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Contact Case Project

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04-05-2013 01:13 PM

I recently received an Umbra contact lenses case as a gift and I thought it would make a good project to do in Fusion 360.  The base of the contact case is a perfect job for the T-Splines sculpt tools and the rest of the model is an easy task for the solid modeling tools.

umbra contact case.jpg

I found an image of 80s style sunglasses and used that as a background to create the frames.  If you are using a background image it is a good idea to calibrate the image to the correct size of the object you want to build so that you are working in the correct scale.



Right click background image in your canvas folder and select Calibrate from the dropdown menu. I set the distance between the outer edges of the frames to 9.5 cm to match the actual model.





I used Sculpt > Create > Create face to outline the shape of one side of the frames in flat faces and then used the sculpt extrude tool to extrude both sides of the faces with symmetry.

 contact case create face.PNG


contact case extrude tspline.PNG



Next I deleted the faces where the bridge of the frame will be.  When doing this make sure you pick the faces and delete, if you pick the edges you may remove more faces than you intended.  Symmetry > Mirror Duplicate was used to make a copy across the center line of the frames.

 contact case half frame.PNG


To connect the two sides I used Bridge.

 contact case bridge.PNG

I wanted to make further modifications to the frames so I put symmetry across the object center line so that any adjustments made to one half would be reflected on the other.

 contact lense case tspline_small.png

Once I had the frames the way I wanted I converted the T-Spline body to a solid body using the convert tool.

I created the lenses by sketching the shape, extruding to the right size and then combining the lenses with the frame.


The cup and cap were created in the solid tools. This project gave me a chance to try the new coil tool to make the threads on the cups.

 contact lense case cup.PNG


I used the recently added coil tool to create the thread on the cup.


contact lense case cap.PNG


I created the letters for the caps by creating large letters in Microsoft Word, doing a screen grab and brining the images in a background planes. I then outlined the approximate shape using the spline sketch tools.

 contact lense case letter.PNG

The cups were combined with the sunglasses base so that they were one object.

contact lense case complete_small.png


Lastly I made multiple copies and assigned different materials for a color study.

 contact lense case colors_small.png

Total modeling time was about 6 hours over several days.

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Re: Contact Case Project

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Colin, this is incredible! You should definitely share this via the gallery-!!


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