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Exporting as DXF or DWG

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08-07-2013 06:54 AM

Prabakar, Thanks for your prompt reply. In the meantime, I'm having problems exporting my Fusion 360 models into dxf. or dwg. format? I'm getting an error message even when I try to open them up in their E Drawings format. Any idea what could be causing this problem? Thanks, Tom.



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Re: 2D Engineering Drawings

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Can you please provide us with screen shot of your error message.


Thank you.


Bob Holland

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Re: 2D Engineering Drawings

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I am getting errors trying to open exported .DXF files with DWG TrueView but the file will open.  The error seems to be on the viewer side. 






Can't find file.



 Are you comfortable adding me to your group?  This will give me access to the files you are having issues with and I can test them on my machine.


If you don't want to add me to your group, please export and email the file to  IF you email them, please include the exported files along with the Fusion file.  I can send you a FTP link if the files are large.






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