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Worth investing time on AutoCAD Architecture?

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12-04-2008 11:09 AM
I saw a friend of mine upload his AutoCAD Architecture 2009 file to this and it was really cool and something I (my company) would be very interested in. All of the advertisement and product information point to Revit though and I am not going to get into Revit anytime soon. So what I am wondering is would it be a waist of my time to invest in this service knowing that I will be an AutoCAD Architecture user. I do see a plugin for ACA but its like no one wants to use ACA as an example or talk about it.

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Re: Worth investing time on AutoCAD Architecture?

03-09-2009 03:14 PM in reply to: thebabins
I've not used AutoCAD Architecture yet, but i know a designer who swears by the ACA-Green Building Studio link, and says it has the additional capability of exporting constructions for energy analysis that Revit 2009 products don't have.
My understanding of the reason it's not promoted in the GBStudio literature is that in ACA users have the freedom to create 2D models and explode 3D intelligent objects so that they become 2D lines. Since the use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) with GBStudio requires 3D intelligent objects to communicate critical information about the building to the GBStudio web service for energy analysis, the ACA workflow where a model can be designed entirely without such objects, or where a model that does contain such objects can be broken, challenges the foundation of compatibility and interoperability with GBStudio.
That said, if you or your company have a policy that would ensure your ACA models will rely on BIM objects, ACA with GBStudio could be just as good an investment as Revit with GBStudio.
Thanks for your question.

Omari N.F.
Green Building Studio Product Design Engineer
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