancement, add a comment to this thread...

Status: Accepted
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Merge 2 Vault Tresore

Status: Solution Provided
by Active Contributor lindner on ‎04-25-2014 01:54 AM

Gibt es eine Möglichkeit 2 Vault Tresore die mit Daten gefüllt sind zu mergen?

Wenn Nein, dann wird diese benötigt!
siehe dazu u.a.
 [CaseNo:09501197.] Vault - 2 Vault Tresore zusammenführen mit Vault Data Exchange Utility

Status: Solution Provided
Please work with Autodesk consulting for the solution.
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When an design is copied any ipart links to parents are broke. It would be nice if this was fixed to allow us to copy a design and not have the links of iparts break.

Status: Accepted
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A customer who must plan for disaster recovery scenarios would like the ability to restore the primary Vault Database and Filestore from a replicated Database and Filestore. If it is not possible to do this now might the capability be added in a future release?



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i think that there is an opportunity to improve the functionality of "manage ownership" tools, when in a replicated environment.


for example, i am in the process of deleting a dwf file that is associated / linked to an inventor file. i see that during the delete process, that i cannot complete the task because of error (something like)  "cannot complete task ownership is not assigned to your workgroup".


now, we stop what we were doing, navigate to the file location (if you are not working in the folder eg working from a search result folder). take ownership of the file, or in my case, the folder that the file resides in. then navigate back to the original task (run an advanced search for particular file and resume the delete process.


idea: allow "manage ownership" functionality from within the context of the original scenario. eg, i see the task "cannot be completed due to vaulting restrictions / ownership is not currently assigned to your workgroup" ... so, let the user choose "attempt to take ownership of file or parent folder" at the time while they are in the process of another task.


note that part of this functionality could also be applied to another area of vault; eg whether in a "Search Results" page, or in view "Job Queue" display, allow multiple file selection to be part of a similar "manage ownership" functionality, and allow the functionality to be extended to manage the parent folder(s) of the files that are currently selected.


i think that if some consideration is given to this then with some development we could achieve a practical and improved result.


(please note that this is written with reference to vault collaboration 2012. i cannot say whether these things are already available in 2014)

Status: Solution Provided
Hi Mark, Thank you for submitting this idea. We have already improved ownership management starting in 2013 which may address this request. I am going to switch this request to Solution Provided. After you upgrade and have a chance to see the improvements, let us know if it still doesn't address your requests. Thanks.
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