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Limits of GBS

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07-26-2010 03:00 AM

Hi, I'm currently running a trial of GBS and been trying to run a 50 storey building (500,000+ sq ft). Along the way, I have encountered errors on the DOE-2.2 simulation part but was able to successfully run it through trial and error. One error was the limit of number of spaces per zone. It appears that GBS/DOE-2.2 doesn't like many spaces in one zone. Another error was the zone names itself. GBS/DOE-2.2 doesn't like long zone names.


My question is: Do you have a document showing or explaining the rules or limitations of GBS when it comes to modelling in Revit MEP. Currently, I'm guessing on how many spaces per zone are allowed. I have limited it to 30 spaces per zone. This is also true about the zone naming. I'm limiting it to less than 12 characters. 


I would like to know these rules/limits so that I can correct the revit model even before I send it to GBS. This will save us time as one simulation takes 3 to 4 hrs due to the complexity of the architectural model. Before it took us 5 hours but in the end GBS just returned an error on the number of spaces per zone.


Thanks in advance.