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Please help I'm searching for a replacement Plotter/Scanner

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09-21-2012 06:18 AM

Please Help I have been put in charge of researching and compiling a list of possible plotter replacements. We are currently using a HP800 42" plotter and it is just getting old and keeps getting errors or breaking down and when it is working it simple can not keep up.


A little background information: we are a small to medium sized design/build firm running Revit 2013 and AutoCAD 2013 with multiple people running drafting and review programs while plotting from them. We mostly plot 24x36 and 30x42 sheets off of rolls and on average 10 to 15 sheets a day (for random reasons). Our plotter, right now, takes several minutes to just get one sheet out we have to set aside most of a day just to plot and good sized full set of drawings. And we also have to send one maybe two at a time and baby-sit the plotter.


Some Needs we are looking for: we are wanting a color plotter/scanner that can come out of sleep mode and warm-up and get plots out faster and has the memory for us to send multiple sheets at once. We would really like to be able to "send and forget multiple sheets"  


We would really appreciate any help with this.


Thank You 

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Re: Please help I'm searching for a replacement Plotter/Scanner

09-21-2012 01:43 PM in reply to: blakehild4986

How much money do you want to spend? Don't say it's open unless you know for a fact you are sitting on a moutain of money that has no other use :smileyhappy:

Server OS (assuming you are networked) or print-server, or something else? Will this setup change?

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