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Not able to see the google map

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06-22-2011 12:10 PM

I have an account with Autodesk and have downloaded the Green Building Studio to my desktop, I installed the web-service according to your instructions, also created the new project, located the project, but the project screen doesn’t open the Google browser that shows In the document that you posted in the "Autodesk Green Building Studio getting starter manual". Please respond, need to have this information.

 Thanks LWL

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Re: Not able to see the google map

02-01-2013 07:32 AM in reply to: LWeissLora

The same question was asked in this forum: 


---- Here's the reply I just made there -----


For some reason, the Google maps content is coming across as insecure right now.


In Google Chrome you can easily get around this by clicking on the little shield icon that pops up to the right of the URL in the browser, and clicking "load anyway."


In IE, you get a dialogue box that asks you if you only want to load the secure content on the page. You have to click "No." - then the maps will load.


However, we've found that some firms' configuration of IE might prevent this dialogue box from appearing - effectively blocking access to the Google-based maps. Autodesk is doing some checking into this... but has anyone isolated the IE settings that could fix this?


See the screen grabs attached for the browser dialogues.

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