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Defining Spaces without Revit MEP

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12-31-2009 12:23 PM
I am in the process of evaluating both Ecotect and GBS for my firm. As such I will likely be posting a few questions that hopefully I can get answers to.

The first question I have relates to a method of defining spaces in the model, based on the literature I have understand that the LEED glazing score is based on the percentage of regularly occupied floor area. In order to remove floor area from the regularly occupied floor area you need to define spaces using Revit MEP. Is there a way to define space with in Revit Architecture so that this level of detail could be determined with out having to get our MEP consultant involved.
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Re: Defining Spaces without Revit MEP

02-09-2010 09:21 AM in reply to: dylan.chavez
You cannot define spaces in Revit Architecture, however you can define rooms then ensure that the volume computation is set on. Now you have a 'space' that is just not as clever as a space. your MEP engineer will now be a big fan of you as they can use the rooms to define the space names and numbers...

try the export to gbXML after creating the rooms and you will see that the rooms are defining volume, in Ecotect these will become zones, likewise in GBS (not sure what GBS calls them).

one thing to ensure is that you define every interior mass in the building (chases/sliver spaces), and that includes in the vertical sense.

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