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GTX Titan vs K4000

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03-14-2013 08:02 PM

Debating whether to get the new GTX Titan ~$1000or the new Quadro K4000 ~$1000. The specs call the Titan as having the same precision as the Tesla K20.


So it would seem to me like the Titan is the best of both worlds? Am I not seeing something that this card doesn't offer.



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Re: GTX Titan vs K4000

03-24-2013 10:18 AM in reply to: jaov2k

Interesting.  AutoDesk Revit Graphics specs have the K4000 and just about the entire Quadro family from nVidia as recommended and certified.  However, in checking with LUMION for rendering Revit animations, they expressely recommend against Quadros and recommend the GTX Titan.  How odd.  I would have thought that both graphics intensive workstation cards would be recommended by both software manufacturers.  They seem to be at odds with each other.  I have sent Lumion an e-mail asking them what their problem is with Quadros and the K4000 in particular.


I do see the GTXs on the Revit Graphics list from AutoDesk, but there is neither a recommendation or a certification for them.  This evidently means that AutoDesk does Not certify or recommend using the GTX series with Revit.  Hmmm.


Anyone else out there know about this?  It seems a shame that Revit and Lumion can't have a graphics card that works well for both.

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Re: GTX Titan vs K4000

04-12-2013 03:48 PM in reply to: USAArchitect

I have the K4000M, which is a mobile version of the K4000.   My laptop is a Dell Precision 6800, that's had some coin thrown at it, so it can crank thru some pretty deep math.   I've yet to encounter a situation where even my mobile version K4000 was even considered to be a bottleneck.  Either card will suffice.......stop worrying, it's all gonna be ****e in 3 years anyway........

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Re: GTX Titan vs K4000

07-23-2013 10:19 AM in reply to: scott

Well,.. I just picked up a new system, my goal was to lean towards Inventor and from what I have read, Inventor uses DX so... the GTX 780 would be a better choice than the Quadro (?) ... For now I use mostly Autocad Mech (3d).


New Desktop system:

Asus PX79 pro mb 


32g mem


Samsung 840 pro ss 128g


I have PDSU 2014 installed and wonder if there is any way I can compare this video card vs a K4000 somehow. Anyone have a file to open/render in inventor/showcase/autocad/revit that we can compare ??


I also have a HP Elitebook 8740w, 920xm,16g mem, Quadro 5010m, Crucial SS hd, with a sidebyside movie export to mpeg in showcase..., laptop vs desktop, the desktop was about 2/3rd faster than the laptop. Would love to find out how it stacks up vs a k4000. (autocad/inventor/revit) Any other suggestions for testing?

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Re: GTX Titan vs K4000

07-23-2013 10:54 AM in reply to: jaov2k

I have the k4000 Quadro and am not disappointed.  It has 3GB graphics memory.  I got a JNCS computer a few months ago.  It has an X79 card as well, 64GB RAM, Samsung SSD and 2 HHDs.  I run AutoCad2014LT and Revit 2014LT simultaneously, along with spreadsheets, word, Google Earth and Outlook.  No problems.

CPU:E5-1620.  2 HD monitors: my old 24" Dell and a new 27" Dell.  Best power-user setup I've ever had.

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Re: GTX Titan vs K4000

08-30-2013 09:47 AM in reply to: USAArchitect

I too have a K4000M, mobile version, in my Dell Precision M6700.    I wish Autodesk would get around to giving the drivers the thumbs up............



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Re: GTX Titan vs K4000

09-10-2013 08:57 AM in reply to: scott

I have a GTX Titan to work on 3D AutoCAD and 3D Lumion vraiement and it works well for me.
I also have another PC with Qaudro 5000 and it works less well than the GTX.

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