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New on GBS

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11-06-2008 08:39 AM
When I go to Revit, Tools, External Tools, Green Building Studio Client is gray out?
What's wrong?

Or should I say how to link a Revit file to GBS? Edited by: kevinaldo on Nov 6, 2008 8:52 AM
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Re: New on GBS

11-06-2008 12:01 PM in reply to: kevinaldo

Select a floor plan view within Revit and then repeat your other words, choose any floor plan, go to the tools|external tools|GBS and it will work. This is an intermittent item that periodically pops up.


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Re: New on GBS

12-08-2008 12:51 PM in reply to: kevinaldo

This has to do with what's selected in Revit. Certain commands cannot be activated based upon the selected Element in Revit (Project Browser or Schedule View, for example). Select inside a Plan, 3D, Section, or Elevation View and you should be good.


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