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Workstation or PC

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02-21-2013 05:32 AM


I'm planning a new PC purchase and could use some suggestions.


Running AutoCAD Electrical 2013 on a desktop PC now and planning to replace it. I'm using dual monitors and usually have vmware running, a web browser and ms office. The performace is ok.


So, I'm thinking of replacing it with a Dell workstation and could use some help in the configuration. Will dual processors be a benefit or a faster single core? What about the graphics cards, I'm really not doing rendering I was looking at the 2gB Quadro 4000. This thread is very good and looks like a fast single core with inexpensive vidoe card (1gB Quadro 2000?) may be the best solution but it is an old thread.




Autodesk doesn't seem to have any suggested configurations that I can find. I don't want to "cheap out" but don't want to overspend either. Thanks.


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Re: Workstation or PC

02-21-2013 03:56 PM in reply to: mgerbasio

Dual CPUs are a waste on just about everything AutoCAD.  The Quadro 4000 won't help much unless you are doing some hardcore 3D work, even then the 2000 is probably better if only for the lower cost; if ACADE is primarily 2D schematics you won't see much benefit for either.  Rendering on AutoCAD-based software is primarily done in the processor and RAM, which is where the number of cores comes into play.


Remember, everything works together as a system.  Don't overspend in one area at the expense of others.

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Re: Workstation or PC

02-23-2013 09:35 AM in reply to: dgorsman

Thanks. So would a six or eight core Xeons be the way to go or stick with a i7 type? The more RAM the better? Any suggestions on a PC?

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Re: Workstation or PC

03-21-2013 07:58 AM in reply to: mgerbasio




- Please buy the fastest Core i5 (or Core i7) available - You will get already 4 Cores (enough !)


- A "small good" graphics card : for example a Quadro NVidia 600 = OK


- Windows Seven Pro 64 with 8/12/16 Gb Ram

(Please not Windows 8 : because the autodesk community has almost no feedback on Win 8)


- A very fast HD : maybe SSD if you can !?


Bye, Pat


Bye, Pat ( Supporting Troops )
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Re: Workstation or PC

03-21-2013 09:43 AM in reply to: braudpat


Thanks. That's pretty much what I decided to do, bought a Falcon Talon. Fast i7 six core, 32gB as memory was cheap and a SSD. I was on the fence about the GeForce or Quadro and decided on the latter after reading a couple of reviews and seeing the Quadro was on the AutoDesk Hardware Compatibility or whatever they call it.


I'm running AutoCAD Electrical now on older hardware, pretty much a gaming desktop. My workstation died a few years back and I needed something immediately at the time. Yea, it could be faster opening drawings, loading, etc, but it isn't so bad. I figured whatever I get is going to be much better.


Just waiting on delivery. I appreciate your response.


Regards-Michael G.

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