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Nvidia Quadro 4000 or 2000

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05-29-2012 11:16 AM



Any one using Nvidia Quadro 4000 or 2000? how is the performance?




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Re: Nvidia Quadro 4000 or 2000

05-29-2012 03:28 PM in reply to: Gabriel.N

Using the 4000 with Design Suite Ultimate - basically lots of 3D design in solids, materials and use the Shade Visual mode a great deal.  The computer is a i7-860 with 7200 RPM drives and 8GB mem - I find the performance very acceptable on all but the mst complex models where you Xref several parts/files - then it can bogg down and get choppy.  This same computer had a AMD and a FX1800 in it prior, the 4000 made it usable. 


If you do 2d drawings, it would be overkill - I would think the 2000 very adequate - but its a combination of the parts - not just the graphics to look at.  Have two other computers running older FX1800 boards and the performance on the 4000 is substantially better.  Also had (just returned) a brand new HP z800 workstation with twin Xeon E5465 processors, RAID 1 15k SAS drives and 24GB of memory.  This had a FirePro 7900 card in it.  The performance of the first i7-860 machine above was almost identical to the z800 and I was not impressed with the 7900's performance - maybe it was the 2.4 5465 processor vs the i7 at 2.8 or maybe the graphics, but in any event I sent it back to HP after two weeks of their tech service trying to find a reason for its sub standard performance.  You hear all the time AutoCAD is mostly a single core program and in the end, this was the only thing that made sense as the i7 was clocked faster than the 2 Xeons are in single core functionality.

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Betreff: Nvidia Quadro 4000 or 2000

05-30-2012 05:06 AM in reply to: Gabriel.N

Hi  Gabriel.N,


the headline of your thread implicates that you have to choose between this both cards, do you?

If so, perhaps you will have a look at the next local dealer of the software from Autodesk and if the one also

is offering trainings, not all but from time to time some of them offers something like a "open doors day" where

peoples can easy have a small talk and also very often have a closer look to the running hardware and software.

For having a quick overview to the feeling and only as a tip of mine!


Your first question: Yes

Your second question: Good


You see now perhaps it is quick to answer your questions, but this din´t make sense for you, because you was

telling around something about your software, your hardware and the usual file size of your work.

Or in shorter words wich way are you going? As an example: AutoCAD > inventor > 3ds Max

So this can make a difference pointed to the headline of this thread.


As short as I can tell you and explane and I hope you´ll consider to my words.


Most peoples I met in real life or in  some forums were even thinking if they will use professional hardware

they will be professionals, point not more and not less.


If you have to work with your machine and earn money with it and this is also related to the software you are using, it din´dn´t make sense to use a gaming card!

This is related to many, many things like the mostly by your clients placed dead line you´ve to reach and gos over the support you perhaps need from time to time and that ends nearly else where you or your company have to onriantate at something like the tech specs from autodesk given for each program you are using from them, likes your Autodesk Plant 3D.


So if you plan to buy hardware, go the way back, from the end I mean. As an example:

You know exactly what programs you are using, something the file sizes your are generating and on wich  OS

the programs are runnning and many other things.


If you use a render engine, perhaps also what is your render engine using (CPU or CUDA).

And now last but not least  each project or better each file, must fit in EACH memory of EACH graphic card.

As an example:

You buy a quadro 2000 tomorrow and at one day in the future you see that you need more assistance because

your skills and perhaps also your work will grow up many times and you decide your self to buy tesla card to run a maximus setup and you was finding you that this is supported by your software/render engine, perhaps you will buy a tesla c2075 cause you was reading at nVIDIA´s homepage this device in combination with your quadro 2000

is faster than a single quadro 6000 that must be a rocket, please dont worry that the maximum memory where  your render engine will be orientatet is the 1024 mb from your quadro 2000!!!!!!!!!!


So if you at this time know, that you need one, because some of the named above points or perhaps more are matching and/or this is fitting your needs, than please first think about how great is the file size and will be the used memory from your video card!!!! I mean than perhaps waitting longer time and putting aside some coin from time

to time and buy a greater on :smileywink:


At last what sould I say, I think really the best is to see this cards in action!!

If you find a local dealer and he´s offering trainings and perhaps he´s owning some workstations with different cards inside and you ask nicely for a quick test run with a file made by your own hands, because at home or work on your machine you know exactly how many time you was needing and than you´ll see how fast this work is done on a different card you prefer to buy. 


I know my english is not so very well formed and so I need more words to explane something, but I also thing the main question in your headline should be would it make sense to upgrade your machine for exactly your program.



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