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Laptop Upgrade

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05-30-2012 11:33 PM

Hi Everyone!


I am a first time user on this forum. I have recently enrolled for ACT for Rivet 2013. The question is I want to upgrade my Acer Aspire Laptop bought in 2010. Its an Intel R Core IM i3 processor 330M (2.13Ghz, 1066 Mhz FSB), ATI Mobility Radeon IM HD 5470 Up to 2234MB Hyper Memory TM, 15.6" HD LED LCD, 4GB Memory, 320GB HDD, 6-cell Li-ion Battery.


My current requirement is full use of Architecture Rivet 2013 and Latest Autocad and the above configuration of my laptop just wont suffice. I had purchased this lappy for more than $800 and at this point of time I cant simply afford to buy a new lappy. So is there a possibilty to upgrade this lappy that can come as close as possible to the desired performance of rivet and autocad? At the time of upgrade I have to consider heating and battery life issues.


Any advice will be much appreciated.

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Betreff: Laptop Upgrade

05-31-2012 01:02 AM in reply to: tassy1810

Hi tassy1810,


would you please so friendly and tell me also why you are going to install software for something around 12.000 € (euros) and  there is no possibility for you to get a proper pice of hardware?


1. Please have first a look at the website shown in the link to confirm that your hardware matches the tech specs

of the programs you are using. 


<http://usa.autodesk.com/adsk/servlet/syscert siteID=123112&id=18844534&results=1&stype=system& suite_group=121& release=2013&edition=2&os=8192&manuf=all&opt=1> 


2. Go to the Acer homepage and find out what kind kind of Acer aspire you have! Thomething like that

Acer Aspire Thimeline X AS5830 as an example and download the manual for exactly your laptop.

There you will find out what the maximum of RAM is.


Last but not least it should be going on to upgrade the mostlaptops with more RAM and a fast SSD, but how many ram is the maximum for especial your laptop you self have to find out I think.


For the solid state disks intel is giving for his 520 series 5 years warranty

Samsung with the 830series is in my opinion the fastest that money can buy.


Under the link I was posting you  in some lines above, you are also able to find out wich vendors are selling 

wich kind of hardware and otherwise wich kind of software from Autodesk is supported by this hardware.



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Re: Laptop Upgrade

05-31-2012 07:39 AM in reply to: tassy1810

Laptops are typically very difficult to upgrade.  It's the price you pay for portability.  By the time you get somebody to crack the case, buy the parts, and swap them out you are almost looking at a brand new (and more recent) computer.


And I think that should be "Revit", not "Rivet".  Arch instructors get very finicky over proper spelling so it's a good habit to get into now.  :smileyhappy:

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Re: Laptop Upgrade

06-19-2012 07:47 PM in reply to: tassy1810

What you MIGHT be able to do is upgrade your ram to 8 gig, and swap out the HD for a 128 gig SSD.  BUT! you won't be able to run or do much else than Revit, with that size SSD.


To be honest, dgorsman has it pretty much right.  You need to get another laptop.  And IMNSHO - one with a 17" screen MINIMUM!!! if you want to run Revit in anything other than review a drawing mode.  There just is not enough screen realestate to see the command structure of Revit & the drawing area at the same time without either 2 monitors (preferably 24") or the biggest singly you can find.  I know there are high res 15" out there, but you still can't see the fines stuff that well.


Good luck



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