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ECO Properties Don't Follow The Rules

Status: New Idea
by *Expert Elite* on ‎10-06-2014 04:51 AM

All Vault properties are subject to rules such as "Requires Value" and "Minimum Length".  If a property does not have a Value or meet the minimum length, a property non-compliance is raised and requires user input to rectify.  This is really important for when a property must be completed for audit purposes and especially for exporting data into ERP systems.  


ECO properties have these rules but they are completely ignored.  I need to make sure users enter a value for these ECO properties but the only method in which I have to enforce this is not working, at all.  Please fix ASAP.


ECO Property.jpg

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No tooltip for Group By function in Item

Status: New Idea
by *Expert Elite* on ‎10-06-2014 04:10 AM

Very minor, not important.  But a slight irritation when having to explain this function to users.

The 'Group By' button which appears on the 'Parts Only' view of an Item BOM, when hovering the mouse cursor over this button there is no tooltip describing what this is.  Literally every other button has a tooltip except this one.  The button still works, but it's a nuisance for when telling users which button does which job, I have to describe it via it's proximity to something else rather than the tooltip which is a standard go-to for Windows Applications.



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When a file is right clicked in the main window, one has the option of clicking "Go to folder" or "Go to working folder". I get this wrong about 50% of the time. Wouldn't "Go to local folder" or "Go to folder in vault" make more sense?

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Remove the "Details" button

Status: New Idea
by JHUNT107 ‎07-30-2014 08:11 AM - edited ‎07-30-2014 08:14 AM

Please remove the "Details" button that expands the Warning/Error message windows. In my experience the average user doesn't even SEE the button. The button only hides relevant information from the user.


I'm curious what prompted the creation of the "Details" button in the first place?

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I believe Vault should allow a user somehow to be able to move files from different folders into a similar folder all at once. It would be convenient to conduct a search and be able to move all the related files into a folder of choice. Right now Vault has a restriction where you can only move files that are in the same folder. This might be a difficult request for Vault to accomplish, but I think would be well worth it. Please consider.

Status: Accepted
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Files names in numerical order

Status: Accepted
by rfletcher on ‎09-27-2013 03:11 PM

Please fix the way vault reads the file name. I have a list of equipment BA12-1 thru BA12-13 and the order of the folders in vault look like this.
















I've had issues in the past where a user goes to create a new brace and names his new model BA12-10 not realizing that it's already been created. Then he has to go back and rename all of his file and relink them manually.



Randall Fletcher

Bigge Crane & Rigging



Status: Accepted
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Sorting Numbers in Vault

Status: Under Review
by Contributor dominik.gleinser on ‎08-29-2012 06:46 AM

In the Windows Explorer numbers are usually sorted as follows:









In Vault the numbers (IPT, IAM, ...) are sorted as followes:









In Vault the parts are all mixed in a folder. It is hard to keep track!

It would be nice to have a possibility to configure this in vault.


Does anyone knows a possibility to configure this in the "web.config" or another way to fix this?





Status: Under Review
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Saved Search based on Vault status

Status: New Idea
by sleposa on ‎08-05-2014 10:48 AM

I would like a way to create a saved search in Vault workgroup that allows me to see if any files in a certain folder are newer than what is saved on my desktop. I can create one if I have a numerical value for the Vault version, but not one that identifies what files are at a different version than what is on my desktop. This will work great for 2D or 3D part libraries in which there are multiple subfolders under one main folder and it is also updated by  anyone. Currently, I must go through each subfolder to know what is al a different state. This would allow me to at a glance see if anything in my library is out of date and use the files on my desktop instead of checking them out everytime.

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When an engineer creates a markup of a visualization inside of a Change Order, they sometimes need to exit the ECO in process, to look at other information somewhere within Vault... another drawing for example.  So they save the Markup, save and exit the ECO without submitting it yet.... and go about whatever they needed to do.  Then when they are ready, they go back into editing the change order.  however, Vault will not allow them to re-open the Markup they had saved and continue editing.... it forces them to save their new changes, along with whatever markups they had already done, as a new markup file.  There have been instances where I have gotten 5 markup dwf's containing essentially the same information, built on with each successive markup.


It would be preferable if they could simply reopen, add some markups and save the same dwf... so all markups end up in one file.  The current method is cluttered, messy and begging for something to get missed.

Status: Accepted
If the mark up dialog box was modeless, allowing you to move back and forth between the mark up window and Vault explorer would this also solve your issue?
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Compare two revision of a file

Status: Under Review
by Mentor on ‎09-02-2012 03:30 AM

Can you split in two the Uses and the Where Used tab vertically.


On each side, you would be able to choose a specific revision and Vault can make a comparison to show what is different between the two selected revision.


Thanks in advance.

Status: Under Review
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