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Inventor Publisher

Status: Future Consideration
by jamest on ‎10-24-2012 05:10 PM

I am sure this has been brought up countless times before however i would love to see Inventor Publisher included in PDS



Status: Future Consideration
Thanks for the feedback - we'll add this to the list of requests for a future release.
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Product Design Suite Addition

Status: Under Review
by *Expert Elite* on ‎11-27-2012 05:24 PM

I would like Autodesk to seriously consider adding Autocad P&ID to Product Design Suite to round out the package for skid mounted Routed Systems design industries.  Industries such as mine require the use of Inventor Routed Systems, Autocad Electrical AND Autocad P&ID.  Currently Product Design Suite and/or Plant Design Suite only include 2 of the 3.  I think either one or the other suites should include all 3 for a more fully rounded package.  Mentioned this to the Product Manager at AU2012, and putting the ide here was his suggestion... so lets kudo this sucker up and get it rolled into the 2014 packges.  :smileyvery-happy:

Status: Under Review
Hi cbenner and tahdesign - Thanks for your feedback! I'd like to move this suggestion to our Product Design Suite IdeaStation, so we can consider the input in context there. Also, would you be willing to have a short phone conversation with me, so I can better understand the kind of applications you're working on? I'll send you a private message with this request as well. Thanks, Janna Janna Spicer Product Manager, PrDS
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Product Design Suite Update Manager

Status: Solution Provided
by Alumni pfwhite on ‎10-10-2012 05:59 PM

The Product Design Suite should have an update manager that automatically searches for hotfixes and service packs. These updates could be presented in the Launchpad application for the user to apply the updates as this would like.


This would be a better way for users to become aware of and install all the various service packs and hotfixes that may affect the numerous programs they have available in the Product Design Suite.

Status: Solution Provided
Good news! The 2014 release of Product Design Suite includes a method to notify users of updates. Check out the Launch Pad in Product Design Suite 2014 and let us know how it works for you! Thanks, Janna Spicer, Product Manager for Product Design Suite
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Buy a 1.5 Suite

Status: New Idea
by Active Contributor djovica30 on ‎12-15-2013 04:56 PM

Why don't you sell a 1.5 Suite, where customers can buy a 1.5 Suite and use two suite products simulataneously? i.e. One guy using inventor, one guy using showcase, 3ds Max or sketchbook designer or AutoCAD, etc.. but you can't use two instances of the same product.


Many of my clients want to be able to use a second program in the suite for short term stints like marketing doing visuals or the product development manager using sketchbook, etc. and it's notthe engineer who wants to use it.


Sell it as a SLM or NLM, charge 50% more on the licence and on the subs. It's one 360 account.

If they need another user, (e.g. one uses Inventor, one uses AutoCAD, one uses Sketchbook), then they can pay another 50%, an add-on to the 1.5 and make it a 2.0, 2.5, etc. but if they need two seats of Inventor, they buy two PrDS suites.


That way you're actually getting the suite to do what it was intended to do, growing the pool of licences and integrating it better in the workplace. In its current form its only being used by the designers or engineers who are too busy doing their work and are not utilising the suite to it's full potential. The engineer has enough work on his plate than to also learn 3ds Max when there's a guy in marketing already that knows how to use it.


Clients don't see the value of buying 2 PrDS' when the second user is only using it for Sketchbook or knocking up a quick AutoCAD drawing or doing a minor edit.


Instead of someone buying PrDS and then AutoCAD Electrical becuase they can't afford 2x rPDS-P's, they can buy a PrDS-P 1.5 and have both mech and elec guys working inconjunction and both enjoy the benefits of the suite too.

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we use VaultPro 2014 and we still have the issue, that only in the Vaultbrowser the fields from Vault are available to show (like eg. description or materialnumber).

Autodesk Inventor Professional 2014 - [SCE10122103.png



In the Modelbrowser it is not available (look at the lower screenshot). I miss these functions in the vault browser!

Marking Menu_2013-07-01_12-01-06.png


My idea is to merge this to browsers together, so you do not need to change every time between these two.

Or to make all features available in Vault browser

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Upgrading to the latest version

Status: New Idea
by itravers on ‎08-28-2013 01:07 AM

Hi All,


I have being installing upgrades of these product suites for a few years now. The last couple of years, the amount of software that has to get uninstalled before you install the latest version is getting very time consuming. I only have 6 machines to look after and I fit it in around my actual engineering role.


I would find it really useful if on the next version, there were a tick box on the setup menu that said 'automatically uninstall previous version'.


That way I could set it off in the evening, let it run overnight to remove the old software and install the new software, come in in the morning to a rebooted machine ready to go  - all without the need for user interaction. It would be even better if I could configure the template paths as part of the setup, then it really would be ready to go, just link it to the vault and the user is away.


Anyway, it's just a thought. :smileyhappy:

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It would be helpful if there was a way to 'customize' my launchpad by organizing the workflows and applications depending on how much I use them. For some applications and workflows that I use a lot I may want to create a favorites area that allows me to quickly access these items.

Status: Under Review
Excellent idea! Thanks for the suggestion!
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Point Cloud Data

Status: New Idea
by tom.mcnulty on ‎06-27-2014 05:59 AM

The majority of my work involves the registration, analysis, manipulation and tracing of point cloud data (PCD). Below is a list of problems I face with PCD in the Product Design Suite (PDS) and features of other software packages that I find useful and would like to see included in Autodesk products.


I have seen some improvements with the handling of PCD within the PDS in the last couple of years however it does not cater for all of my PCD needs and as a result my workflow is still very disjointed with a wide range of software packages including: Faro Scene, Bentely Pointools, Pointools 4 Rhino, Recap and Inventor. I would love to solely use Autodesk products but they don't cut it at the moment.


I use Faro Scene for registration; I am aware that Recap Pro for an additional £3k plus cost per year. If it included additional features such as point cloud selection and RGB editing (painting tools) then I may be able to justify this expenditure as it would remove my requirment for Bentley Pointools which is fantastic for this and for creating animations. The RGB editing is a necessity for me as I often have to refine data prior to creating animations and simply deleting out people and objects just leaves big holes. 


One thing Recap does very well is handle the PCD. The scans can be navigated through with ease, rotating views etc is very smooth. Once the same scans are opened in Inventor things start to slow down. I have a 24gb computer with a decent graphics card which runs PCD in other packages seemlessly however once more than two or three scans are imported into Inventor it really struggles with rotating the data. Also taking sections of the data is quite a laborious process; I find Pointools 4 Rhino much more user friendly as it handles the PCD well and section lines can be dragged through the data. The addition of section lines in Inventor would be fantastic.



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I want Inventor Fusion to come back

Status: Comments Requested
by Valued Contributor fprico ‎03-30-2014 02:19 PM - edited ‎03-30-2014 02:20 PM

As there is not an ideastation for Autocad, I write this here. I want Inventor Fusion to come again with Autocad. Very useful tool to edit solids and do some other things.

Status: Comments Requested
Hi fprico, Have you tried the new freeform and direct edit tools included with Inventor 2015? There are tons of improvements, which might already cover what you're looking for. You can get a free trial version here: Let me know your thoughts! -Janna
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Customise or consolidate

Status: Future Consideration
by Distinguished Contributor O.Maille on ‎04-23-2013 09:50 AM

I just reinstalled the infrastructure design suite premium following a fresh install of windows. As I use a SSD as my primary drive I decided to install the programs to my secondary drive, the result was a loss of 14.4 GB from primary and 17.7 GB from secondary drive. Assuming the building design suite will be the same size that's 60GB for drawing software. That is bad enough but I know from previous cleanups of autodesk installs a large portion of that is duplicate content, given the array of programs included in the suites can shared libraries not be utilised more effeiently? Why is 14.4GB of content on a drive where the programs are not installed? Essentially there must be huge potential to streamline the suite to deliver a more joined up approach.


The alternative is to keep having to jump between multiple programs on one machine to get anything done meaning massive CPU and RAM requirements as we have at the moment. The only advantage to this setup is that there should be potential for customised design suites?

For example I do not need visualisation programs yet >50% of the suite is for vis (navis, 3ds, IW...), I do need design software but most of it is either in the ultimate suite or not maintained. I would prefer a suite with; Robot, SSA, C3D, M3D, RA and forget about the rest OR allow me to hire somebody to mess around with all the visual stuff on another PC to see if there is any value in it.


The programs and plugins could  be easily tiered to allow people pay for a set number of apps from each tier this would not only give the client a better product Autodesk might learn what apps are pointless



Status: Future Consideration
Hello O. Maille, This is the Idea Station for Product Design Suite, but I think your point is still valid in this context. We are looking at ways to make the suites more valuable to our customers, and your suggestion is an interesting one. We'll include this in the input for future product and suite planning. Thanks! Janna Spicer, Product Manager for Product Design Suite
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2d adaptive component functionality

Status: New Idea
by wruffenach on ‎08-19-2014 11:56 AM

When will there be some Adaptive Component functionality for 2d families in Revit? Being able to build "Detail Items" adaptive component families with point snapping and repeat devide symbolic lines, would be extremely useful functionality!!!

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I'd like to see showcase have the ability to publish a rendering to dwf/3d pdf (preferably 3d pdf) and be able to embed that dwf into a webpage

Status: Under Review
Hi djovica30, Thanks for the suggestion. I'll share this with the Showcase team for their consideration. Thanks, Janna Spicer, Product Design Suite Product Manager
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I am attempting to install the design suite on a stand alone HP Z620 that is running all latest MS software (Win 7). The suite hangs up at step 44 of 46 remaining, when it is trying to install ACAD Mechanical 2014, and gives an error message that says "Allied Product is not found". Then the installation program stops running and shows all the products that did not install.


I suspected it was because there was no AutoCAD installed, and so I went to my subscription site and tried to download ACAD but the latest version I could find for myself was 2012. I downloaded that version and attempted to install it on my machine, but could not get past the serial number screen as the serial number and product version numbers would not match. 


So, I have no ACAD on my machine and the Suite Ultimate refuses to install any more programs. I have attempted to reinstall the suite without any luck. This machine is new to me, only 5 mo. old, and I did transfer Inventor 2013 from the last year's suite onto the machine (but not the rest of the 2013 Suite Ultimate, only Inventor). 2014 Suite Ultimate was meant to be installed entirely on this new workstation as the other one has been retired. Does anyone have any ideas as to a next move?

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Status: New Idea
by tryan on ‎09-28-2014 03:57 PM

Being a first timer I just wanted to run a new idea past everyone. I was really hoping to buy Sketchbook Designer 2015 because of it's neat vector qualities.

However, it looks like it's really not available now unless you buy a particular design suite at great cost.


I was wondering if Autodesk has ever considered creating a totally new stand alone low cost vector software program for the general artist, school student, product designer, graphic/tattoo artist, car artist and custom wheel designer etc.etc? It would like just adding the same full Sketchbook Designer vector capabilities to the Sketchbook Pro 7 software. Autodesk may be able te sell millions of these worldwide.


Some other possible options could also be as follows:


1) Extra large colors palette and textures palette much like Photoshop/Illustrator


2) A 360 degree light source to create shadows and chrome like reflections etc. from any angle


3) Extrude tool for graphics and lettering styles etc.


I may have gone a little overboard in my suggestions, but you never know, right! With people like Scott Robertson and other great artists around, everyone may be able to put their heads together and create one neat low cost vector software package for the masses.




Tom Ryan


P.S. As stated above you could probably call it the SKETCHBOOK PRO VECTOR.


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how can we change elemnt colour when 3d max started ?

Status: Comments Requested
Hi Kamal, could you give me a little more context for your question? Are you moving a design from Inventor to 3DS Max when you want to change the element color, or in the middle of another type of workflow? Thanks, Janna
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Revit Mep

Status: New Idea
by chris.jones on ‎07-17-2014 10:38 PM

Have the ability to split ductwork into multiple lengths in Revit MEP, just like Autocad MEP.


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I would like to see within an assembly the possibility to expand only selected parts to make workplanes and axis visible.

Now I can only choose between expand or collapse all children.

If I want to constrain a bolt or pin for example, I can place it with an insert constrain.

But then it's still able to turn around 1 axis. Then you add an angle constraint to fix the rotation, and the part is fully constraint.

But to do this you have to expand each part instance individually, add a constraint and collapse it again. It takes a lot of mouse-clicks.

If I can select all these parts and had a button "expand selected children" it would save a lot of work.

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Issue with installation of Product design Ultimate Suite

Status: Solution Provided
by johnb ‎01-02-2013 06:00 PM - edited ‎01-02-2013 06:01 PM

Having a major issue currently with installing my AutoDesk Ultimate Suite. Problem is quite simple while the solution seems to be rather annoying. I have my computer built in a newer, more technology update fashion. I run a small yet fast SSD to only run my OS. The issue is this leaves practically no additonal space on my boot C: drive. I have a couple of other hard drives specifically for music, games, other very large programs. Well like any other major brand of software AutoDesk is attempting to install all of the Product suite, which is around 8-9GB of data on my boot drive C:. Put simply I just can not do that, the issue is I have not found a way to install the program on my alternative (non boot) drives and am quite frustrated.


Any help?


I am currently very frustrated as this install process seems to be very old fashion as new technology has surpassed the needs to have a massive, yet very slow main C: drive. 


Of course as luck would be it I can not get in contact with anyone from AutoDesk. 

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Managing Suite Network Licenses (Automated Tiered Network License Control)

Status: New Idea
by Valued Contributor pmascaro ‎01-03-2013 09:56 AM - edited ‎01-03-2013 09:58 AM

There has to be a better way to deploy licensing across corporations. I'm in the process of upgrading our North American licensing to 1 Consolidated licenses server.


There should be away to install any application or suite in any order and have the license server see and use the lowest license in the pool of licenses. I understand that this was an oversight at first but I would say the workaround should not be considered long term solution and some serious thought should go into managing license pools from within suites.


What the current license structure means for me:


I will have to create multiple deployments onto an external hard Drive. Then send a drive to all IT managers and make sure they first install AutoCAD, then IDSS, then IDSP, then P&ID, then PDSU.


I also for a fail Safe. I have to exclude the lower apps from the higher deployments. (eg. IDSP will exclude Map 3D and AutoCAD from the deployment)


This is a logistical nightmare and makes annual subscription upgrades extremely difficult for my dept. Alone, much less when I strait building the deployments for North America.


I hope this helps and that you consider building tiered licensing into your network suites. You have tiered solutions for applications now (suites) but no tiered solution for licensing these suits... Installing in order is a workaround not a long term solution.


Push the suites for all that they are worth, but please don't forget to clean the crumbs that are left behind...

This is a mess....



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sketchbook pro

Status: Solution Provided
by alrobinson on ‎10-08-2013 09:21 AM

How is it possible to import sketchbook pro files into inventor?


I don't want to know how to do it in designer due to Autodesk not making it anymore thanks.


Thanks in advance!

Status: Solution Provided
Hi alrobinson, Inventor is able to accept the following image types: BMP GIF JPG PNG You can export your SketchBook Pro image as one of these filetypes, and then import into Inventor with the following steps: From Inventor- Create a new Part Create a new 2D Sketch From the Sketch Menu on the Ribbon, select Insert (tab) --> Insert Image (button) Navigate to your image. Note - Inventor prefers that your image be located in the active project, however it's not absolutely required. Hope that helps! -Janna
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