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Multiple BOM Views

Status: Accepted
by Valued Contributor nicgus on ‎10-30-2014 01:56 AM

We need to have the ability to Filter a Bom view in the vault ITEM Master depending on BOM Properties. To show for example, Engineering BOM, Purchase BOM, Spare Part BOM etc.

Status: Accepted
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Multi-line text option for Item Properties

Status: New Idea
by *Expert Elite* on ‎11-17-2014 03:04 AM

At the moment all text entered into Item properties is restricted to single line text, which is messy when exporting into ERP systems.


It would be great if all standard properties such as Title, Description, and also custom properties could be optionally changed to multi-line text and supported as such in an Export function.

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In Vault Professional 2013, we could filter Item BOM rows using the column header filter:


2013 Filter.jpg


In Vault Professional 2015, someone has decided to completely remove this.  Why?? This is counter productive and I can't imagine anyone would ask for something useful and harmless to be removed.  Please reinstate this functionality ASAP.  I know the filter is available for standard system properties, but this is a custom UDP.  I'm also aware of the 'Group By' function but this was more convenient and user friendly.


2015 Filter.jpg

Status: Accepted
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Edit Properties for Items in BOM tab

Status: New Idea
by *Expert Elite* on ‎10-06-2014 04:34 AM

The new Item workflows are great but need some improvement as they can be really clunky. The majority of the problems are due to the fact that we can only actively edit one Item in session at a time. For example.


1) Open and edit an Item.
2) Go to BOM tab.
3) Right Click > Add Row > From New Item


This will create a new Item and add it to the BOM at the same time, this is great. However, the new Item doesn't have a title or a description. To enter a title or description, we have to exit edit mode of the parent item, click yes to save, right click the child item, Open the new item, click the edit button, then type in the data for title or description. If we've created 10 new child items, that becomes a real unfriendly and painful workflow.


I'd love a 'right click > Edit Properties' function for child Items in the BOM. This would bring up a dialogue box to enter properties for that Item, title/desc/custom props etc. Something like this:


Edit Props.jpg

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What is it with stuff being removed from the product without notification or reason?!  In addition to my previous post where it was apparent column filters had been removed, I've now stumbled across this.  


In Vault Professional 2013, within the context of an Item > Where Used tab, you could right click the source Item and Collapse all.  Handy if the part has 501 parents.





In Vault Professional 2015, see below the exact same item and the exact same tab, right click on the exact same place and you get this cobbled together tatt... not handy in the slightest if the part has 501 parents, look at the scroll bar and tell me you could be bothered to manually collapse that many parents!!!





This must be an oversight as I don't for a second believe someone is actively removing useful functions from the product on purpose.

I'd like this put back into the product, please. 

Status: Accepted
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Item BOM Quantity on Drag & Drop

Status: New Idea
by *Expert Elite* on ‎10-06-2014 04:18 AM

The new Item drag & drop is really useful, but the quantity remains the same as the source Item BOM following the drag & drop.  Nobody can really say it will never be the same, but I would presume in most cases the quantity will be different.  I suggest a prompt for new quantity, or reset the quantity to a null value enforcing the user to enter a new quantity.  Or make a variable admin option to control the preference.


BOM Quantity.jpg 

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Read only files or "non-checked out" files, continue to be prompted for saving inside of an Inventor assembly model. Why is this happening? I know the little messages (see Vault messages below) are supposed to let you know the file is not being saved back to Vault, but something is happening. Somehow the files become edited out of turn, which means they're being saved locally somehow. Then the Vault file and the workspace file are out of sync.




Can we just remove the Vaulted "read only" files from the assembly save dialog all together?

Is it possible to not change the local file in the certain way that makes Vault see it out of sync?


I have Vaulted released files that are part of assemblies that are checked out for editing and somehow the parts of the assembly that are not checked out seem to always become out of sync.


Also, some of these parts are iParts.


Please give this post Kudos if you have the "read only" file out of sync with Vault issue.

Autodesk: Please consider my request. Thanks.


Vault Messages:


"Write enable (not checked out from Vault)"

 "'XXXXXX.iam' is currently locked. Do you want to continue editing anyway?  Your changes will not get saved to the Vault."


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I've known this issue has existed from about day one in Productstream and now Vault Pro, but
it's time that this security issue is fixed. I feel its a major defect, but they tell me it's "AS DESIGNED".


If you are using items, this has the potential to be costly to your organization. It allows users to print an older version of a file which has been revised and it still shows the water mark of "RELEASED". All without any kind of warning.


We are dealing with items and when an item has several revisions and you toggle back thru the revisions, the drawings
linked to that revision still have a water mark of released, even though the drawing is an old - revised drawing.


The attached video illustrates this disaster waiting to happen.


There has to be a way to prevent the printing of older drawings with "RELEASED" on them. The water mark should say "VOIDED Drawing" or the like when a user toggles the revision level back. Any guidance here on how to
fix this issue?


Steve Hilvers

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Item Save As, Needs Better Access

Status: New Idea
by *Expert Elite* on ‎10-06-2014 03:40 AM

No doubt the 'Item > Save As' function is a massive benefit, so this is just a suggestion.


Currently to Save As, users have to open the source Item, click File > Save As, then close the source Item.


Preferably, there should be a 'Save As' option available when right clicking on an Item in the Item Master.  Something like this:


Save As.jpg 



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No tooltip for Group By function in Item

Status: New Idea
by *Expert Elite* on ‎10-06-2014 04:10 AM

Very minor, not important.  But a slight irritation when having to explain this function to users.

The 'Group By' button which appears on the 'Parts Only' view of an Item BOM, when hovering the mouse cursor over this button there is no tooltip describing what this is.  Literally every other button has a tooltip except this one.  The button still works, but it's a nuisance for when telling users which button does which job, I have to describe it via it's proximity to something else rather than the tooltip which is a standard go-to for Windows Applications.



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