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System Requirements for Inventor 2012

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01-31-2011 01:26 AM



Our company has plans to purchase some new Desktops to be used for Autodesk Products i.e Inventor and AutoCAD for both old and current versions.

I have recommended desktops with the follwoing specifications but would like an experts input on what else would be critical to enable the software and any other updates/upgrades to run without any complications.This information will also be passed on to our clients who have to upgrade their software annually.


Operating System : Windows 7 Ultimate

Hard Disk Capacity : 500 GB SATA

RAM : 8 GB,

Processor : Intel® Pentium® 4, 2 GHz or faster, Intel® Xeon®, Intel® Core™, AMD Athlon™ 64, or AMD Opteron™, or later

Optical Drive : DVD writer SATA DVD RAM and Double Layer supporting Light Scribe technology

Graphics Card : ATI Radeon™ 3000; up to 1915 MB total available graphics memory (VGA port)



Kindly assist,



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Re: System Requirements for Inventor 2012

01-31-2011 07:44 AM in reply to: SaintCrooner

Make sure the hard drive is a Western Digital Velicaraptor.


I'd go with an I5-2500 (Sandy Bridge) minium for the Processor (good bang for buck performance).


I prefer graphic cards with Nvidia drivers, but I don't do a lot of rendering.



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Re: System Requirements for Inventor 2012

01-31-2011 12:30 PM in reply to: SaintCrooner

You probably don't need Windows 7 Ultimate although there is a good chance you do need professional. Premium is limited once you get past small offices with more than 5 or 6 users and has features that aren't needed in an office, but Ultimate combines all features of Home Premium and Professional with a very small number of features that almost nobody needs. The fact is that the Premium features that are missing from Professional are not needed in an office. Professional has everything needed for an office unless you need home user features. But you need to spec that it be a 64 bit version of Windows to use the extra memory.


Pentium 4? Core not Core 2? Athlon 64? None of those chips should be in the list. They are antiques Those are specs for existing users to know if it is even theoretically possible to run the software, not specs for purchasing new hardware.


ATI 3000? Again an antique


Light Scribe? An irrelevancy. All that does is allow you to burn the label onto the disk if you buy the more expensive disks. A Sharpie pen does the job fine, and if you want a fancier label get stick on labels or an inkjet that can print to cd's.


How about the hard drive speed? 7200 rpm minimum. ESATA port and/or USB 3.0 for external drive support.

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