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Help Me PLEASE. I need help and advice for AutoCad Workstation Build.

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10-31-2012 08:21 AM

Im in desperate need of help on configuring a workstation for AutoCad.

I need two types:

1 for our 2 project engineers and 15 for our other cad users.


The Project Eng's wanted a higher end wks and they have a budget of $2,000.00 $2,500.00 for each workstation.

The Cad users just need a good reliable and mostly fast workstation and they have a budget of $1,000.00-$2,000.00

Mainly 2d but some 3d is used. There file sizes are large and are based or stored on a server and sometimes locally on the users workstation. Please Help Im looking at Xi, Boxx, Dell, and HP.


I fell into this IT position here and im learning quick but i have no experience in AutoCad WKS builds and to make matters worse they r in a rush and my bum is on the hot seat so to speak.

Please Help I need someone who knows what they are talking about to config or help me config a WKS  so I wont get over charged. Thank you if you decide to help and if u dont i do understand and I am still grateful.


Regards, J


Ps: attached are two quotes from XI

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Re: Help Me PLEASE. I need help and advice for AutoCad Workstation Build.

11-01-2012 02:06 PM in reply to: jstarnes74

I'm no certified IT guy, but your quote seems a little high, if it were me I would probably look up "Dell Precision T5500" on ebay.

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Re: Help Me PLEASE. I need help and advice for AutoCad Workstation Build.

11-01-2012 04:12 PM in reply to: jstarnes74

Its a tricky one. The budget you have been given will cover you for a machine that will do everything needed to run CAD and more. The quotes will be more than fine to run CAD in 2D and 3D. I would however get more RAM though (16gb) or make sure you have enough slots for expansion.


Processors - You could save money on the processor and get a i7 Quad core overclocked. Mine is a i7-2600K 3.4 clocked to 4.0Ghz and that is more than enough for AutoCAD my main program is inventor and 3DS MAX.


Graphics cards - I would personally go with the GTX range over the quadros as they are cheaper and faster but the quadros are more stable, quieter and less power hungry. As i understand it Nvidia have stoped making the performance drivers for the quadro cards and the general sence on the forums is the GTX cards are the better card if they are not in use 24/7. The quadro offers double presision which make the lines in autocad very sharp. I have the Quadro 4000 and have no real complaints about it but dont think the double presision offers me anything really. I wish I had got the GTX.


RAM - I would get 16gb as a minimum if any rendering is being done as it can hold more texture information.


Motherboards - Lots of USB Slots and USB 3.0 is all I can offer there.


Windows - you could save a bit by getting the Professional 64bit version rather than the ultimate version.


HDD - if the buget is there get a solid state hard drives. Best buy I have made in a while. (120gb min).


This pc would run CAD 2D & 3D no problem at all for £360 + a copy of windows which would be half the cost.



This is only my opinion I am no expert.



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