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Server down

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10-05-2013 03:12 PM

I may of missed it, but the server down announcement on launching Fusion 360 refers users to the forum's, but I don't see a sticky thread on it.


Understanding there is never a good time to do such things, getting fusion to the point where it can run offline will mitigate much of the fear of the cloud. Right now, it is exactly why people are concerned, that they can have all the 9's on there own infrastructure but still be denied access to their own assets.


Anyway, hoping this is part of an update rollout, and looking forward to discovery.


Just as long as my files are there when you spin back up!

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Re: Server down

10-07-2013 05:15 PM in reply to: big_red_frog

Hey Anthony! 


Good news. The update happening on Wednesday will include offline mode! Hoorah. As for the downtime announcement, sorry, seems to have been "un-floated" - here it is. 


More good news: Server status will be communicated in-product moving forward. No more navigating to the forums to see what the status is! :smileyhappy:


Hope this helps! Thanks for checking in.


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